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  1. A mailed code is very different from a second factor. Second factors should be available at any login, not just once. Those are used to verify identity, not for authentication.
  2. Easier passwords, longer rotations...and the addition of other factors to reduce risk. I think we see an even bigger push towards biometrics. You generally always have that with you. : )
  3. I am fairly passionate about the addition of two factor authentication to Second Life and really any online services. I think it should be one of, if not the top priority for Linden Lab. I agree with what others have said as well about not having account names display in world, I think that would be another smart change to make. Here are some thoughts I have on when a second factor would be needed: Anytime you buy, sell or cash out Linden Dollars you should be required to authenticate with both factors. Anytime you change or update billing, contact or other information in your
  4. The security landscape of being on the internet changed forever in the last 18 months. You simply cannot compare it to anything before. It's no longer a question of if you will become a target it is when. If your account gets compromised now, the people that have compromised it are as likely to do nothing as they are to do something malicious. You might not even know you have been hacked. They keep your credentials in a back pocket waiting for later. In my opinion, the best argument to make security mandatory is to help reduce the uncertainty that comes from people who don't think they need it
  5. IMHO. Two Factor authentication should be required in SL, or perhaps just required if you want to hold a Linden dollar balance at all. It is a basic need for online security these days, especially in an environment that exchanges a currency that can be tied to RL money. We see people regularly in groups that have their accounts compromised, and then start sending out more phishing links. 2fa doesn't remove the ability for someone top be phished, but it greatly reduces it. I think the amount of money changing hands in SL everyday warrants the use of security. I personally worry more about someo
  6. Heroforge is great, but read the fine print on the colors if you go for that option. What you see isn't exactly what you get.
  7. I love to voice and actually really have no issue being on cam when I get to know people. However, I don't ever make those a requirement for getting to know or hang out with people. I don't really understand the whole verification angle really. People are welcome to hit me up for chat in text, voice or anything. It's just fun to chat.
  8. I like getting a message when my hair or body dropped off on TP. Those cases where I look fine but everyone else see's me funny. Like Paul I just refresh attachments and say thanks.
  9. I have always wondered why Linden Lab keeps this rule "To own a Homestead Region, you must also own at least one standard Private Region." Homestead pricing is super approachable and I think a lot of people would pay the 150 setup and 109 a month to have a private estate with just one or maybe a few homesteads. I know these can be rented, but the ease and convenience of having it all in one estate and billing direct (vs converting lindens) is just preferable to me. I thought i would put this out there for discussion, see what others think. I would love to see this added as a feature of the pre
  10. I am a guy, that plays as a girl for the exact same reason. I am on most days, feel free to give a shout.
  11. @Oz Linden I will stick with a display name then.
  12. I am one of the few Resident residents who feels the display name method is far superior to the last name option. Now if Linden Lab lets me pay for the ability to have a totally unique official last name I might change my mind. Otherwise, i am happy to keep on trucking with my display name and leaving usernames to the systems end where they belong.
  13. Welcome welcome. Always happy to see new faces here.
  14. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spruce Springsteen/163/159/54 is set to allow me to change the access settings.
  15. i can definitely set ban lines on my alts log cabin region, though that option is not available on my House boat region.
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