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  1. when i was typing all the *(^&*&*%( nonsense I was wishing I had known some HP 'curses' enough to type them instead
  2. by Whom ? the owner of the land or a Linden ? would seem a ridiculous use of Linden time and energy if it was the latter. Who would need to grief to disturb the piece, could just all start shouting (**&&^%^%$%*((&^&%$$$&*((&^&%$#@#@!@^*&*(())(&^%$$ and waste the time of LL on many regions at once. If the owner of the land, like anything their right to play that way, could be an Adult region and the owner could still not want people to swear. It was commented about blaming the parents? my experience with a Mum that does not swear much ever, probably ten times in 40+ years, that it is the learning from other children that makes kids little terrors it is why my Mum taught me about sex before some whackadoo kid could teach me nonsense, that just of course meant I was the school yard authority but I used my knowledge wisely, I just laughed at people getting it wrong, instead of telling them what was right.
  3. What's New SL Group notices from stores from all over the grid as well as a flickr group. Free to join the group for customers secondlife:///app/group/26167f3b-1c1d-8633-99d4-655ed28afb2f/about
  4. so to be clearer still someone takes the LV stuff as I mentioned earlier, and changes the LV to different letters, but uses the same symbols that LV is known for, such as the Disney Castle etc, then that is allowed ? or are the symbols trademarked like nike swoosh sort of thing. Because if just changing the LV means a whole lot of LV inspired stuff is a go in SL and people have gotten a lot of that wrong. Me personally just wishes they would make the brown bags and leave off the other stuff. I myself love Burberry print but know the print itself is actually off limits, but created nails along the same lines hand drawn, so it may look similar enough but nothing of it is in fact the branding, just a lot of lines (so many layers for one nail, I think it ended up 37) loving this help by the way because you speak SL'ish, hard to take in all the rules and regs when it is written for RL
  5. This is along the lines of if you go into Macys and take a picture of an item of clothing and then use all the pictures to make a photo sourced version of the item,, that is ok as the pictures are your own so the zipper, buttons etc all become usable (I think that is correct) vs taking a picture of a celebrity and making it into a skin, if you did not in fact get up and personal with said celebrity you would be not in fault of the celebrity but doing wrong by the photographer of the celebrity. Then throw into that all the modifications needed to make it into something turns it into that only so much used etc it is a tricky topic, but I will say that as a consumer in SL I open a marketplace page or walk into a store and if you have items with a brands logo all over them I walk back out again. If a street vendor in RL selling knock offs is wrong and those buying and using said knockoffs is 'faking it' , why in the world do people want to pay in SL for even bigger knockoffs...at least with the RL ones there is a high chance they were often made in the same factory with the same materials, just fell out the backdoor or into the wrong box for shipping etc. I found a cool store yesterday, would have bought most of the store until I saw all the LV items, not even trying to make it their own or changing the logo absolute blatant, so I closed the pages.
  6. Nearly all boots before sculpts and even after in some cases came in two parts, ankle locks brought them together, if peoples animations lagged you saw boots break. Higher prims with linkset limits could mean three parts...I had a number of thigh high Dark Eden boots with straps and buckles in three each foot. What people did with prims amazing. Enkythings achieved greatness with a more calf fitting shape and broke the grid for a few days of awesomeness. Digital Dragon Designs did lots of boots too, these were all pre Bax. Where would we have been if we hadn't had invisi prims...I had boots ETD made using system layer shoe, before it was only used as a shaper. All drawn knee high lace ups with prim attachment sole and heel. I loved them so much
  7. I was thinking maybe Tram or Argrace maybe even Kokolores
  8. Very easy, I spent 7K L's just at SL16B then went regular shopping after. What CronoCloud spent then would not even come close to what she probably spent that first year and years since. I do that much at Hair Fair and then still shop for other things during. Different needs, budgets etc. I bought lindens once when I was new the 30USD buy, I likened it to buying a Sims expansion pack, if I didn't like it enough to stay eh expansion packs aren't always great, 13 years later it was the best investment ever Also looking back at prices then and now, people balk at prices for things now and us oldbies laugh. A house for 400L are you kidding they were 4K cheapest, a head 5K etc skins alone for a fatpack started at 2ish and went up to 12K. A gown was sometimes 1200L if not more, exclusives that Crono mentioned earlier I saw people buy 25K jeans at one RFL clothing fair. A simple system layer slip dress was 400L shoes were 2K a pop by some brands regular shoes with feet in them started around the 500L mark and got higher and higher. Now it is very inexpensive to do SL lavishly p.s @Scylla Rhiadra I have thought this three times today alone...love your hair in your profile pic
  9. I like the post . I think all water should be sail able, as in land goes to a beach/ocean if your sim does not join another but the water is there the water can be used, imagine sailing SL properly imagine ferry services instead of just tping, to really explore SL . As long as you are on some kind of linden approved vehicle you exist in that space, if you fall off or stand up or something rule worthy you are teleported to a hub, not trying to abuse the land boundaries but it would be pretty amazing. Weather, in built weather systems, that gave us rain, snow, heat etc. SL is a magical place but landing somewhere where you have to wait for the grey prims to rez to realise that it is snowing or raining is just but when it does rez in it is divine and with materials now, the idea of wet streets and water running down walls, snow piles and all of that, so much joy. I would like the land texture to not repeat... if you want to make a texture hair roads and grass to dirt to water landscaping etc it will all go on as created, not have to try and stack the land to get sand coming up through grass or having the same texture repeat so much it hurts from space I would like to be able to choose who can come and go from a region with vip kind of status as in always able to tp no matter if full, but without having to give them Estate rights. I would like instances like some games where you can go to another version of the same thing but less people, up to so many instances so that events could happen and more people experience them, imagine someone coming in to give a talk or a performance and be able to reach hundreds at once not only 50 without people dying of lag. I know someone being on all the instances at once would be trickier but eh this is a my dream suggestion
  10. if you say her name three times while looking at your screen you end up being stabbed in the back... oh wait that already happened
  11. hee hee that just made me giggle remembering FIC stuff, the more it was shaking fist at the sky the more people were curious what was going on, it was like being told who was noteworthy by saying who didn't deserve the attention. Funny thing happened with one of the Viewer updates back in the day, some group tags ended up with FIC on them for a split second but just enough time to go OMG It is true lol. The Stroker stuff was epic also, theres another RL crossover him on that show Taboo.
  12. Collections....waiting months for a store to release items, because it was prims and textures and to get something really creative took a lot of time and energy and patience, especially hair creation, it is still amazing the styles they created with prims. But the collections were noteworthy, so noteworthy that they also connected with Fashion Shows to launch them, some may remember the Digit Darkes Wicked collection based off of the Musical, the Digit Darkes Marie Antoinette Collection, the Paper Couture Collections, the Callie Cline Collections and Nyla Cheeky who not only created works in Second Life but also Real Life and hand beaded a dress for the Female Terminator to wear to Cannes. Protests....if someone did something wrong in Second life especially to the Fashion community there were literal protests, if a store was stealing it got picketed, I met Ashia that way at a store that was selling stolen Skins, for some reason the thief would only let myself and her past the picket line to talk to him, we talked him down he removed the skins but the sim was packed with angry people, it was AWESOME. The same with people doing things wrong in peoples stores, once it got through to people that cared, they would swoop down and take control until the owner could get in world and ban the guilty party, such things as rezzing fake vendors and so on, people would make sure no one fell victim until fixed. In World Linden Help - Someone was doing something wrong, something terrible was happening you clicked a button got someone live in the viewer and next thing you knew a Linden was landing on your head and cleaned up the situation. I once was at a club where a girl was talking in open chat about being underage and everyone was trying to get her to close her account, the Linden swooped in and she was removed it was so cool Stipend Releases - Leather, Lace, Black & Red ....it was pretty common for those that did release more frequently to release on Stipend Day, so people would wait until stipend day not only to get stipend but to make sure nothing else more exciting was released or they would have to wait until the following week. Savvy creators released items in the mentioned fabrics and colours as a must because most clubs that were either geared towards Vampires or Sex would have themed events that would give prizes, which were often lindens and then the circle of lindens life would continue as the money ended up being spent on more clothing to win more prizes. Costumes - Also a HUGE thing, ballgowns and tuxes were popular but actual costumes were a big things, dressing up to be in theme was a huge attraction and some stores did very well just creating costumes based off of characters from fiction etc when Copyright and so on were a little bit more lax based on the mentality of Halloween being so normal for the US so no one really saw the harm in creating costumes. Blogs and Magazines considered Press - We were press for Second Life, we covered events as in the annuals and things of importance, any of the few of us (Bloggers only numbered in the dozen or so back then) would log in to no less than 10 notecards a day from Designers, Fashion Show Coordinators, Store Management, Event Coordinators, Sim Owners and sometimes even people from outside of SL who had plans to launch something in-world. Grazia Horwitz and I were the only two SL Press with the two dozen or so RL Press that attended the conference with Bruce Willis in world when launching the latest Die Hard film. He had been made an avatar and we all sat in a space and got to ask him questions while he was in an LA office somewhere really impressed with the whole concept. Bloggers or Writers for Magazines got wind of upcoming collections and relevant information well in advance of something hitting the shelves or becoming public and we were responsible for the spreading of that information so that on the day it was what would be now considered Viral, we reached tens of thousands of people per day. Magazine ownership was huge. RL crossovers - Callie Cline being in Maxims top 100 best looking women list and what that did for SL at the time, she did tours for people that signed up through Maxim hundreds of people came to meet her and see SL. Gossip Girl Sims and the amount that came from that, the GossipGirls last name was everywhere and they were fun, they had a sorority girls like spirit and did everything in packs, best groups of customers you could hope for. CSI featuring Second Life in an episode and then creating sims to interact on a CSI discovery was also huge, the day residents found out that they had their own gateway and their own library items made by top level SL creators was huge nearly everyone made alts I think Second Lifes numbers doubled in two days. Grazia and I were featured with others in RL Belgium Elle Magazine. Digit had a collection featured in a Gallery in Italy. A Dutch TV Show featured designers from SL in a reality tv crossover event, this was when there was pretty much at that time only Big Brother as mentioned earlier, so reality TV was starting to become a phenom. ETD got a contract with a RL Hair Products Brand Aveda to create styles using their colours and their style visions and then release them in SL under their branding in her store I could do this all day but I will leave some for others
  13. I would love to be a Mentor, I used to have a folder I put together with a starter ao (that Gorgeous Yongho created and gave to me full perms, perms were changed before handed out) some clothing some other creators had given me to hand out, and some LMs to places that had gifts out for new residents, like Gurl6 and Diversity hair that did free styles for new people etc. I got an IM from someone years later when out shopping saying that I had helped her years before when new and thank you, it was awesome. Every so often I have these urges to go to help island and help people and every time I am just so shocked by the condition of the place, the people that stand around picking on each other over the heads of new people that don't have any idea what is going on. The freebies in the stores there are so old I think they were there when I was new 13 years ago. We get a lot of new people on the sim my store is on due to the owner being part of the Library items, but they don't know what they are doing once they get there, what they are there for, you can't just send people the second they arrive in SL to a store to encourage shopping, while it may benefit the economy if they have no money what is the point. When I was new we had to use Credit Card to join, they would test with a 37c purchase, then return it. The other thing they did was give you 250L it was so amazing spending that first money, within a few hours I was locking in my first and only 30 USD buy lindens, I started working the next day. I do not recommenced that to anyone, I missed a lot of the things that newer people experienced, I never camped, I didn't money tree, I didn't stand in stores for Sploders or lucky chair hop because I needed to etc. Most people I know now that are still here from those days had many experiences from those things, like lifelong friends, partners etc they met doing these fun things. Social interaction was so much more back then, its lacking in such a big way now. The problem with helping New Residents, is that they often have no idea why they are here or what they want to do, rarely knowing how to find things they can do. I have mentioned this before and I still think that it is important for real new people, that they go through some kind of process on the second life website, that shows them how to use search, how to teleport what a slurl vs lm is, how to get dressed, what a skin and shape are and how they cannot be removed only replaced, what an Ao is and why it may be needed, how to find information about products, what marketplace is, how to buy currency and so on . Without the being in world feeling unsure of the space. This was heckled in the past, but honestly some people just learn differently spending the time on a website you can translate or take your time going through then logging in feeling confident, may really change how people join and stay. Added: I also think that the days of old Mentors was a different landscape than now. The people that mentored did what they could with what they had, SL was new to almost everyone even those joining at the start, it was growing, evolving and was not taken as seriously by some, we had more griefing, more abusive make an account and throw it away people than we have had in the last few years. I think mentor programs if run correctly could be a different situation now, and with the amount of tools available now in world and out of world to be in touch with each other, help as a team etc, it could be very beneficial.
  14. Is just running past, in regards to the fashion aspect, it is actually more desirable to many I would imagine to see such stylised fashion concepts and see the boundaries that can be pushed by the creators in this platform, and if the current creators aren't pushing then it leaves a huge doorway for newer creators to step into. If all that is shown is clothing that the everyday user wears, and that user is seeking something different than their everyday, it won't hit the mark. One thing I always point out to people with work and the like, is that people want to be 'THAT GIRL' meaning that if the ad is fabulous, and the girl looks fierce and styled to perfection, then the girl or guy that may want to look that amazing is going to be drawn to it. It is why fashion is fashionable and trendy and often in the moment. When I started in SL I came to Salsa, I saw on someones cam them dancing at Transylvania and I wanted so badly to have that 3d experience, as I had only used chat like yahoo at the time. The castles, the vampires and so on were intriguing, it was not for me to RP but it was a delight to come and experience and I have stayed for 13 years. Had I seen some people standing around in shorts/ jeans and t-shirts, it may have not had the same pull. I also worked from day two and my first Management position was a clothing store that catered to formal and Japanese clothing. I sold more clothing to men than anything else and that clothing was all Suits. Men wanted to dress up, they wanted to look different than the basic clothing they wore to work. If they perchance wore suits to work they went a level up to tuxedos, and business casual. Smart dressing has been lost somewhere in the past few years, which baffles me now that we have mesh that we do not have more elaborate items. I miss seeing girls tp into hair stores bald in a ballgown trying to find the perfect updo. I miss seeing barefoot guys in tuxedos I like when the pictures on the website are a bit more wowza and that picture while it may be older, is that, it is going to interest those seeking fashion, it actually may grab more of the art student type than short skirts and a bra top would. It elongates the timeline in that area, because those of us who have actually AGED in Second Life, remember when it was all about that kind of clothing, and everything was a show, then also catering to those that long for the ability to have the life that would warrant it, and in Second Life they can have that. Kids to care for a hard job etc, log on and dress to the nines and dance until you can justify staying up as late to why not and i f someone sees it and thinks oooo I can make the clothing I have been sketching for years or imagining I could one day wear joins up, then yay squared. apparently my running came to a dead stop
  15. That style made me think of a futuristic camper like one some guy that owns some sort of software company would have as their camping vehicle with everything computerised etc it does look very different in the wood though and is much roomier than the others
  16. The cabin at the front I asked Patch about it, he said it was just for decor as it was in theme as the pass through from the exhibits to the campground area. I did a post here and lol I saw the Taylor Swift video just a few hours after I saw the sneak peak and laughed my head off. I cannot wait to have fun in these areas https://sasyscarborough.com/2019/06/20/sl16b-gifts-linden-homes-exhibits/
  17. When I first joined SL every time I went out I was imagining what things were made of. Thinking that that street light was a cylinder with a pathcut torus. I also counted prims outside lol I had a friend who would count prims on things and I would get an IM telling me 'they could have made that with 3 less prims' and then proceed to tell me how, I would be in a small club with him dancing and be like 'where the hell is your camera now?" because he would be camming to the other side of the sim and have found something that was an abomination because of those three extra prims. Also ever notice how half of SL jargon is fake, asking Amazon for a redelivery or telling the Optometrist you have to wait until the chart Rezzes are going to be tell tale signs also
  18. ♥ CronoCloud you are a Jewel. I have been reading on and off for years, but while I may have missed the past it is screaming now, and it is very unsettling. He used to inform and if he was calling them out on something then he did, and that is fine, I get that, but this is like someone removed his all access pass and he is grouchy. It is a shame because the site is beneficial and he has covered suggestions many times over the years, but definitely felt a big disturbance of late, maybe because I am a drop on by reader rather than an always I got hit with the grouchy stick harder lol. p.s we have to catch up in world sometime, Whimsy and Ashia and I are often about in the evening and Fashion Emergency has started talking lately it is a whole new world lol
  19. I use PS and love it, but for quick editing and to use templates that make life so much easier overall, built in gif controls and combination of photos etc the Photoscape is the best for me and free and has so many features.
  20. I do not know of any groups (public) that have that even activated now that we have all the options to control it, it would be very much a good idea if they could remove it if it was in fact a drain on the grid to have it pinging all over the place.
  21. same and when it was new it was horrible if you were the one accidentally clicking it.
  22. https://oneadayuntilthedayidie.com/ 100 Word Stories by Crap Mariner and other SL Residents https://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/ Daniel Voyager http://iheartsl.com/ I♥SL Feed https://virtuallydressed.wordpress.com/ Whimsy Winx https://inventoryepisode.com/ Ashia Tomsen http://juicybomb.com/ GoGo https://sydd0sinister.wordpress.com/author/syddsinister/ Sydd Sinister http://itsonlyfashionblog.com/ Gidge & Cajsa https://nwn.blogs.com/ New World Notes (however he is starting to cover SL like he does not enjoy it now, there is a definite shift in how he covers things)
  23. You could always attempt to make them yourself and if you do manage it applause but if not you will see why people making them may just be keeping them to themselves as sold by them, I tried one time and ran crying finger bones are very different animals than thighs and hips also most of the bento stuff seen for hands at least has just been cutsie stuff like peace signs and basic movement and holding what you want is a bit tighter in the fist which is rarer a need I would imagine. Three days should be enough time if someone is willing also maybe try the creator of Nantra Poses she is a Gem
  24. Very good post I wish all seekers of employment, and those hiring took things as seriously.
  25. There is a store on MP I just found called Faker that has bag holds set full perms, the holds look nice and tight but angled, you could approach the creator and see if willing to turn the wrists for you to sell them as a different kind of set. I would also just try other creators of poses that are doing bento, some may just do a custom for you if the price is right if no other part of the body has to be animated.
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