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  1. the items are an exes but still rezzed on your land, am I understanding that correctly ? If it is not yours you should consider returning it and just buy the same pieces yourself if you like them so much. If the person that does own them is ever able to get their camera into your space they can remove them. If you do not want to upset a new relationship sitting on crates is romantic too
  2. Oooooooooooo Whimsy and I have been looking for good horses for weeks because of the new regions, we even gave in and started riding our gacha Panthers that look like we rode straight out of WOW or some such game. Thank you for this
  3. I made a post yesterday about waiting land and being able to have the linden homes available to builders, hobbyists etc, this is another reason for this to be possible, if a creator that made furniture wanted to set up the various builds on their own store sim with layouts of their own products to show how well they fit in the models of the homes they could, and it would be a way to spread the word of their existence even further. I was talking to another premium account holder for years friend the other day and yet again another that did not know these had even happened. If store X Y and Store Z all sent out notices to their tens of thousands of group members etc, saying come and see our designer showcase looks for the new linden homes at our Linden Homes display platform at our own land, they would flock, they would be curious and they may even become premium. I would bet that there were many that saw the homes decorated and thought oooo I am definitely grabbing one, vs the previous homes of the past that people remember were a challenge to do much with or desire to want to. I also think that those few homes that were set up day 1/2 were the motivation behind others opening the doors to their own, I firmly believe it changed the mindset so fast that everyone wanted to tap in and be part of it.
  4. Suggesting someone gives up their home, not cool, bullying in fact to even put it out there. There is no difference in one home set up open to all than any other, they just had a sign earlier than others. I would have had no idea it was his unless a friend told me, because so far my exploration has been physical, by that I mean I have walked or ridden around and enjoyed the spaces and entered or not homes that invited me to do so with signs. I haven't gone into edit (except for the dog) on things to see who owned them, I may have glanced at creator laughing that a linkset yesterday because the cow was now called a shelf...I have no idea who owns the homes, land settings, name of parcel, not caring because it was not the point. Now that I think on that I am worried I may enter the home of a nemesis and be slaughtered, oh well. Still reeling a bit at the suggestion of anyone leaving their home, under the guise of it making them some kind of hero to do so, by announcing the drop. On a side note, I have always said I am late to the internet...13 years in SL does not make me an expert on the rest of it. I am Sasy everywhere, because I hsd no real previous presence...so starting the post with an image, that yes I have seen them with different wording, does not translate to me as making it any different than if you didn't. Memes to me are thing people say differently just like gif. So it means I went into the post with just reading the title and written words, the assumption that all took it to be light and breezy lets chat, may have gotten missed by others too. I have seen many images as part of posts in the past, but again am not going to try and decipher if they are something trying to mean something else. This is how wars start, someone shares a picture of a cat, and someone sees someone kicking over a garbage can in the reflection of its eyes dun dun dunnnnn
  5. I know I rezzed pieces that I made on my land so that I could make a trim for my friend, and I have to keep going back and forth. My other friend is obsessed with decorating them, she would do all at once if she could https://gyazo.com/0f65405b3aaee675de0d66a2d803e808 this is the cleanest our platform has ever been since the LH went live if she could see how things would look in various builds, she may settle on one or just might swap them out as needed. We may or may not be the only ones that do things like this, we are an odd bunch no denying. So it was just a thought on how it could be fun or easier to work with. We have many builds, no lacking in ones of all sizes and shapes and prim counts, just wanted to play with these for a bit p.s I want to play too I want to play with making things that fit them, just a wish ♥
  6. I agree on that about the prims, but some that may want to build for them, may have the prims to do so, it would give people the tools available, I want to build an add on for a houseboat for my friend, and play around with it etc, to do so I either need to stand around her land while I do, or get a houseboat myself, my land allotment is already used. I could imagine it would be fun for a bit to just have a slew of houseboats out on private regions just for fun, or some may want to use them as backgrounds etc as props for layout and so on. just having the option when they are builds we would have available if we took up the option. Just as temp land I understand it is not a good plan for long term, as that would just be bringing back mainland messes, but to park yourself until the rest are ready would be neat, it might even have some realise that all the build up excitement may not be as exciting when they try and live in that small a space, and they move on rather than take up a house/boat when they go live again. Plus it would just be fun
  7. I remember in the olden days, the Lindens used to do the land grabs, open regions that were 512 plots and everyone came running and they cost 512L to buy your 512 parcel and then land barons would offer unknowing newer people 2K for their 512 and the rest is history.... But what if the Lindens did that now as kind of a waiting list ? If you grabbed your 1024 plot then everyone that had one could set up tents etc, nothing permanent really just a fun little community of waiting for proper Linden Homes land. It would be hilariously funny for some I can imagine, but could really give the Lindens a sense of exactly how many people are wanting and waiting. People could also grab the land that is showing the kind of build they want, as in Regions A - K are Houseboats and Regions L - Z are houses. Then in the interim those premium members are also getting their 1024 parcel to play with while they wait. I would also love it if the Linden Homes were available to premium members as some kind of option like with the monthly gifts or even in the library, some people may want to use them on their own lands or just for those that want to build for them, they could rez them out at their studios/building platforms etc and not have to take up a space just to have access to the numbers . Just a thought
  8. I rarely create in SL anymore to sell something, I find that unless inspired I don't get there...I created something very basic to give a finish to Ashias houseboat...then strutted around like I built the Taj Mahal, there is an incredible rush from creating something, I need to do it more. I hope everyone gets inspired to do more of it too. I myself wanted some clear lines in the sand about something yesterday. I think that mentions in threads by Lindens get lost, so the wiki or actual posts are the go to, but as pointed out not often updated...however wiki can be edited by us also. Maybe there needs to be a clearer marked as up to date FAQ if not already somewhere - each time I say things like that, someone links to them, covering myself this time😁
  9. You being one does not shock me but that aside lol with all the features we have to know who is where, when, how on the sim, online, in our range etc, it is funny to still have them, it is one of those dependent on things, but I am not giving them up...it also means I know what groups are active, what groups are active on friends. If I go somewhere and suddenly all day I am seeing the group active of one group on many people, something may be going on, I could miss a Sale Chic, you would not want me to miss out on a Sale would you. Edit : I have my names set higher than the avatar so it is about a full metre above the head.
  10. I do not tend to do that either, not forum profiles unless i end up clicking the wrong part, but it was more to see why there were already earlier comments about selling, I did not go past the marketplace link, obviously as pointed out
  11. I did in relation to explaining what we hope to achieve when blogging but you are correct I am one and I did - the label is often thrown at people in a negative so I apologise for reacting to that - you used it in a manner when labeling others to list who was involved, that sectioned us off. I also mentioned making things, selling things. You then mentioned gated communities as though there was a particular order of those worthy or not, that kind of started that whole thing rolling. Whether intentional or not, things get said in posts. You are a sum of all your parts as am I. You cropped what I said about looking you up and finding you were a seller of add ons, you had mentioned yourself as a creator, as one of the things mentioned. I did not look at the rest of your profile in world, I did not look you up in forums, it is not how I would look into what you do as a creator that would only ever be in world profile and your in world profile makes no mention of the other things only picks linking to the viewer or a reddit so nothing feeble there at all , I only went to see what you create, it is why I also said some of your income because looking up what your part in the game was was all I was looking for, someone had mentioned competitor, so in what way was all I was interested in, I was actually surprised to find it was add ons. Thank you that is very kind of you, I have not visited the reddit group for a long time, but I do appreciate it. I added gallery etc, because you mentioned other modes of showcasing, I realised that I wanted to address that, edit adding is a function we are allowed to use, there are no character limits that was a post the other day or mentioned, my rants can get much longer I am still not sure why you are going at this, why it went to group and then forum at all, maybe it is a looking out for the integrity kind of thing, and I commend anyone wanting to do that, but this is probably the first time in many SL years where things are going along so smoothly, community driven, amazing concepts, someone built their home into a post office which is just amazing. So I guess your rocking the boat splashed us in the face and so on. I am not trying to be 'angry' did it make me angry, a little bit, but it really did keep reading like an attention grab, my mistake there it did get cynical. My friends are having the time of their lives right now, we spent hours laughing like crazy people yesterday fixing Ashias boathouse, it was something that has been missing from SL for many of us for a long time, it felt rough to have it poked at. @Chic Aeon I always have hovertips on, I forget that it is an option being so used to it just being there, when it is turned off because of taping something etc, when I forget to turn it back on I cannot function how people do without it is right up there with those that turn off names, I just cannot even, for a start I would get more confused as to which is me and which is Whimsy even without looking the same lol
  12. I love when people label me, I wear many hats in Second Life, Blogging is not the first or the only one, but thank you for that, it is rare to actually meet anyone that does not do something in Second Life other than exist, so you are pretty much shooting fish in a barrel. I bothered to look you up, because now you have labelled me I wanted to know who and what you were, what you are is an add on creator for Linden Homes, that is it, all you have listed on marketplace. So essentially unless you have an inworld store with other items, some of your SL income is derived from the success of the community that you create for. Someone mentioned that you were even sharing this tirade in the groups, again your own wading pool. So all that this does for me now, is show that you used everything here as a marketing tool yourself, you are one of those that buy into the whole no publicity is bad publicity way of thinking. Well played, I looked you up, I opened your marketplace, I saw things you have for sale and I closed it, had this been a different thread, I would have guided others to purchase, not as a Blogger but as a Second Life Resident that wants to help people find great things. Did you get enough attention ? It is not a gated community at all, anyone can live there if they are premium and if they are not premium there is nothing stopping them from living with someone who is. Gated communities also do not let people visit without a connection to someone in the community, which again this is not the case in these regions, anyone can teleport in and stay as long as they like as long as they do so respectfully. If someone wants to use their space as a Gallery to showcase their work and that art is available somewhere else, great, no problem with it, it is up to me to TP to buy or not, we are grownups we know when selling is thrust upon us, nothing I have seen is that. Every time I go shopping and the store being used is a nice commercial build I spend at least 10 minutes ooooing and ahhhing over it and forget what I am actually in the store for. Again nothing wrong with that, the fact SL is still here and still awesome is that we do keep the motors oiled by making it easy to find content that enriches our time here. If someone wants to rez shelves and display their wares go for it, again it is a choice at the gate if you want to enter or not. It not being a gated community and all.
  13. Wow at the very thought of this thread. Firstly everything in Second Life is a walking, talking, static, rezzed advertisement for its creator, whether it is by a sign, group tag, looking at edit, inspect or using a handy What is she wearing tool. Whimsy stopped blogging for a while and as long as she went out looking fabulous considered herself a 3d Blogger because if people liked how she looked it was possible to recreate it if she walked slow enough, funny story but also true, every time we go anywhere in Second Life the people that shop for anything will inspect something, something will catch their eye etc. As far as someone setting up their space to showcase their own goods - did you also notice they had featured someone else's goods in doing so because it was relevant - but to show straight off the mark how much you could do with a Linden Home is probably why so many flocked, because in the past releases of the older style you could do very little, even with mesh. Someone seeing that they owned or could own those items was a starting point, not only the items but the styling of the home. As a Blogger many of us believe that it is not only to replicate a look, but to get a sense of what you can do with your own items, things you have or have seen and then realise that wow that pencil skirt looks amazing with that top, I would have never thought of that combo, and off you go. The same with piling some books on a chair with a hat resting on top can be something that you finally can use some random gacha item to emulate. Whimsy and I helped Ashia do some things with her build yesterday. I even made some mesh trim for her and then on seeing her bed and her love of rugs suggested that a rug that I had made with Whimsy in the past may actually be the perfect combo...was I selling it, no, did I even for one moment think of it as advertising, nope, it just worked. If she opens her home (which technically is open she forgot to close the doors) will I be expecting rug sales, nope. A store in question did nothing wrong, as Blush pointed out the rules are for the land they are written for, not for the overall. The Lindens have adapted on the fly for these regions, they added texture packs, they are listening to the wants of the people, they even set up a sub forum and so on, things are never as anyone can expect because this is Second Life. Did we expect that day 2 there would be a murder house, or that people would even imagine opening up their homes to the public ? Whimsy has a kiosk of vending machines in the front of hers , is that advertising for the creator of those machines, yes of course it is, so is everything in her home and outside of it such as plants, a bike, a swimming pool. So many people are shopping off of other peoples already set up spaces. I myself saw the cutest dog on someones balcony and looked in my inventory and sure enough I owned four (gachas) never unpacked. There are some people in SL that are fans of particular brands, and have all of their items - shocking I know - those old enough may remember that back then some people only wore one skin for five years and only bought hair from one store O M G. So imagine if you will one person that has bought the kitchen, living room and bedroom all from the same creator, and that creator is so amazing that all the decor and little design pieces are also included, that could actually mean there are houses out there, brace yourself.... that are filled with only one brand, and they may actually add a sign, and may open the doors and join in on the tours for people to look at their homes. You could hack LL and find that not only are they not alts of a creator but reside on the furthest away country from said creator, that would be so disappointing I am sure. So if there are people out there like that, that love what they have spent money on, and love what they have done with those pieces, and want to feature them according to you cannot do so, because if all one store, then it must be advertising, but what if like every other store it is more than one store, but they happened to have a booth next to each other at some event that one time, is it a conspiracy to advertise 😮 The houses by creators are just like any of the others, and them using them in such a way is not wrong it is incredibly smart. It gives people some kind of interaction with layout, it shows people that those creators are in the know of what is happening in Second Life. It shows people that that creator is a premium account holder and just like every other one, they are entitled to that home, and like anyone else that pays LL to be here, they can do with that what you will. Would it have been better to fill the house with other stores items, possibly...but this is again SL and someone or more would find a way to turn that into something ugly also. Pride in your work and the intelligence to showcase it in a respectful manner is something deserving of praise not a lynch mob. You do more damage to your own branding with taking your toys home than they could ever do with sharing theirs.
  14. CTRL P > User Interface Tab > 2D overlay puts you at UI Scaling slider
  15. I am all for people wanting different, did mention that. I am not opposed to the all houseboats as such, I just think making it so many clumps of separated land makes it more closed off than the community that the rest have achieved, but again that is not for everyone, if they have their own boating communities already, or want to join them etc, that opens that up for them. I am sure it will be different when open, but I would also wonder if that area will have less features because of the lack of land, in the sense of the community pool areas, the parkland etc, it is nice to have the houseboat, but the current Linden Home/houseboat users have benefited more than just the 1024 they get, in terms of the roads, the neighbourhoods etc.
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