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  1. that is accumulative of all sell orders at that price that is not one person. I also sold at 259 last week and it happened in about 27 hours and was about the same amount above it as now, if you cancel you lose your spot in the queue and have to start over, but I have done the speedy option a few times, which now its sitting at 260 if you wanted to sell at 261 it would sell usually within the hour and often in minutes, but if not in a hurry, don't be that person that makes it higher I have not market sold since about 2008
  2. I am juggle binging, Boy Meets World (Disney+ you complete me) and catching up on some BlueBloods. I Binged Season 3 of Ann with an E loved that show each and every season. Binged Soundtrack what an incredible idea that show was, not sure how or what Season two would be though. I have Prime, Stan, Disney + and Netflix, I am sorted
  3. Thank you for this challenge, going back to the exact same time frame a decade ago was nostalgic. I really miss The Deck. I loved the way many peoples pictures were an almost exact representation of themselves ten years on, with only the improvements to SL itself changing their look, them keeping the same them so to speak.
  4. I am just now seeing this and I am so sorry because I would have told you had you IMd me . If you mean the blazer it is from Coco and is called the *COCO*_BlazerWithoutShirt_Black and then I added the fur sleeves *COCO*_FurSleeves_Black . Under it is just a cami top i made that I have at Flair. I hope you still see this @Vana Gears and thank you @Stephanie Misfit for your kind words ♥
  5. apparently it is an anniversary of the last name RESIDENT so everyone that made an account when it went live may have gotten an email.
  6. Have you watched Anne with an E from Netflix, it is just brilliant and season three is about to drop, cannot wait
  7. many people have the same one, something is going wrong at LL everyone has 9th and dates that do not match up to their accounts @Patch Linden this is weird!
  8. Because not everyone wants to not be human, I have worn ears and a tail but would never call myself a Neko, because that was a grouping of people, where as I was just buying things that were cute and wearing them until the next clothing change, which back in 06 used to occur usually around every fifteen minutes. I have worn the old snoopy avatar for all of about 10 seconds because that thing was like the original character test, if you wore that if something was wrong with you and then went back you were healed, it was just the full change I know, but it worked. I have blogged a full furry avatar of a Cat hybrid to show that such a product was created and wonderful, but would never call myself in that moment a Furry. I used to have a pack of Baby Furs that used to come and hang out with me where I worked back in the day, because my Bosses let them be there, let them feel safe there outside of Furnation which at one point was so sex orientated they did not want to be there. My best friend was a Kirin for a year, the next year a 512 parcel sized dragon, but he never called himself by a title he was just him. I do not know of any petitions, if they exist that seems like something to report because it would be essentially a hate crime. It feels like a long time ago to me that there was such a division humans (skins as I call them) vs Furries. I really hope it is not the case anywhere, SL is for everyone, but the right to be a table with cake on it (my other friend has that avatar) or a Tiny, or a Fur or a three legged donkey, is just as the same as peoples right to be the same or different than they see themselves in RL. I miss those little balls of fluff sometimes, they were adorable, voice coming to SL changed a lot of that for many, the demands on people to talk etc, kind of broke the fantasy.
  9. This is why so many of us are still here, it was awesome, shopping was because you were actually doing something, as in you ran to a store bald in a formal gown to buy new hair because you were going to an event, an event then was actually something social not a shopping location...we called them MALLS. The interactions with people were amazing, people made lifelong friends waiting for lucky chairs, they camped, they met people working, my partner rang my bell in the store I managed for assistance. People would come in and spend time exploring regions that were mainstore locations but were landscaped and providing social areas for customers. When something big happened everyone knew, when something bad happened everyone knew. I met one of my closest friends in the middle of a protest against a store that was selling copybotted skins. I miss those days, the social aspect of Second Life seems to have spread outwards to Social Media instead of inworld, I hope that that changes, but I do understand being able to communicate with thousands over the limits of a region or a group.
  10. If you are wanting some sort of RL privacy, I suggest each time you log out, that you go to log in and type something else, not sure it will definitely work, but it might, or if it is just one account you don't want seen, log in another before finishing up for the day.
  11. 382K I just deleted a bunch of stuff, I deleted over 100K when I could not log in with bento beta, and if I actually unpacked things it would be much higher. I am starting to see that I have lost a lot of stuff I kept that was system, not because I knew BOM was coming, but just because I wanted to keep things that to me were art into themselves. I am excited about BOM but am sad there are many things that I owned that I will not be able to get because I did not buy from MP I used to shop in stores mostly, and there were no redelivery machines in the olden days, and the creators are mostly long gone. I do hope that with BOM we will see a return of some of our highly talented texture creators. I am also looking forward to creating some hybrid looks out of system layers and mesh, I did that with sculpts, and some early on mesh, so that is going to be exciting again.
  12. it has to be an active in world account as marketplace items are in folders in inventory, so if they are gone gone the items will not be listed. Demos are a good way of testing prior which should be done anyway, but even redeliveries now that that is a thing, are going back as far as 2011 for many, as long as the account is active, showing in search in world, you will be getting the item, and if not then you can lodge a ticket with LL if they are inactive that is
  13. Does that ever get used by LL for anything other than submit your picture of the day ? I have not noticed it ever changing and I just got an Email from LL about changes to buying regions can be L's only no USD etc, which seems like an important announcement. Am I just not paying attention and it does get used, and if it doesn't why isn't anyone putting all the actual SL announcements on there ? even if they link to another forum post for input.
  14. try logging in on the SL viewer and see if people see you there, then log back in on the FS one
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