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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    mesh body missing in sections.

    When mesh was new they did not tell anyone they made a yellow rubber ducky the lowest lod substitute thing, so everyone landing at sims that were mesh with people in mesh were surrounded by ducks and everyone thought there were griefers attacking all the sims...it was hilarious and scary all rolled into one
  2. Sasy Scarborough

    Merchants banning customers from using their products

    My favourite thing to do is sometimes pay for something with paypal as the only funds in my paypal are from the selling of lindens so I chuckle that I payed for whatever with virtual money, but I didn't but I did, but I didn't...oh but I did As far as it not costing the seller anything, that is also untrue as each transaction has a cost, especially when listed on marketplace but even in world all vendors if broken down have a cost associated in the prims needed and the land tier paid etc. Then there is the cost of running the tools needed to provide the items, and the time it cost to create the item as well as the items cost when uploading etc. Just taking the time to reply in this forum about the matter is a cost, because something else could be done that may in fact bring in revenue. It is too easy to say virtual world blah blah does not matter (not you just in general ) but in reality all those small transactions pay someones rent, someones utilities someones medical needs etc, while the local pharmacy would not take lindens, they do take the money made from the lindens so it isn't nothing and it does feel like someone took something from you, while it may be a dollar, there is also the emotion added that someone could be so meh and petty and unkind and just downright dodgy as to take a refund and then use the item anyway. As I said in my own answer a mistake can happen, a forgetting that it was refunded and that it was meant to be removed.
  3. Sasy Scarborough

    Something is wrong at Marketplace

    Have you checked your transaction history in marketplace to see if all items were gifted to that one account and if not can you redelivery to yourself ? seeing as that is a newish feature you may not have known to try that. Unavailable in what way, I have used MP many times in the past week and had no issues, have you tried another browser ?
  4. Sasy Scarborough

    Makeup/brow for classic head on Lara body

    It is not live yet, it is in beta though you can download the beta viewer from the Second Life website to use it. Once it goes live though it is going to be epic to wear system layers again, also meaning we are not going to suffer alpha masking issues etc
  5. Sasy Scarborough

    Makeup/brow for classic head on Lara body

    yes they are no different than regular old fashioned layers, so when you apply anything they go to the system body first and then show on your mesh, so if you are not logged into the bake on mesh viewer you look like this, those things would be on my mesh if I was using that viewer, so it will be an awesome thing for those that have old system stuff because it will be so many options
  6. Sasy Scarborough

    Really need to change my name please

    @hisbiich AUTHENTICATED!!!
  7. Sasy Scarborough

    Really need to change my name please

    You cannot change your user name, you would have to rely on display names only or sacrifice your account and open a new one with your own name and if you ever feel motivated to be someones anything use display names to show that to the world instead. If you have invested lots of money into this account already, then you need to just tell people it is some kind of nickname in outer mongolia that you got from a penpal you had in the 80's I would believe you
  8. Sasy Scarborough

    Makeup/brow for classic head on Lara body

    by classic head do you mean the SL default avatar ? or is that the name of some brands head, if sl default you don't use huds and appliers you use system layers old school wise
  9. Sasy Scarborough

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    breaks neck trying to get there WOW WOW WOW I knew of redelivery, but the search options three of them is wonderful, to be able to search out who you have gifted, alt purchases etc, and redeliver as needed, opens it all up, well done all the lindens involved.
  10. Sasy Scarborough

    An Attachment Changed my Avatar

    if you do character test though there is no ALPHA to hide your system body, so it should override completely so that your system would poke through, and shape etc, the other trick used to be to just drag a folder onto your body, because a folder drag is a replace all function, it won't leave an alpha behind, even dragging the same girl next door which is the character test does the same thing. Library > Clothing > Female Shape and Outfit @neevy
  11. Sasy Scarborough

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    The left demo is always an upset to me too. I will never understand why anyone sees it as being hard to make a demo look presentable, it is selling your product. Often is the case that I buy the colour shown in the demo, because if not a standard colour it opens my eyes to the joy of it, so it has lead to more purchasing than intended prior. The cost of 10L vs losing a customer is too high a price to pay IMO, also if they are just reusing the same demo every time, as it looks there on the left, you don't see any of the bake etc that you do on the right. If it is mesh, add rings, add a box, do some branding not like no one has never tpd to another location or stood looking great in a demo and gotten another potential customers attention. Also enticing me with the fatpack options but making it clear that is what they are is an upsell as well.
  12. Sasy Scarborough

    An Attachment Changed my Avatar

    I want to see the worn tab too, I got turned into snoopy once, it was awesome cell shading and all. But not knowing how to get back is rough, and weird that character test is not working, it should at least work on the shape etc, if not attachments I would think.
  13. Sasy Scarborough

    Merchants banning customers from using their products

    I find this post interesting. In some cases the marketplace reviews are an in the moment bad reaction to something that has very little to do with fact, it is rare to see anyone happy with something that does a review when they buy it, it is sometimes much later when they stumble across the ability to do so. The bad ones however are seconds after it drops, so are sometimes guided by misunderstandings of how the product works at all, or some kind of misunderstanding of Second Life as they may be new. There is also a disconnect for some that think that what they say there always reaches the creator and use it like some kind of IM guarantee, which is not the case, as often the emails that a review has been left go awol and are not seen at all. Then they carry that anger believing they did what they were meant to to get a customer support reaction. As far as blocking use of an item, if a Refund is given, and the item is no transfer to return it, then it would be a mutually guaranteed acceptable reaction. I have heard of people getting into arguments over products though and it costing the customer in the use of the product and that is wrong to do, if someone bought something and even if they go off their mind one day and start talking in tongues, that is whatever that is, but they payed for the product, so it is theirs to use. Regardless of how you feel in the moment, you can learn to use something, can learn to enjoy something and to be fair you can forget the history of the item, you can forget you had an issue, and that you were a crazy person, and you can use the item from your inventory only remembering you bought this thing and now like using it. Updates may have happened etc, and now it works how you wished it had, if it was refunded then yes, the customer should pay for it again, but lets just hope that what they do if they didn't do that is tell everyone how great it is, let people know to buy it, buy it for others and so on, that one customer may in fact make you other customers for life, because sometimes the ones that are loudest in the negative are often also loudest in the positive.
  14. Sasy Scarborough

    Captured on secondlife

    Mistakes can happen, even if you are aware of the way in which RLV works, there are other reasons to have it activated, but you can still get 'captured' that was why I came to look. I was once visiting a store and ended up walking too close to a cage on display in the garden of the store, and sure enough I ended up trapped and unable to get out, because there was no option to accept etc. I think I did click on it, but not to be trapped as I was in my mindset in a commercial location, so just as you may decide to check out the animations on a sofa in a store for furniture etc. We had to contact the creator and have them remove me, because logging back in trapped me over and over, I could have gone elsewhere but I wanted to be where I was with my partner. It also meant if ever returning to the sim it would snare me again, so best to get it dealt with. In regards to a 'collar' when I joined SL it was with the mindset of anything looking like that was a 'choker' as in a piece of jewellery/accessory. I bought one and was wearing it when a friend told me I could not wear them that way as it would just be a public declaration that I was collared. I was really annoyed at that, that they can't just be wearables, that was a long time ago though, now you can just wear a collar and it is just what it is, the only reason a collar means something is when there is someone it also means something to, and the scripts can be in anything, throw them in your favourite shoes, hair whatever, it does not have to be a collar at all.
  15. Sasy Scarborough

    MP Listing text "caused automatic unlisting".

    @Whirly FizzleI had to google to find out what I was missing other than a lot of science I cannot see anything, is it just the numbers/letters smooshed doing it, as in if it said 99leadballoons it would do the same thing ?