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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    How to make an object unclickable?

    If you can modify them to make them transparent, and you don't need them in the picture why not just remove them, or you can derender anything temporarily so it will not be there at all
  2. Sasy Scarborough


    I was just at the new Linden Homes displays and the covenant actually states - Skyboxes are only allowed above 2000m. https://gyazo.com/7ffe793651ad3f27c477e489c358a4ed
  3. Sasy Scarborough

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I see what you did there well played Abnor Mole These new Linden homes look delightful http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Linden Homes Preview/45/200/24
  4. Sasy Scarborough

    Rigged Tail.

    Is it rigged BENTO or just rigged as in to the body so that it fits and stays put ? I think if you mean with bento tail movement it should do it with a bento tail movement animation as Wulfie said, but again it would have to be a bento tail and a bento animation for the tail area, that is my understanding of the new bento features. I know a lot of people ran around buying tails and wings when bento hit but they were not bento tails or wings so did not work how people imagined.
  5. Sasy Scarborough

    the windlight in my mainland region is screwed up

    it is something to do with this, so you are not alone
  6. Sasy Scarborough

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    There was one before mysti (I think) that used to let people talk on the same sim in private but open chat, my Boss sold them in his store, they were a k each, used to rez jails around people if they were misbehaving, had the higher altitude speed feather thing etc. I just liked it because it was an earpiece...It was like being secret service or Madonna 😋
  7. Sasy Scarborough

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Oh yes Whimsy had one for years, she used it for the radar. I meant the ones that were like forty spheres with a difference of .01 between each sphere and were made transparent and then linked, and people wore them as an attachment and they used to have names that were really rude or attacking you for daring to inspect them, if you went into ctrl alt T it was like watching some sort of weird pacman attack especially if they were all dancing at a club.
  8. Sasy Scarborough

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Usually not always, and I did not realise I did not type not ONLY worn by (sorry) fixing... why did you wear one though? I am curious, was it really to not let someone know where the sweater you were wearing was from or is there another reason I am forgetting. I know it got so bad with the theft that many stores had a policy if they were worn, the people were banned.
  9. Sasy Scarborough


    I do not mind so much that gachas are on MP what I do find really annoying is when a creator/store put their own Gacha purchases on their store pages...MAKE AN ALT....If someone directs me to the direct link to a store and the first ten listings are not their own items that is such an epic branding fail to me, at the time of the listing it is their newest items, because made by them or not it is new. It is also unfair to those that do not really understand gachas and reselling, and may think that what they are buying is the creation of that seller, the seller they went to buy from, so then if an issue with the item, 'who you gonna call?' it most certainly won't be Ghostbusters! Which could lead to not only them being bummed out that an item is broken, not as cool as they imagined etc, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth about the sellers store because they have no idea what they purchased was not made by them. If LL would be so kind as to give creators a second store front so that they can divide such things, it would be a nice thing to do for discounted items as well keeping it to their own creations, some stores do not like their older stuff but it still sells, some just want to keep mesh as the forefront and so on, giving a creator the chance to have a second MP front without having to change perms, create alt send to alt to be relisted, would be a marvelous thing.
  10. Sasy Scarborough

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    I agree with this to a degree, if someone is not doing anything in SL but cashing out via the website on items they listed in the past but not providing any support for then it should be evident at least. I have seen some listings say "no longer providing support for this item" then it is up to the buyer...there is so much confusion still now on system layers, sculpts etc people buying system clothing and screaming that there are no appliers because they have never known a world without. People are so used to updates, redeliveries and so on, if something scripted that is tech loaded is purchased and does not work how they believed it to, you will see people asking when the next update is, but there won't be one the creator is long gone, that would have been something to know prior. I love that I can still buy Paper Couture ( I know the girls are still around ) I love that I just bought a ton of Sea Hole items in preparation for BOM lol and she has been gone for years. Whimsy and I used to always get grumpy that people leaving didn't list on Marketplace before going, we would at least have that, but yeah a little indicator of last online would be a cool tie in to MP and In world. I wish profiles did that so you don't have to stalk a group to find out if someone is missing
  11. Sasy Scarborough

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    It was not only (< edit)worn by Fashionistas usually it was worn by people wearing copybotted items so people could not see they were copybotted by wearing them, it was just an excuse that the time they didn't want someone copying their 'style' where they were usually only all wearing the most popular brands that anyone knew on site anyway, often the best way to tell was their shoes did not have ankle locks because they were botted so their ankles were always broken and the tops of their ankles of feet in shoes jutting out to the side. Was fun times had by all made the limit on bans fill up very fast. But yes there was a thing, a funny thing that was annoying to shop around if two girls wearing them were standing in front of vendors etc
  12. Sasy Scarborough

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Yes you said Many so I was wondering where this many are, I did not expect you to say full perms at all as that contradicts the whole base of questioning, of course full perms creators include textures, that is a given, but we were talking about people that create and sell items no mod, they are not those, so I am still wondering where this many creators with regular perms creating their own content are providing textures with the items, I already covered Furries and creators that promote the concept of Mods as in selling on your own adaptation of the work so that others may enjoy it. I was just curious because as I said if there were many, I want to know more of them.
  13. Sasy Scarborough

    Texture Change After Paid

    this sounds like a rental payment board thing, there are a few of those already in existence, maybe search marketplace and see if you can find something along those lines, most events use them to have booths paid for etc not only store or home rentals.
  14. Sasy Scarborough

    On Hold. But Why?

    If you own land make sure all your payment info is up to date, also check that you have verified your email on the website. Just make sure everything on your end is up to date, and if you did spend more than usual and one of those things was something suspicious as said you are just caught in the net, but your time in SL should show all is ok, also did you log in from another location at any time? that can cause them to lock to make sure you are not being hacked.
  15. Sasy Scarborough

    What would be worse? pt 2

    When my friend joined World of Warcraft and of course had her inventory addiction like SL and found out she had to earn for larger bags she used to run around saying she would Whore for Bags, not really and not to anyone that would think she meant it, but it made me giggle thinking of people doing favours for TP money