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  1. I don't think the OP is meaning Premium as in paying for SL, I think they are using the word as "better package" premium. It is not a bad idea, but it would be hard to implement, as not all large groups are commercial, so who would be the one paying, group owner that does not make money from said group but just made a group that people like and it got big. I think groups should be divided into categories for sure, as in commercial, non commercial, land use etc. If a group is being made for commercial reasons, many notices etc, then the saving of archives is a need and so on, so maybe the group to open is still the same but yearly may have a charge not crazy but maybe the same amount each year, that could also get rid of dead groups. Group that are for land only and part of land that is paid for already should not count against groups allotted if you need a land group to run your land you pay for, you should get at least one land group that does not count. Non commercial social groups, same fee as always, they don't hurt people, if anything some of those groups are the groups people log in to be part of.
  2. this would be epic, raise your car change a tire, lift the sofa up and out the door to the second story no problem
  3. When I was a sims player before SL I used to get really upset I could not fast forward down the aisles of supermarkets or to do laundry etc
  4. imagine postage, omg as an Aussie I would get all the things sent to me from all over in said box
  5. So I needed a bell (long story) and I don't have a pet, but I was thinking of kitten bells, but then thought no something bigger, like Christmas ornaments or shaking ones etc. So then I was like ohh wait I have that kitten ears headband, that has the bigger Christmas bells on it, now where did I put that? Oh! wait, I do not own Remarkable Oblivion items in my RL bah humbug. There have been other things in the past but this one struck me as funnier, it was so real in my head that I grabbed it at Christmas as a headpiece for RL kind of memory. What have you thought you had or should have in RL that you only own in SL ?
  6. when i was typing all the *(^&*&*%( nonsense I was wishing I had known some HP 'curses' enough to type them instead
  7. by Whom ? the owner of the land or a Linden ? would seem a ridiculous use of Linden time and energy if it was the latter. Who would need to grief to disturb the piece, could just all start shouting (**&&^%^%$%*((&^&%$$$&*((&^&%$#@#@!@^*&*(())(&^%$$ and waste the time of LL on many regions at once. If the owner of the land, like anything their right to play that way, could be an Adult region and the owner could still not want people to swear. It was commented about blaming the parents? my experience with a Mum that does not swear much ever, probably ten times in 40+ years, that it is the learning from other children that makes kids little terrors it is why my Mum taught me about sex before some whackadoo kid could teach me nonsense, that just of course meant I was the school yard authority but I used my knowledge wisely, I just laughed at people getting it wrong, instead of telling them what was right.
  8. What's New SL Group notices from stores from all over the grid as well as a flickr group. Free to join the group for customers secondlife:///app/group/26167f3b-1c1d-8633-99d4-655ed28afb2f/about
  9. so to be clearer still someone takes the LV stuff as I mentioned earlier, and changes the LV to different letters, but uses the same symbols that LV is known for, such as the Disney Castle etc, then that is allowed ? or are the symbols trademarked like nike swoosh sort of thing. Because if just changing the LV means a whole lot of LV inspired stuff is a go in SL and people have gotten a lot of that wrong. Me personally just wishes they would make the brown bags and leave off the other stuff. I myself love Burberry print but know the print itself is actually off limits, but created nails along the same lines hand drawn, so it may look similar enough but nothing of it is in fact the branding, just a lot of lines (so many layers for one nail, I think it ended up 37) loving this help by the way because you speak SL'ish, hard to take in all the rules and regs when it is written for RL
  10. This is along the lines of if you go into Macys and take a picture of an item of clothing and then use all the pictures to make a photo sourced version of the item,, that is ok as the pictures are your own so the zipper, buttons etc all become usable (I think that is correct) vs taking a picture of a celebrity and making it into a skin, if you did not in fact get up and personal with said celebrity you would be not in fault of the celebrity but doing wrong by the photographer of the celebrity. Then throw into that all the modifications needed to make it into something turns it into that only so much used etc it is a tricky topic, but I will say that as a consumer in SL I open a marketplace page or walk into a store and if you have items with a brands logo all over them I walk back out again. If a street vendor in RL selling knock offs is wrong and those buying and using said knockoffs is 'faking it' , why in the world do people want to pay in SL for even bigger knockoffs...at least with the RL ones there is a high chance they were often made in the same factory with the same materials, just fell out the backdoor or into the wrong box for shipping etc. I found a cool store yesterday, would have bought most of the store until I saw all the LV items, not even trying to make it their own or changing the logo absolute blatant, so I closed the pages.
  11. Nearly all boots before sculpts and even after in some cases came in two parts, ankle locks brought them together, if peoples animations lagged you saw boots break. Higher prims with linkset limits could mean three parts...I had a number of thigh high Dark Eden boots with straps and buckles in three each foot. What people did with prims amazing. Enkythings achieved greatness with a more calf fitting shape and broke the grid for a few days of awesomeness. Digital Dragon Designs did lots of boots too, these were all pre Bax. Where would we have been if we hadn't had invisi prims...I had boots ETD made using system layer shoe, before it was only used as a shaper. All drawn knee high lace ups with prim attachment sole and heel. I loved them so much
  12. I was thinking maybe Tram or Argrace maybe even Kokolores
  13. Very easy, I spent 7K L's just at SL16B then went regular shopping after. What CronoCloud spent then would not even come close to what she probably spent that first year and years since. I do that much at Hair Fair and then still shop for other things during. Different needs, budgets etc. I bought lindens once when I was new the 30USD buy, I likened it to buying a Sims expansion pack, if I didn't like it enough to stay eh expansion packs aren't always great, 13 years later it was the best investment ever Also looking back at prices then and now, people balk at prices for things now and us oldbies laugh. A house for 400L are you kidding they were 4K cheapest, a head 5K etc skins alone for a fatpack started at 2ish and went up to 12K. A gown was sometimes 1200L if not more, exclusives that Crono mentioned earlier I saw people buy 25K jeans at one RFL clothing fair. A simple system layer slip dress was 400L shoes were 2K a pop by some brands regular shoes with feet in them started around the 500L mark and got higher and higher. Now it is very inexpensive to do SL lavishly p.s @Scylla Rhiadra I have thought this three times today alone...love your hair in your profile pic
  14. I like the post . I think all water should be sail able, as in land goes to a beach/ocean if your sim does not join another but the water is there the water can be used, imagine sailing SL properly imagine ferry services instead of just tping, to really explore SL . As long as you are on some kind of linden approved vehicle you exist in that space, if you fall off or stand up or something rule worthy you are teleported to a hub, not trying to abuse the land boundaries but it would be pretty amazing. Weather, in built weather systems, that gave us rain, snow, heat etc. SL is a magical place but landing somewhere where you have to wait for the grey prims to rez to realise that it is snowing or raining is just but when it does rez in it is divine and with materials now, the idea of wet streets and water running down walls, snow piles and all of that, so much joy. I would like the land texture to not repeat... if you want to make a texture hair roads and grass to dirt to water landscaping etc it will all go on as created, not have to try and stack the land to get sand coming up through grass or having the same texture repeat so much it hurts from space I would like to be able to choose who can come and go from a region with vip kind of status as in always able to tp no matter if full, but without having to give them Estate rights. I would like instances like some games where you can go to another version of the same thing but less people, up to so many instances so that events could happen and more people experience them, imagine someone coming in to give a talk or a performance and be able to reach hundreds at once not only 50 without people dying of lag. I know someone being on all the instances at once would be trickier but eh this is a my dream suggestion
  15. if you say her name three times while looking at your screen you end up being stabbed in the back... oh wait that already happened
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