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  1. 382K I just deleted a bunch of stuff, I deleted over 100K when I could not log in with bento beta, and if I actually unpacked things it would be much higher. I am starting to see that I have lost a lot of stuff I kept that was system, not because I knew BOM was coming, but just because I wanted to keep things that to me were art into themselves. I am excited about BOM but am sad there are many things that I owned that I will not be able to get because I did not buy from MP I used to shop in stores mostly, and there were no redelivery machines in the olden days, and the creators are mostly long gone. I do hope that with BOM we will see a return of some of our highly talented texture creators. I am also looking forward to creating some hybrid looks out of system layers and mesh, I did that with sculpts, and some early on mesh, so that is going to be exciting again.
  2. it has to be an active in world account as marketplace items are in folders in inventory, so if they are gone gone the items will not be listed. Demos are a good way of testing prior which should be done anyway, but even redeliveries now that that is a thing, are going back as far as 2011 for many, as long as the account is active, showing in search in world, you will be getting the item, and if not then you can lodge a ticket with LL if they are inactive that is
  3. Does that ever get used by LL for anything other than submit your picture of the day ? I have not noticed it ever changing and I just got an Email from LL about changes to buying regions can be L's only no USD etc, which seems like an important announcement. Am I just not paying attention and it does get used, and if it doesn't why isn't anyone putting all the actual SL announcements on there ? even if they link to another forum post for input.
  4. try logging in on the SL viewer and see if people see you there, then log back in on the FS one
  5. @KanryDrago I laughed not just at your comment, but at your title, because I read it as Professional Blackberry Juggler and was fascinated for the millisecond it took for me to realise that I read it incorrectly. That may be the answer to the meaning of strife, incorrectly processing groupings of letters
  6. It was very common back when I started to be referred to the forums, to jiras to the website with Torley videos etc. It was just part of the tool kit we were provided. While people these days do not tend to know about them, it is not only that they do not know about, there are still Residents that do not know about the transaction page, how to find information on purchases made if things go awry. Do not know about abuse reports, or what a ticket is and can do etc. Lots of missing steps that would enhance user knowledge.
  7. if this has been said sorry, I was trying to find mention but started getting crosseyed, but isn't 'chopper' branded under their banner also ?
  8. I find it interesting really as it is often a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. I often see people getting railed on just for asking a question because the people that regularly frequent the forums have seen the same question asked and answered multiple times. So then if someone goes seeking the older info and then does pick it up, add to it etc, they get railed on for necro posting ( I just caught myself saying in my head necro like neko, neeeeeeeeecro posting). I think that many write in forums the same way they do in social media or even in world groups, they are not going to look for previous discussions, they want an answer to their question in their way at that time, and I don't think there is that much wrong with that, other than a very full forum...it might be time to spend some time on explaining and detailing better where things should go, what category you will find things in etc. I wanted to post something the other day and for the life of me I still have no clue if it would be allowed and where I would put it.
  9. I don't think the OP is meaning Premium as in paying for SL, I think they are using the word as "better package" premium. It is not a bad idea, but it would be hard to implement, as not all large groups are commercial, so who would be the one paying, group owner that does not make money from said group but just made a group that people like and it got big. I think groups should be divided into categories for sure, as in commercial, non commercial, land use etc. If a group is being made for commercial reasons, many notices etc, then the saving of archives is a need and so on, so maybe the group to open is still the same but yearly may have a charge not crazy but maybe the same amount each year, that could also get rid of dead groups. Group that are for land only and part of land that is paid for already should not count against groups allotted if you need a land group to run your land you pay for, you should get at least one land group that does not count. Non commercial social groups, same fee as always, they don't hurt people, if anything some of those groups are the groups people log in to be part of.
  10. this would be epic, raise your car change a tire, lift the sofa up and out the door to the second story no problem
  11. When I was a sims player before SL I used to get really upset I could not fast forward down the aisles of supermarkets or to do laundry etc
  12. imagine postage, omg as an Aussie I would get all the things sent to me from all over in said box
  13. So I needed a bell (long story) and I don't have a pet, but I was thinking of kitten bells, but then thought no something bigger, like Christmas ornaments or shaking ones etc. So then I was like ohh wait I have that kitten ears headband, that has the bigger Christmas bells on it, now where did I put that? Oh! wait, I do not own Remarkable Oblivion items in my RL bah humbug. There have been other things in the past but this one struck me as funnier, it was so real in my head that I grabbed it at Christmas as a headpiece for RL kind of memory. What have you thought you had or should have in RL that you only own in SL ?
  14. when i was typing all the *(^&*&*%( nonsense I was wishing I had known some HP 'curses' enough to type them instead
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