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  1. Maybe someone needs to try and get the old spaces community driven like the other has become literally overnight, make them one voice because they really should be the first to swap over, didn't they do that with Zindra when they were trying to clear our mainland to clean it up ?
  2. Whimsy says that when we are old ladies we will have to be in the same nursing home, because if we start talking about teleporting, talking dogs and cats, and retrieving shoes and jewellery out of our bums people will have us committed
  3. I once tested this and sent an alt 100 notecards and prims all numbered from various accounts so that I could see if any numbers went missing and all were accounted for and all offlines of their being sent came through. This was before offlines and such became a 'perk'.
  4. It makes me cry...the not being able to search+othersearch+anothersearch kills me, on top of that the one word search goes across all tabs. If i know I bought a plaid skirt shirt and boots in the past month, but only want the boots I can type plaid+boots in recent if set to last 30ish days, then still search in regular tab tan+skinstore and if I want to see what I have on for crediting, worn does not change in FS. If I wear a hud and its rotated so not visible right click edit hud in inventory and rotate by build controls if not able to grab and edit on...that option does not exist in regular viewer. Cannot turn off chat for groups even if off in FS it does not carry. Logged in to do som bom stuff and bam groups i have not heard a peep from for years all went live. I miss all IMs never see I got one, or over check just in case. Last IMs not there. Keep forgetting how to do windlight stuff, not sure how we survived before lol
  5. hi, firstly you do not need to take great pictures to have a flickr account, if anything it is great to start with less talent and actually see your progression. There are also many tutorials on Youtube by other photographers that may help you out, start with Anya OhMai Daeberethwen Arbenlow Foxcity and just go on from there. There is also a facebook group on SL photography to follow what people do. If you are interested in editing pictures with photoshop or gimp there are a few pileup groups in flickr also you take their greenscreen picture and then edit, I find that doing to others is more educational than doing to yourself.
  6. I have seen things that when I tried to see how dense, were so dense I could not see...two more posts after this one woohooo
  7. You are buying lindens to pay for your premium membership, did I get that right ? It is not true you have to send anything to paypal to pay for LL content, but if you have been using your card buying lindens paying a fee then changing your lindens back to USD and then letting them sit and pay for tier/membership etc you are doing something wrong there and far more costly I believe than it needs to be. You would just let them bill your card unless its not a credit card, still not sure that how you are doing it is the right way to go if I understood what you said. However again nothing has changed in how they take money from your USD balance. What you said sounds as though they are saying you requested to send to Paypal but the amount is too small to process as they have a minimum.
  8. I had this on Cassingle when it came out, played it over and over again
  9. I think the Belliserian groups are doing walking tours and so on, could be something to get in on.
  10. you have to use omega nail polish appliers purchased from stores that sell nail polish appliers, only way to colour them
  11. @Qie Niangao yes you can own a region without premium but there was a time when it was believed that you could not and that still holds for many, which has meant that many have doubled down on paying for a lot of years because they believed it to be true. In 2006 I know everyone thought that and did it that way.
  12. if this is all happening in SL it may be time for a vacation from SL on the mains you use now, it may seem like punishment for you both or it could be what you both need for eachother for a while. If you are RL with this partner, then SL does not need to be this full of rubbish, just do not log in for a while they will have nothing to do if you are not here. You can still file abuse reports, I am not sure why he would not want to do that, because honestly unless this person knows his RL information and can actually do something to his and your RL there is nothing that should hold you both back from reporting them.
  13. it looks like you took them into your inventory coalesced as in not linked but grouped, so the best thing to do is select something in edit first then drag the item to the ground so you can stay in edit in case you need to pick it up again if it goes out of range or just needs to be seen collected, as some items may be further away.
  14. Check in the store if there is a redelivery terminal, if there is click it and request a redelivery. Check the profile of the creator that you purchased from, see if they have any information on their profile suggesting what to do in the case of failed delivery, also see if there is someone working for them to handle such matters.
  15. that is horrible because it is not spam at all when so many countries come into play some people may choose very different English to identify/search a product. I just suggested in another thread that people be more imaginative with their keywords than the basic, because again same thing it may be exactly what someone is looking for and did not know the right term. I would be very annoyed to find that you cannot broaden a descriptive term. Does that mean you could not put teleportation device, movement, relocation station or Scotty Beam anywhere in there also? so much disappointment
  16. Features are important as are keywords but try very hard to make sure you do set unique keywords to the item do not just use the same for all listings. The other day I was searching formal for a store that I knew had a small selection of formal attire and their complete store came up, could not narrow it down to just show what I was hoping for. Try also using words that may have more of a meaning behind them than the regular silver gold jewellery chain necklace ring earring kind of thing, go for Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Memento, Sentimental as you never know what someone may use to search.
  17. I have seen some Full perms items contain a model example that was ordinary perms because the creator did not want you to use the example as your item, and then the actual product was a download item like a dae file or psd files, check that that is not the case there.
  18. blocked as in Muted in SL that is one hell of a snafu. Did you jira is there something we can shake our fist at until fixed, all the power of last week has gone to my head, I need more, more, more I tell you (ok really I just found out I had to make five hundred posts to get fancy with my name stuff so I am reaching at anything at this point and you love me)
  19. selling your lindens is only turning it into USD the USD will sit there in your account until you process credit which is another step as has been explained. Once you click the process credit they will have your paypal info there or you will have to set that up to do. Only then once you have started that process is your USD in queue to be sent to paypal.
  20. I do not know how people function without IMs to email set to save. I have all my accounts forwarded to the one email and filters created for things that are not necessary to see going to a separate folder. I look at emails before I log in world, because I want to know what to be prepared for work wise, how to expect my day to play out. If I log in knowing exactly who has IMd then if I do not have that IM sitting there waiting I know to look for them and follow it up. Because of bugs to the system where sometimes replying even within an hour or so can actually uncheck your respond to IMs via email, I even have a scripted device in my home that sends me an IM every hour so when offline they all come in one by one and I can know at a glance if my offlines are functioning correctly or not. I may have an offline IMs addiction or something 😛
  21. are you wanting to have lindens at the end as in selling 229 dollars or are you wanting to have 229 dollars from selling lindens, as that will vary. If selling lindens at the limit sell of 251 L to the dollar it would be 59800L to make 229 USD after the fee charged to do so, if this is you asking someone to give you 229 usd worth of lindens for something, then make sure you factor in that charge and currency conversion
  22. This is old and her blog is now gone but Anya Ohmai did some Inventory sorting stuff that legends are made of.
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