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  1. truest statement, that silly widget is the ruination of all the things.
  2. I am not sure of the situation as you should be able to alt click on anything and zoom in or ctrl O to get in closer. Another trick though is to remove everything you have on and just be an invisible avatar, with a full covering alpha (you can find in the library folder or make one if you do not have one) that way it won't matter what you are doing, you will not be in the image
  3. done and done, funnily enough always thought my due date was September and it was end of July, learn something new everyday.
  4. lol why is this stupid ? I am not poking just wondering. I personally have my whole top of my viewer favourite LMs and they are used often not only to tp to but to also grab the slurls from (right click it save to clipboard) as they are often popular locations or I need them to add to posts for blogging etc. I also use it as a somewhat second home settings, I have my home as my Home and my Studio/Office is on my toolbar otherwise it would be hell trying to find that stuff in LMs all the time. Teleport history is also the best thing ever. The mention of other 'games' mentioned etc, the signing in once and seeing all accounts etc. Appearance Mode could do with an overhaul! it would be awesome if in appearance mode it wasn't that others did not see changes until you saved it, but you were actually invisible, sort of like a secret change room. It would be wonderful to try on demos and the like in locations without chance of sudden nakedness etc. If you want to try something on or adjust something you go into appearance mode and you are just not there to others until you save chat and the like stays, but visibility is gone. That would be an epic premium perk. or just give to all
  5. you can also try the creators profile, see if they have a blog/website, if they did a notice about the item in the past, if they have an inworld store as shown you can see the information though sometimes that can be a mix of dates and confusing. Subscribers often have old history that can show if something was posted about said item, and also if you are concerned the item is not supported, check if the creator has been online in some time by looking at potential group info if you want to go that whole route. Marketplace is tricky that way not knowing if something is old or new, but if you like it you do
  6. having it linked to premium it may be a one time only situation like a ticket filing request because LL would not want to spend all day bringing up regions...or possibly once per calendar year if you have been a constant premium, second or more times smaller amount of time, as you already had your week etc.
  7. in my years I have seen people that needed full regions um and ahh and get overwhelmed by what would actually be involved, keep using the statement 'when I can get a full sim' as though this would mean huge changes etc, often it does not change a thing, often there is no need and often they do not realise that until it is too late. Sometimes they really do need the space, the prims and the ability to not fill other land with people coming to their location, they need that whole 50 people or so at the time, and hesitate when they should dive in, because they are holding back, both sides of the same thing could possibly be solved by a sim rehearsal so to speak. This is not about first time land, it is more about first time big responsibility. The day I decided to quit smoking I bought a sim, the reason was someone was selling one cheap back in the 1000USD times, which was cheaper than the 1600USD times to be sure. However I worked out that the 300USD tier was approximately the cost of cigarettes for a month (gross I know and I have been a non smoker since 2009 THANKS SL) and that I could not do both, so locking in a sim meant I could not fall off the wagon so to speak :). I ended up having it fully rented by tenants a month later and never actually paid into it, but the point was I could, I was an SL Adult with Adult responsibilities lol. Sometimes people need that eyeopener to hold back or get on with it, it was just an idea that as a Premium that step could have a safety harness.
  8. That is a good use of them, to use the old until the new, to at least get what you have joined up for having some land with some room to rez etc.
  9. 1. I think an interesting addition to premium that could work in the Lindens favor also is that as a premium you could 'test' a region, like test driving a car, you can have a full region for one week to see if it is something that you really want to commit to, how the land tools work if you have never had that kind of access before, if size works for your needs or if your imagination of what it would take to fill it comes up short etc. Giving the people that kind of option may have more taking the leap than hesitating, and also even though you do not have to be premium to buy, purchasing a month of premium to have the option is a small price to pay to realise that it is or isn't for you. I understand people can rent full sims etc, but this would just be a little more in your own moment kind of thing. 2. SL email I have mentioned before and so agree on that very much, I think it is something we have been missing all along.
  10. I have no problem with an entire log in being myself just doing my own things, but we are never really alone because we can tp anywhere open up a group chat, IM someone on a list etc, so it is probably easier to spend alone time because we are not really so alone.
  11. I was imagining this thread was going to be stories of all those that cannot navigate them took me about 8 years to get up and down a set and my friend Ashia just runs away.
  12. I wouldn't wait, billing is something you can call Billing support phone numbers Toll-Free (US/Canada😞 800.294.1067 Long-Distance: 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available from 9am to 6pm EST(6am to 3pm PST), Monday through Friday.
  13. Ok but seriously. New Premium... Second Life Email SasyScarborough@SecondLife.com always wondered why that wasn't a thing, save all offlines etc to your own account that can be accessed in world or out. Stipend if annual, if you need an advance you just withdraw what you need, shoes cost 450 you ask for 450, when stipend is gone it is either buy more or wait until next years. Extra renamable system folders Want gestures to be home & garden, just right click rename, need clothing ordinary and clothing roleplay, do it. Trash folder IQ When deleting the trash folder asks you if you realise that you moved you hair folder to it, that it knows you wear it often, and that you may regret it...on the side trash also offers counseling on inventory hording, reminding you you have not worn that dress since 2009. Lottery All super premis get put into a draw, and each year one name is drawn and they get to be an honorary Linden for a day, and that entails sitting in a chair and letting people give them advice for 8 hours and after that a huge party in the cornfield. Worth It !
  14. Thank you so much @Grumpity Linden @Kat Linden and @Patch Linden for coming in and being involved in this thread, and thank you so much to LL for listening and hearing the Residents. While the increase to fees is still a big thing for many, I am very proud of the community and how it came together on this on the side of basic account holders, everyone saw how it would impact SL as a whole. High fives to everyone.
  15. I actually spoke to a friend the other day, she had no idea about the new regions and has an old linden home, she wants to move but all are taken, so she is parking so to speak, probably the same for many, maybe they should give those people priority so they can clear them out. Not priority on where just priority on a swap.
  16. You are welcome. ----------------- I keep seeing stipend increase comments, stipends are money, they do cost, if Lindens give them they have to come from somewhere, fees etc otherwise its fake money and then the bottom falls off the economy. If you do not spend it you can sell it, so increasing prices to then give it back would make for a serious firing of some accountants 😁
  17. If they put this into practice in the next three months from this date... even with the 3 month warning, I will personally sponsor your store with premium lite at 3.00 a month for your first 6 months, it would be worth it.
  18. I think that the idea of an added premium is a good one, with a twist that will either have me beaten in the square or somewhat agreed with... Premium lite 3.00 usd monthly 50 groups nothing else added Here is the killer part You must have a premium account to sell on marketplace - lite or higher This would decrease theft, overloading of gacha reselling that is illegal copies of content, stop fake full perms accounts selling empty boxes claiming to be well known products. It would also clean out old content with no active sellers. Giving a few months notice for people to get on board. No longer would creators have to watch people getting cash grabs off of their work unable to flag or dmca. It would mean they have to sign up with rl info like the rest of us. ______________________________________ As mentioned earlier land groups to add people to just get access if able to add by notecard to land settings, could also be an option with always allowed, just easier to add, then a new land option of can always rez, again removing the ability of a group for designers in an event. Removing people from groups is slow and tedious, but if a pay group you are actually opening yourself up to abuse if you do, so some are loathe to try, thus meaning free to join groups are the groups that will get dropped, costing those businesses in the long run, and their reaction may be to start charging to compete, thus more group hogging.
  19. This made me laugh, because it made me realise since the linden homes went live I have had to join four groups, one for the community group, one for the paper and two land groups for friends homes. That was what took me up to 60 finally.
  20. @Grumpity Linden @Kat Linden thank you for taking the time to answer some of the questions. When this was announced I too was very concerned at the impact this would have on basic accounts. With Creators having to usually have up to 3 groups of their own store, land, bloggers and their staff matching them, then depending on their event load possibly another 8 - 12 each. Then on top of that ones they just want to be in, you can suck up 35 groups very quickly. Bloggers then if blogging for stores group space, events group space, their own land, their own businesses maybe group space and so on. This will have a very large impact on how people are expected to suck up their groups for the needs of their existence to then find at the end of the day nothing they are in is anything but work related. That is rough that is the type of thing that weighs on people, makes them see that their Second Life is starting to be harder on them than possibly their first. I used my 60th group slot only this week. I have paid for groups, groups I own and run, ones that I need for land and manage and so on. While I do not pay for groups that I cannot afford to just leave, some have very limited incomes and are in fact in groups that provide gifts each month and that group slot is their way of enjoying and participating in Second Life with that limited budget. I have seen chat say that they just used Birthday money or something they sold gave them the funds to finally join such and such group, the having to drop 8 groups to gain one is going to hurt many. It also limits growth, someone opens a new event a new store etc and someone just cannot join in, you will have a divided SL that way. Kicking non active accounts out of groups takes hours, and is often not really an inactive account owner, because they ran out of group spaces on their main and may use offlines to email to see notices on an alt, this is actually a thing, so while they may not log in they are gathering the information they cannot get on their main. While I understand that groups are apparently a curse to function because of the way SL is set up they are a necessary tool. Group land needs a group, to ensure privacy in many cases, that people can rez items and so on group needed. To send out information as stated, groups are needed, there are still many that LL know that do not SL outside of SL, while many use things such as Plurk, Facebook and Discord, some others won't even read a blog post or open anything that in some way leaves a trail to SL. So again Groups are their only way. One group need is again associated with Land. Early Access to Bloggers, Store owners to access an event and rez etc and then all the info sent out to let people know things , Groups and Groups etc. A suggestion to help in this matter in some ways, as things can be sent with senders, not always perfect but they can. So if land was set up like the covenant where the names that are added to a sim could be done with a notecard not having to enter each name manually and wait and so on, if a list could be added to land allowing a whole list of early access people to a Region, that is one less group needed by every event, every blogger, every store manager that does not actually rez anything and so on. As far as the fee hike, the increase is big, doubling down is hard to take when the same work is being done, and if someone makes more than someone else they pay more than those others because of it, that seems very unfair as people have mentioned there are fees taken along the way in many forms and those doing better are paying them over and over. In banking if someone is bringing more cake to the party they usually get a better option of how it is served. I think that like the tiers you have for processing credit, you should allow the higher earners to pay less at the gate because overall you earn more from them already, while some may think that seems entitled and so on and they are already making enough etc, at the end of the day no one knows what peoples expenses are in RL what they really end up with at the end of the day, and while there are a few lucky creators that made a thing and that thing just happens to be a very profitable thing, most that make a lot work a lot to do so. If someone is cashing out for this person and they get charged 80 dollars usd and the next person gets charged 340 while it may have only been 170 dollars last time that 170 dollars could be someones health insurance, or someones home care nurses fees etc. They are not making more money than the previous fee, they are making the same but paying double. This is also out of nowhere for many, working out how to re-budget for this may just be too much for some, we may again lose some people along the way. Not every successful creator in SL is making millions of dollars, some are making just enough to get by, but yet doing so in a 24/7 economy, if you look at that vs just going to work in RL and getting to have time off, not having nasty IMs demanding this and that, or deadlines and competition etc, some may just choose to return to First Life.
  21. thank you there are so many different threads, not had a chance to catch up on extras out there, also just trying to be sure that it is not one of those 'but you started a new contract with us ' situations like they do with phone etc so you lose previous options, I did not think that they would do that but just wanted to be sure
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