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  1. I am all for people wanting different, did mention that. I am not opposed to the all houseboats as such, I just think making it so many clumps of separated land makes it more closed off than the community that the rest have achieved, but again that is not for everyone, if they have their own boating communities already, or want to join them etc, that opens that up for them. I am sure it will be different when open, but I would also wonder if that area will have less features because of the lack of land, in the sense of the community pool areas, the parkland etc, it is nice to have the houseboat, but the current Linden Home/houseboat users have benefited more than just the 1024 they get, in terms of the roads, the neighbourhoods etc.
  2. Why is that the design, if I was eager for a houseboat based on the previous and got this I would be so upset, there is no joined land, you have to tp somewhere else to walk around and enjoy the surrounding areas ? some of these people look like they won't be able to walk anywhere at all completely shut off, a houseboat is not moving it is stationary, I get the need for the water, but at the least make it more like a marina that joins to the other land this looks like overkill for the sailing community and that is great if you plan on being a sailor, and would want this but as you cannot select where you end up, this seems like creating the grab and dump over and over until someone gets a houseboat that they like near a community of landlubbers. My friend wants a houseboat so badly she gave up her house options, when it was all that was left, but she is so unhappy that this might be the only options now. Also for those enjoying the regions this would feel like trespassing to have to tp or fly over to land somewhere and then feel like you are intruding/
  3. I am not sure why they would be told that, my bestie has 500K now and she is doing fine. Is she using the SL viewer or another ?
  4. There would be a lot of interest in good Male clothing, as long as you are willing to cater to the various body types available. On that note what do you know about how SL is used now with mesh bodies? you mentioned years ago, but things have certainly changed, you would not be creating for the SL body type only now, it would be various bodies. What is the price range you are used to charging for items in IMVU, I have no idea how their currency works, but here at 251L to 1USD give or take an L you usually see items around the 200 - 600 mark depending on what the item is. Are you able to sustain your income in IMVU if you are here (as you would not want to lose that 6K a month when SL will take time to build on, something not mentioned, or I did not see is that while you have all the aspects such as marketing to take care of, it is the customer service that will take up a lot of time depending on your products and audience. Again unsure of how IMVU is, SL is very much a 24 hour economy, with IMs coming in at all times, while people do not always expect an immediate answer there are some that do. While you get even more popular that will increase, and time is a large factor.
  5. I had been Sassy before and thankfully SL did not let me have that extra s after the as, it was a moment in time when they were more censor minded. I am glad of that though now, and Scarborough just because I liked the two S's, both me and my bestie are Alliterative. Growing up there was a charm S just randomly in our belongings, I thought it was something to do with my middle name, now it was just meant to be
  6. It is not compulsory to have a display name, but they are changeable after a week, so your name can change every seven days if you feel like it. I personally do not have display names showing, it is hard enough keeping up with everyone, without something being someone else the next day. They often do that for holidays on plurk and it is a mind mess knowing who is talking, at least in SL you get to see both. The real names as display names was what SL imagined was a need, for RL companies to come in for meetings and the like, and be able to identify correctly. Even if you never use display names most will just call you Molly or MollyKat and if you are fine with that, then leave it as is *taps you with her walker* it is ok youngun, we feel the same about you. For reference, the pink polka dot dresses were new to us oldbies, those came around in the big library overhaul of I think 2008ish and there is a group dedicated to them that only wear them and ask Sachi Vixen the creator to do a mesh version all the time....it is the library item with its own cult following. Technically I turned 13 the other day, so I am now an SL Teenager, I need to start climbing out windows before I TP.
  7. If the body alpha is mod, you just go into edit and check the head box and you are done, or you can go to library and use the alphas in there. Alphas as in system layers do not have a wear point, they are just alpha layers, you may be confusing the fact that wearing one will remove the other, that is the best use for ADD, you can stack as many as needed
  8. I have over 350K items log in is slower compared to any other account. My inventory loads instantly, I move around with high fps with all graphics at max, even had shadow rendering at over 3 the other day logged in on two accounts and went shopping. A large inventory that is not broken down into enough smaller subfolders will cause more issues. I could not log into beta viewers at all unless i made smaller folders, I was stupidly deleting items thinking it was the cause until @Whirly Fizzle set me right. I can open up to three inventory windows, but deleting trash can freeze me up, and opening the second and third does freeze for a few seconds.
  9. I would first try Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth, then also some DP YumYum or Tram, I would also try approaching someone like Bubbles, because not only is he very into retro styles he is a lovely person and your story is heartwarming, and he may be able to consider doing something along those lines in future. LeLutka also has a style similar to your friend but as an add on attachment with hairbase base. Good luck and if I can think of others I will add.
  10. You may want to consider setting up rental systems to pay into one which then sends an invite, rather than have to wait on when payment is made by LL. The payment will show in transaction history of the payer, not sure about the payee though, but it definitely states if a group payment made to which group etc, I checked in one of my own just to see what does come up
  11. texas teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( I am going to be singing that song all day now)
  12. Is it going to be a Philanthropic group? Are you going to do good works based on your expenditure? Will your group be available for early access to events to get the spending rolling? Would you be interested in said events charging your group members a fee for access, so that you can be sure that the members of your group are in fact what they are claiming to be, as in wealthy beyond normal means. Is there an inventory amount criteria (I am in the top 3% of the grid (made up stats have to be odd numbers it is a Sasy rule) ). Will the group be open to sponsoring the non wealthy on shopping expeditions? kind of a " take a poor friend to the mall " day Is there a check list created so people can fill it in to know who is wealthy who is not ? Example : Q. can you afford Stiletto Moody Shoes (old content but those that know know) A. I could buy the store every week but did not own one pair because anyone claiming to be the best often isn't Q. How many actual Exclusives have you owned in SL A. Only one or two, what is the point owning something fabulous if others cannot aspire to also owning it Q. Do you pay for everything within Second Life or do you have to purchase lindens? A. I am too wealthy to purchase lindens, LL does not recognise the Black Amex (ok just joking on that last part but I did hold one once) My guess/assumption on this is that it is a group of girls that want to shop a lot, without having to worry that everyone cannot afford to, so there is no guilt on having more than others. That or they are hoping to latch on to those that have more, or those that have friends and partners with more, but in general it is a taste to taste thing, they want the lifestyle they believe wealth brings, but in Second Life investing a hundred dollars birthday money can give you all the appearance of wealth with no back up. If you are looking at wanting educated wealth, people that will bring about conversation and intellect because you believe it is wealth that encourages that dig deeper. Have fun with whatever you do though, I was just playing because it is an interesting thread
  13. Sasy Scarborough


    I recommend joining the HairSL group or visiting their website, you can also look at the Hair Fair website for previous years to get a huge list of hairstores to visit in world https://hairsl.wordpress.com/ https://hairfair.wordpress.com/
  14. I hope things get better. I crashed so hard last night I lost all my settings, UI was busted and my backup was not current enough so I lost all log ins info.
  15. I know people worked it out, and it is definitely the best feature SL ever gave us not being able to see avatars in parcels set to not visible, but that and land set to group should be enough to have limitations if needed, or is ban lines meaning you cannot set to group either ? Anyway I made an example picture for fun before I read people tested it. This feature is something that people should be using for everything, we have used it for Hair Fair for years now, so that people on other sims are not loading those on adjoining sims, it cuts down on lag considerably, funny as hell when you get to a crossing and suddenly there are 20 people pushed up against it or trying to and they appear and disappear over and over
  16. I think that many have become premium because all of this attention let them know the options they had as premium members, some did not know there was an increase to 1024, some had no idea that it meant you did not have to buy the land as well up front, and so on, so while the land is great, they want to feel a bit more private possibly. If I had one I would have a box in the sky for a studio if it was a need, because it would not work with the home rezzed taking up most of the parcel etc. Derender is a wonderful thing.
  17. I was not sure by the time it got to me if we were still just focusing on Blush's specific items or all items, that is why I was going around and around on it. A service fee is as such, and there have been many stylists over the years for landscaping, sim projects, and people themselves as many mentioned. People can be mislead but I do not always think that the people offering the service ever really think that is the case going in, they genuinely are finding their niche in SL, they cannot create so they show others how to shop, style, edit etc. If people did not get to create their own businesses in service in Second Life I would not have 13 years under my belt, but I do definitely agree some can be fooled, or forget, which is often the case. I can see someone six months down the track deciding they want a new living room and realising that the parts that make up their current one did not just go back to inventory and start screaming about having been conned. I would also hope that in the case of someone laying these things down that they would provide some sort of listing with all names, sold by information so that in the event of a bad restart etc the items could be repurchased if they just wanted to do that themselves in future and the items were no longer rezzed. I liken this whole idea to those that prepare a house for selling, the sellers hire a company to come in and makeover the home, and when it is sold they pick it all up again, but as mentioned previously they can only use that one adorable cushion in one home at a time, unlike SL. We want to do all the fun RL things here, but at the same time we love the ability to have unlimited possibilities, as those too work in the creators favour, this is one of those other side situations, while a customer can have unlimited copies to rez, the creator also has unlimited copies to sell, imagine if every time someone wanted their divider, or pink dress etc the creator had to rez a new version package it up and sell it forward. or you could only create ten copies of something at a time, sell them create the next ten ( Lindens do not read this)
  18. I am not really sure I understand the problem in this one...are we saying that decor items with copy permissions should have limited use ? sort of like owning software and only using it on one pc etc. If I buy hedges for instance, and used them on my sim, in my home, and then used those same hedges to decorate an event I was running, and happened to rez a hedge at a friends studio because they wanted to look like they were in a garden not 3000 metres in the sky in a box, this is somehow taking from the seller of the hedges? Or is this only because they are making money off of the items by rezzing them? because really all this looked like to me was a rezzed Style card, like how some shape makers would charge people upwards of more than 1000L's to give them a shape that was no mod, and then list the items used in the ad, the items were then bought sure but it was profitting off of the idea of pointing people towards something they could just go looking for. The cost associated is the time it takes to find all the items, to place them in a stylish manner etc, I would assume that the intent in the end is that the customer does consider going and buying the pieces themselves, but if they didn't buy those, they are now familiar with a store they may have not been otherwise. I have used items Whimsy has had rezzed out, full decorated spaces, so many items to credit but I have in my post of course, and she tends to build vignettes and then get bored and not photograph them herself so I am saving their beauty but by me doing so, someone may have bought the items, liked what they have seen. I also had a sim for years where the stores were provided, they were my builds though, but does that make that wrong too, if someone sells a commercial build is the buyer not allowed to use it in an event, booths, rental stores etc. So again is it just because they are charging for I guess one would say hiring of your items. Maybe that is something you could offer yourself set up some scripted devices that allow for a a week, month or so on use of the items and then if they want them longer they buy them, like a timed demo for clothing. Even in RL the creator of decor, furniture does not get paid each time someone buys an item and then uses it in such a way, but I guess unlike SL while it is being hired out in one location it is not also in 400 others. I could go around and around on this one, bit of a mind bender before bed
  19. Whimsy Winx is nothing if not prepared for all decorating challenges, she did a great job, she probably would have been fine if they never fixed it, but they have and now she is five redos in already at least count I think.
  20. Sasy Scarborough


    Firstly stop pasting personal screen shots, it is no ones business in Forums what you spend, buy or have going on with LL. They are not committing fraud, they are trying to make sure that you aren't. While you may have your own RL business, may have an abundance of money, they have rules to follow, and while this is inconvenient to you, you have to understand that you would feel much better knowing that this practice means they are also able to stop someone from doing illegal things that may in fact be harmful to people in RL and SL. You are not one of those people, but often is the case in rules and regulations it has to be all in to be possible. The fact that you are yelling in their own forums about them being frauds and admitting to gambling, which is against the TOS as far as I know, that would be a very unwise thing to continue to do, you also admit to just giving people money, while it is your money to do with as you wish, and I do give away a fair bit of it myself to friends, there is a tendency for people to gravitate towards people that give away a lot of money, and while you may be doing something nice from your heart, those taking it may be taking advantage, that is another reason that LL has the limitations in place for the amount of money coming and going, so as a resident you are not somehow fooled into parting with yours. I hope you are able to sort this matter out with them, they really do only want the information you provided to match up, you told them yourself you do not live in the addresses on your identification, so you need to provide information on where that is. I also understand there may be a language barrier, maybe ask them to find out if someone is able to communicate with you in the language you feel more comfortable with. As @animats stated, it seems that China has a different method to many things that other countries would take for granted are done the same as them, that is a hard thing to communicate even in the same language. Good luck
  21. Not being American, but having been so 'TV Sitcom and Movie Americanised' over my lifetime, this is exactly what I want. When I visited the US the first time, I was in Connecticut, and I was like a kid with my face pressed up on the car window. When I got out of the car and went exploring I am not embarrassed to say I actually teared up, because there were hoops over garages, there was a bike strewn in the front yard and one front yard even had a catchers mitt and some kind of goal net thing. There were flags beside the front doors, it was everything to me. A few days later I saw a Policeman eating a Doughnut, I almost lost my mind, don't even get me started on what happened when it started to snow. ♥
  22. she did no luck so far https://gyazo.com/371f82087c72aa350dc28ba1270c0752 but she is making it work for her
  23. This has just also happened to a friend, unfortunately she had it decorated how she wanted, so now its a pile of floating boxes and tables etc, she looks like a two story garage sale, and does not know what to do. https://gyazo.com/ab576b2b0b598f841b47b112aa63bdf6 We were setting up her SOLD sign and it went, which is even funnier.
  24. I think all the pose makers need to start making things for Linden Homes, I want to see chatting over the back fence, getting the mail, bringing in the shopping, unpacking the car etc and so on....
  25. It was more about if you come across a person and you open the profile it indicates at some point in the history of your SL you made a note on this person and it could be important (they could have been a problem at another location) or it could just be you gave them their first hair free for a store you managed (there are thousands of people running around SL with that note by me in their profiles unaware lol. I am not really a profile looker as such some people you just go a little further etc, and then when I do find, oh look I wrote something in 2009 I am glad I caught it, but I wish I had some indicator to actually make me look, it is silly, but yeah when I go to use a link for instance and its a different colour than others because I have been there before, that kind of thing.
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