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  1. Ladies- many thanks to all of you for the great information! I will try these methods :-)
  2. Interesting, ChinRey- thank you! Are these numbers pictured in the Position and Rotation sections, the 'standard' for getting the correct angles for upright walls? Also- is there a way to straighten walls, foundation, etc. by using the 'snap to grid' option? ( I still don't quite understand that option.) Thank you again :-)
  3. Hello, I am renting a mainland parcel that cannot be re-terraformed by myself or the rental agency. Does anyone know if LL will re-terraform a parcel if asked? Thank you!
  4. Hello, can someone please explain or send a link showing how to line walls up so they are straight for building a house? I unlinked my house to edit it, and am trying to learn how to put walls back up so they are straight. I do know how to copy objects, but want to know how to straighten objects (like walls, foundation, etc.) once they have been rotated/ manipulated. Thank you!
  5. Hello, bought a new house recently. After rezzing, can't figure out which to choose of these to keep structure rezzed: Choice of "Stealth, Rez, Terraform, DeRez, FINISH, & Store. Ignore."
  6. Hi Griffin, I went in this evening to try to fix the connection, yet it seems to have fixed itself somehow because it is now working and I can teleport inworld from outside links. Not sure if that is 'built in' with the newest software upgrade, but if so- I love it! :-) Thanks so much again, for your generous help! Red52
  7. Thank you so much, Griffin! I will try this later tonight :-) I will send you an update when I get it working. Red52
  8. Hey All, I did a clean install a couple of days ago to upgrade to the newest version of Firestorm, but was not able to back up my settings first. Now I can only teleport with links inworld with no problem; but with links in email or through the marketplace, I cannot teleport any longer. Can someone give me the instructions or point me in the direction of where to find the instructions to fix this please? Thank you! Red52
  9. Thanks for your offer to help, Trinity, but it is not a linked door problem. I had my landlord look at it a couple of days ago; he thinks its a sculpty that's not showing up possibly. He recommended an object scanner. I found an inexpensive scanner in the MP, however, it did not identify the invisble prim. Not sure if its worth it to buy a more expensive scanner now. I might try contacting the creator to see if he/she can help. Thanks to all for your ideas :-) Red52
  10. Thanks for the detailed info, Coby! I was able to find and access these menus, altho I still can't locate the missing prim. Red52
  11. Thanks, Trinity - however still cannot access these menus. I have since put up a new house, and once again - cannot find/ locate invisible prims on my parcel. Does anyone know of a group/ person or resource inworld that can help me learn how to work with mesh prims when modifying them? Thank you, Red52
  12. Hi Kwakkelde - that would be my next question... I do think the build is partly mesh, and that's what is causing the problem. I have looked everywhere for the 'Develop menu' to check the steps you are suggesting, but cannot find it. I am using the latest Firestorm viewer - where would I find the Develop menu? Thanks! Red52
  13. Hi Trinity - thanks for your reply. Walking through the front (and only) door is not the problem; it seems since I made the build larger, I cannot walk past the area where the original walls were. Red52
  14. I am modifying an Inverse home (the Malibu), and unlinked all to make the home larger. Now I cannot walk through the bottom floor without hitting something/ invisible prim? I tried Cntrl-Alt-T yet nothing highlighted in red in this area of the house. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can fix it? I am using latest Firestorm viewer. Thanks! Red52
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