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    Good day, all! Just jumping in to respond to a few of the comments... A few folks are speculating that this is the end of SL and nothing could be further from the truth. Any talk of dismantling or radically changing the fundamentals of SL that we know and love is inaccurate. While we can't get into specific details about the deal itself, I want to emphasize the fact that this keeps Linden Lab as an independent venture led by two investors who have a great deal of awareness about what SL is and isn't. They are excited to join and help us grow both SL and Tilia while also respecting and recognizing the needs and sensitivities of the existing culture and community.
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    In all seriousness -- this really really is a good thing. We’re excited for the opportunities it presents and we’re rock solid sure of the bright future of SL. And with that… NFC
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    I dove back into my list of outfits, retired a few more and spruced one up a bit. The suit is an oldie but a goody.
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    This pink lip gloss had me feeling like Barbie all week... ❤️
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    Absolution... This one took all night to put together, and it ended up looking nothing like my initial vision. Got to love it when a look pulls itself together without you knowing what the hell is going on, and yet ends up looking so bloody amazing. Full credits here.
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    From today. Trying a new look.
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    Honestly, as much as I love Linden Lab and Second Life, I see this as a horrible, horrible thing, and personally feel that the "This is good news!" from LL is PR to keep residents happy in the meantime (I wouldn't blame them). Excuse me for being very super skeptical about this, but almost every acquisition I have seen as turned out horrible, and it boils down to the following: They don't know anything about the community and end up royally messing it up. They will find a way to severely upset the community by introducing all sorts of things the community didn't ask for and does not want. Stuff begins getting censored and bleached because parent brand protection(in this case, Waterfield Investments) or because "widening our audience". (I.E. No more adult rated content, less freedom of expression, forcing LL to get ban crazy, etc) They close down what they perceive as not profitable. (I.E. Buying LL for Tilia, closing down Second Life) The end result: Second Life gets closed because people not involved with the community at all don't know what they are doing and have profits first, community second. I've seen it before with Tumblr, Nest, Neopets, Geocities, YouTube, etc. Personally, I think the best thing to do is have these "investors" show they care about the community. Not just "say" they "understand the concerns", but show they mean it. Because right now, I fear for Second Life. Second Life is really all I have to do because of autism and the mysophobia that came with it that keeps be locked inside all day for months on end. It has given be the ability to live life to an extent and have fun with others in a way that no other online platform would give me. I have invested hundreds of dollars and years of my life into Second Life, I don't want to see that taken away because of people who don't understand the community. I have already had endless things taken from me, I don't want another thing gone as well.
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    Just me, as usual, standing around looking pretty and pondering what to do today. But I bet I'll still be here in 3 hrs time...still standing around and looking pretty.
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    Just one shot from a cute little photo shoot me and the girls did yesterday.. ❤️🏍 @JenniexKim @PixieGirrrrl
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    Head: Genus 'Classic Face' Hair: Exile 'Yvette' Body: Maitreya
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    Just after i finish decorate my sim
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    I was bouncing around today and found Bizenghasp, Bare Sun. Wit some Black Dragon positioning I got this shot. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bare Sun/129/119/31) There is very little there. But, this was a fun shoot.
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    @JenniexKim & I waiting to get into the nightclub!
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    I picked up a Traditional the other day to work on and ended up with this one. I usually work and then abandon it but I could not bring myself to do that with this one. I abandoned my houseboat instead. This is how it turned out 🙂
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    VIRTUAL WORLDS DOCUMENTARY Directed by: Olivia De Camps Produced by: Tom Sidi ABOUT THE PROJECT Every day, all around the world, millions of people log onto virtual worlds such as Second Life. Through a series of individual stories, this documentary aims to explore the core of basic human interaction. For many individuals, virtual worlds not only serve as escapism, but also morph into an expansion of their real life— where genuine friendships are formed, economy thrives, and often romance is built upon a virtual image that is frequently transferred to the real world. Users have the ability to immerse in the world they have always dreamed of living in, exploring their gender, racial, or sexual identity and creating strong bonds with people they might never get a chance to meet off screen. As we have been stuck at home without a possibility to physically meet, the idea of a digital world has become even more attractive. The documentary is directed by Olivia De Camps, a Dominican-American film student in her Senior year at New York University Tisch School of The Arts and produced by Tom Sidi, a TV and commercial producer. The film will be submitted to film festivals and uploaded online. CASTING Through interviews (all filmed digitally due to COVID) and re-enactments on SL, we are searching for stories to tell from an experiential, non-judgmental and visually-driven way. Tell us your story! How has SL been a world for you in quarantine? Has it helped you find your identity? Did you form a special relationship on the platform If you're an artist, do you come here to share your works (design clothes, host virtual raves, digital photography)? We are looking for people who would like to share their SL experiences with us during or before quarantine. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish. For any questions or additional information, you can reach us at: oliviadecamps@gmail.com or t@boraxcfm.com
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    Ciao Bella! by Carolina Schön, on Flickr
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    I may be stuck indoors, but at least Blaise is out hitting the hot spots.
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    We’re training to become dancers now @PixieGirrrrl @JenniexKim
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    There is legit nothing good on TV right now. In either world.
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