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    As concerns about the current coronavirus outbreak continue, we want to assure the community that we have taken steps to ensure that the Second Life operations stay steady while also helping our employees stay safe through this public health crisis. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have been affected by this unprecedented event. Second Life will continue to be available without interruption as we get through this tough time together. Due to our previous crisis contingency planning and the flexible nature of our distributed workforce, we are not expecting any changes to response times for support inquiries and payment processing. We know that Second Life serves a great purpose for our community as people seek ways to stay in touch with their friends and co-workers, as they grapple with new social distancing protocols, mandated remote work requirements, and other precautionary measures. With the closure of many universities and displaced conferences and events, Second Life also continues to be an option for disrupted organizations looking for new remote work, classroom or event solutions. To help, we recently implemented a reduction in pricing to a flat $99/month per region for qualified education and nonprofit organizations. We are seeing an increase in new registrations and returning residents during this outbreak. Please be kind and welcoming to those who may just need a friendly conversation to escape from this crazy world for a moment or more. If you have a friend or colleague who is looking for a safe place to socialize online during these tough times, we encourage you to help them discover how Second Life can enable them to feel less isolated by connecting them to your favorite communities or experiences. Like many companies across the globe, we’ve put into action new remote work policies for our employees to ensure that they can take care of themselves and their families while continuing to work from home. Prior to this incident, a large percentage of our company was already working from the “Moonlab” (that’s what we call remote employees’ locations), so we have been able to transition quickly and efficiently to a fully remote setup. For the past 17 years, Second Life has been a special place that brings people across the world together -- and we appreciate your trust and support as we get through this rough time together. Ebbe and all the Lindens From the Moonlab. 3.18.2020. Pictured: Some of the many Linden Lab employees at a recent meeting in Second Life.
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    Hi Everyone! For the near future, I'm going to post inventory levels of the New Linden Homes on this post in an effort to let everyone know what is available at the time we report the counts: As of: 3 April 2020 @ 6:00am SLT/PDT Home Type Available Campers 65 Houseboats 1 Log Homes 4088 Traditional 101 Victorian 28 Please note these inventory levels may change drastically and suddenly without warning. We will try to keep them updated as time permits!
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    Coming Soon™ - Log Homes. But.... Not This Week™
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    Hi everyone! I’m here today to introduce you to the newest Linden Homes, Bellisseria continent feature: Weather! Starting today you can experience so many of your favorite weather effects! Things such as: Tornadoes! Get swept away in the fierce and mighty F5’s of Bellisseria… Lightning! Put away your golf clubs and umbrellas as this electrifying experience takes charge of your earthly surroundings, duck for cover and standing under trees may not be safe! Rain! Need a shower? Now you have one. April showers bring May flowers! Snow! Feeling a bit frosty, or how about needing to make some snow cream on a warm spring day? Our snow will not disappoint as in mounds up in your yards. (Yellow snow upon request) Fog! Wish you had as good a view as your neighbor? Everyone can have the same view with a thick London-style fog coating the landscape! Wind! Be blown away and mesmerized by the tumbling tumbleweeds! Earthquakes Whole 'lotta shakin' going on! Sinkholes Ever have that sinking feeling? Now you whole house might too! UFO's Protect your cows, your children, save yourselves from abduction! We’re happy we can bring you the outdoors realism you crave. And as we say here, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!” Happy April Fool's Day
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    Hello everyone! I am back, and this time with another staggering 4,828 new Linden Homes ready for your ownership! The theme, as many of you saw in the ACS Demo region, is Log Homes. These 4,828 parcels (over 230 regions) marks our biggest release to date by far! Featuring: Four styles of Log Homes Vast rural regions with stunning scenery, including giant redwoods. Additional Railway accessibility (coming soon) More Rez Zones for your boats, horses, bikes, golf carts, ATVs, tractors... There will be more regions of all types of homes coming after this roll out. Here is a sneak peek at the new community center coming very soon for the Log Homes theme, I present the Randelsham Treehouse: We hope you all enjoy this latest addition to the new Linden Homes themes! We look forward to bringing you more themes soon. During these unprecedented times, the team hopes you're all well and staying safe! -Patch Linden and the Mole team
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    When you get likened to your literary hero, you may as well go all out with it. (Yes, I even hid the fingernails on my right hand, to mimic Stephen Maturin's three missing fingernails.) An infrequent triple-image post from me, with slightly different photo treatment on the full-body shot than on the close-ups. And I was so glad I finally managed to find the perfect sideburns for this look. (Not sorry about the tintype borders. I love 'em )
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    Today I was inspired by @Ajay McDowwll so I took Riley to a zoo. The Lincoln County Zoo to be exact. I wanted to explore somewhere I hadn't been before and not have to worry about setting up a pose etc, so it's not a perfect pic but I like it anyway. The zoo itself is very well done. We had a guided tour by a moving bot (?) named Kenny (I think he must have been drinking on the job the way he staggered all over the paths but don't tell anyone! XD) and we also picked up a few souvenirs too. There's a lot crammed in so those looking for places to take pics might also enjoy it. (And yes that bird looks possessed). 😆 If anyone's interested this is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lincoln County/220/87/21
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    Hello, it's been a while. (new Lelutka, Lake)
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    Riley and I at PAL Park an hour or so ago. 😊
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    Took a leisurely ride around Bellisseria yesterday. This morning's big event was pushing refresh on my online grocery order until a delivery window opened up, which it finally did. I think my neighbors could hear my whooping in victory. Life is strange now. 🙂
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    Little light, shining... Vendetta for Skin Fair. Full credits here.
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    Finally I found nice hat for the summer. As a bonus point it's modifiable, yay! 🙂 With just slight stretching along one axis it can be worn with the hair shown in the picture. No hair poking through the hat. Which is pretty cool. The items are: • Stealthic's Passion hair (mesh) - Inworld store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rapture/80/140/106 • Summer Stroll Hat (mesh) - Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shimmer-Summer-Stroll-Sunhat/6022563 I noticed that searching for hats in Marketplace is very frustrating thing. Lots of merchants are abusing key words, which is really sad. "Hat" is found in huge number of totally unrelated items! In dresses, shoes, bikinis, pants, etc, etc. 😡 😒
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    Me today All of my photos have the same feel. I need to start playing around more 😕
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    My very Unconventional Fairy Uniform...(and I'm sure the rainbow doobie isn't kosher either)
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    Photos of the suit will come tomorrow. For today i was in a darker mood ...
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    Somewhere in hacker's den...
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    I'm in the middle of the outbreak in the Netherlands, working in elderly care, people die .. for me not really a subject to make fun about.
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    I'm a little addicted to spending my time on beaches
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    Birth for Uber. And yes, the skin is called 'Dagger' and it's on the Catwa 'Skell' head, so it's sorta-kinda Skell Dagger
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    In these dark days I have to face the dark side of SL too...... Glad I found a fire to keep me warm.....
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    Exploring with the cat, because as we all know cats love horseback riding. (screenshots)
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    Social distancing... 💔 Stay safe and healthy, everyone.
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    Not quite "how does your avatar look today" post, but rather "how does my alt look today". This is my alt Wenly, which I use occasionally - mostly for grabbing and a second house. Wearing Altamura's free full bento body "Juliet" (full meaning that it includes the head too). Almost everything what she wears was FREE - hair, necklace, dress, shoes (not shown). The AO animations she did buy. (It's good for me that she knows how to save money.) 😁
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    We are so fragile... (We are also getting seriously hacked off with the shadow glitches and tiling issues in Firestorm. And yes, I could have logged out of FS and into BD to re-shoot, but I had the perfect angle and the perfect lighting, and there was no way I could have recreated it exactly. It was only the resultant snapshot to disk that was looking like crap, so I ended up hiding UI and HUDs and taking a print screen.)
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    Thank you everyone for participating in this year's April Fools Day! We had a lot of fun, we all hope you did too! The weather system will be cleaning itself up over the course of today. I hear our usual awesome weather will be prevailing once again in our forecast. Stay safe everyone! Ps. Watch out for those volcanoes and UFO's!
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    A little futuristic...I was at my friend's set at a new club and I had to come back to the sim lol.
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    Trying to get someone in a better mood. It's working better some moments than others...
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    Taya Reboot, kind of... To go BoM, I had to do a lot of changes - and it have taken some time to get somewhat close to something I can live with Still WIP I guess... LeLUTKA Lake with DeeTales Flora skin - makeup from alaskametro, and lots of fixes and enhancements from Izzie's. BoM and the Universal Neckmatch is fantastic with the neckseam issue - I'm still wearing my "old" The Skinnery bodyskin in Honey, and with the neckmatch tattoo, it integrates seamless with my Deetales Flora headskin - yay! (Not in any way, shape or form affiliated with the above mentioned brands - just a quite satisfied customer ) ❤️~Taya
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    Back to working on my Tarot project, this is the Empress.
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