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    Good day, all! Just jumping in to respond to a few of the comments... A few folks are speculating that this is the end of SL and nothing could be further from the truth. Any talk of dismantling or radically changing the fundamentals of SL that we know and love is inaccurate. While we can't get into specific details about the deal itself, I want to emphasize the fact that this keeps Linden Lab as an independent venture led by two investors who have a great deal of awareness about what SL is and isn't. They are excited to join and help us grow both SL and Tilia while also respecting and recognizing the needs and sensitivities of the existing culture and community.
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    As has been mentioned, do not abandon your homes. A quick clarification on styles and such. There are 4 floor plans to the Stilt Home theme. There will be two placement options offered on the home selection page of the site. One of the selections will find the house placed where there are stairs are anchored to land, so those houses will be either the over land or maybe partially over the water for home placement. The other option offered will be for a home fully over water (no entry stairs). This is how you'll be able to choose witch type of placement you could select. In general, the Stilt Homes while they are basically done and ready for deployment, we unfortunately do not have the region capacity to release them right now. We are aiming at after the AWS project completes when region capacity becomes available to us sometime later this year. In the mean time, we're already working on the next 3 themes after it. Theme 7 is nearly content complete, but not set-up for deployment yet. Then the following themes (8 and 9) are getting ready to enter content production.
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    Well, for some reason this outfit made me do a classic "catalogue shoot"
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    Just something I did a few weeks ago that I never finished but what the heck, figured I'd post it anyway.
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    My girl was on today, so we had a bit of painting fun...
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    It is possible I got up on the wrong side of my bed this morning.
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    On Fleek... (Thank you to everyone who is trying to keep this thread on track by posting pictures, so it doesn't get shut down like so many others.)
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    A scene in SL17B --> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B Magnificent/193/65/23 Another location close by: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B Magnificent/109/139/22
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    Since ppl confused my Chloe for Max (what with her non-blue, short hair and all), here is the real Max, still at her photography hobby: "Still At It"
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    thank you @momomoonusagi for that awesome little mermaid kid ❤️
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    Not my usual fare, but what the heck.
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    Who finally finished building her exhibit and setting out her SLBgifts? THIS GIRL!!! ...photo taken at home, and not at SLB, because it's not open yet. BUT LOOK AT MY TAG!
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    My alt checking how I did the garden. 😄 😉
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    Dancing with my Mad Hatter ❤️ Also, flexi skirts are both fun and annoying. I'd forgotten the latter part until I wore this dress!
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    Speaking of blonde hair, @Saskia Rieko was kind enough to do a small photo shoot of my Chloe today. She's truly wonderful, and very helpful! So, for the occasion, I needed to switch things up a bit, so I gave Chloe blonde hair, this time (extremely light pink, actually). Trust me, it works. 😊 Might as well show her in her new incarnation. I call it "Angels Are Among Us." N.B. Couldn't resist, this time, and added the obligatory LiS butterfly. 🤩
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    La Dolce Vita by Carolina Schön, on Flickr
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    Waiting for the trolley at SL17B
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    Casually hanging around gaspumps...
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    New hair. Feels weird. We'll see whether I get used to it . . .
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    It's hot, and I cannot sleep...
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    Out with @Orwar having a good time! Well, I am having a good time...
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    At Astralia's Hello kitty water park opening party today! cutest thing ever 😍
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