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    I tried to make myself a bit older and now i am waiting for BoM *rollseyes*. Neither the old skin nor the new one is ready for it.
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    So, as an experiment, I'm going to try to do a series of pics / digital images around the subject of life drawing. It'll be a combination of "photographs," and digital "drawings." Some of them, including this one below, I won't be able to post in full on the forums, but here's a teaser. The full, slightly NSFW image, is on my Flickr page here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKtwPSA
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    I wanted to do something a little dreamy today.
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    This was taken in the In ShuiMo Gallery. There are two participatory art pieces in the gallery. This is from within one of them. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreams/145/52/2554
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    Playing in the winter landscape...
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    not caring at all that the theater is abandoned... or that the only music is in my head...
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    Aaaahhh - everytime (almost) I log in, I do NOT like my looks and I end up with a new head and a new skin 😫 Genus Strong with Session "Liv" skin this time, wonder how long this last😟
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    Today my av looks like this. This is the girl that NEVER does pink! πŸ˜‚
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    Unexpectedly walked into a Jedi tunic at an event. Just had to get it
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    This is a screenshot using one of the custom filters I made. It combines a black and white, spotlight and contrast filter, to give richer blacks and better whites than the original. I'm sooooooo thrilled I found my WLs and filters again!
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    Here's my pic of playing in the snow with @BelindaN at Author's Point. We had a pile of snowballs nearby in case anyone got in our shot.
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    I went to the gym for a workout. ended with a little ballet
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    A new figure drawing. This one is a (simulated) ink wash. I think that this one is probably alright to show here: everything is more or less well-hidden. (I know that these are probably not very interesting to many people, but I'm enjoying making them!)
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    Hello everybody ! I love your pics. I allow myself to post another :
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    *GF* Karen Bib Dress -pink-[M-flat] ::Envious:: Josie Boots XXS [JSH] Bangles
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    Pretty basic rn I didn't really feel like editing this so I just did some minor stuff i'm just waiting around my house rn for something i have to go to later.
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    I'm not sure but I think this might be a zombie club:
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    Even since I got my first traditional I've wanted one on the coast facing the rising morning sun. I gave up my trad and went in search of a Vic on the east coast that faced east but didn't get exactly what I wanted so decided to play the game and try for a traditional like I'd always wanted. Well my alt was successful but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with this new home. Mind you I still have my Vic in Abrus and Blush is currently playing game of homes, but this little trad my alt snagged is a keeper. This is what I've done so far. I decided I needed an add-on with lots and lots of windows to take advantage of the view. So here's my sunroom/living area. Now I can use that large room at the back of the Winchester for just my kitchen. I've used Roost kitchen parts here. I decided I didn't want to use my bedroom addition with the bathroom because it would block the view to the sea and all that wonderful morning sun so I put on my thinking cap and decided to put the bathroom in the little room off the entry hall. I haven't really begun to decorate it yet but at least the main bathroom fixtures are in place. This is what I came up for the bedroom. You know me I have to have closets!! So why not closets with a lovely window seat to watch the sunrise from bed. This home feels so spacious and airy now. I honestly think it's my favorite of all the Linden Homes I've owned. I just need to finish decorating it!
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    After my makeover, it seems that Stealthic Intrepid suits me as well as DeLa Fiona!
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    This is not my normal look but I had fun with it.
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    Hope everyone is sleeping off the effects of last night. lol
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    I just shot this photo and HAD to share with you guys! Thanks You Taya (Angelina.String) for the great Christmas dress 😘
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    β†ͺ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/01/15/e-volution/
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    I was visiting a friend down in Gullwing, and afterwords walked along the dunes. I was glad to find a concession booth that was not pickles on a stick. I much more prefer some good ice cream
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    Just one more seasonal spam pic!!!
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    Neph was jealous of my car, so I got her a motorbike! With a sidecar, so that she can bring a friend. Two, with the extra seat on the bike itself. And a trench coat, to keep her warm whilst out and about!
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    This picture I just took with my SL sister; Akira. She is absolutely a true friend, one of my bestest friends; we known each other pretty much within days of me coming to SL and me finding the former store; LoveCats. She has only ever yelled at me ONCE but that because I kinda disappeared on her for almost a month (I think) however that because was big time seriously ill and made full recovery since. I am proud to say our friendship goes beyond SL as we keep in touch outside of SL, we trust each other enough to have each other on FB with non SL FB accounts; here's hoping to another 6 years of friendship with this amazing lady and best friend. Edit: As that number of years we been friends to date; lol.
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