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  1. Bingo. You got it. Alternatively, they could set the land to the same group as it was before, and the previous owner would just have to set any items that were missed before to that group. But yes, that would do it. Looking under About land for anything showing as "Owned by others" after the sale is the key. If that is 0 then autoreturn can be enabled without anything being returned.
  2. There are no special powers involved. It's how land transfer of ownership works in general. When you sell land from one person to another or deed it to a group (because that is a transfer of ownership as well) autoreturn defaults to zero regardless of whether ownership of transferable object on the parcel are sold with it or not. It also defaults to zero if you subdivide parcels. Nothing gets returned until the new owner turns autoreturn on again. And then it will only return objects not owned by them or set to the same group the land is set or deeded to when they do. You can tell how many and even what objects will be returned after the land sale once they turn on autoreturn by looking under About Land > Objects tab. Anything in the "Owned by others" category will be returned once autoreturn is enabled. If you click "Show" those items will be highlighted (if they are in view). Trust me. I do transfers of ownership of land all the time between deeding them to groups and between accounts. The autoreturn defaults to zero. Sometimes I think it is a pain because I sometimes forget to turn it back on, but then I remember it works like that for a good reason. That reason is to prevent the very thing the OP is wanting to avoid... having everything returned the instant the land transfers ownership whether they want it returned or not.
  3. When land changes ownership autoreturn automatically defaults to 0 (off). As long as the new owner doesn't turn it back on until after you set the objects to the same group the land is set to they will not be returned.
  4. Just regular old decorating content. We have a budget we have to stick to. It is a reminder for the moles decorating to not go over budget on one side of the river and not leave enough LI for the other side when we get to it. That region is about half done and 6k is roughly half the budget for that region. Mystery solved. *thinks about saying something like "that is where the pet rock breeding stations are going to go" anyway and watching the speculative comments fly at the speed of rumor*
  5. We went to great lengths in writing the covenant in a way to give residents the freedom to be creative and express themselves while staying within reasonable limits that help preserve the look and feel of Bellisseria that residents have come to expect. It was a lot of trying to find that balance. The 15m height was decided upon to keep resident creations at least partially obscured from view behind the trees (that is what the trees are there for really). Staying "in theme" is also important. But really the most important part of the covenant is simply that it is there. It is to get people in the mindset of thinking before they rez. The letter of the law isn't as important as the spirit if the law. We want people to ponder for a moment and ask themselves if what they are putting out might be viewed as an eyesore by their neighbors. Not because they might get reported or get in trouble for being .2m over the line... but because it's just the thoughtful thing people within a community should do. Do we want people going around being nosy as self appointed neighbor police? No. But if they do see something truly bothersome or questionable then yes, we do hope they will either politely say something to the neighbor (in case they aren't aware) or report it so it can be handled that way. As far as decorating houses for holidays, how is that NOT in theme?
  6. We were curious to see if residents would be able to take the innertube in that little lagoon under the dock and make their way to open water. (Answer: Yes, they can.) So yes, I was "inspecting" 😁
  7. What's wrong with Alice Cooper?
  8. We are making new, individual, unique, and continually improving regions and releasing them as fast as we can. We do not tell anyone the exact time new homes are released and we vary those times as much as possible. No one has any advanced warning or knowledge of when a release is happening, making it the absolute fairest method possible.
  9. Keep in mind objects owned by Lindens and Moles are "spechul", which is why you can return other people's encroaching objects but not ours. Unless "Allow Returning Encroaching Object" had been set to FALSE on the estate, the land owner can still return it. Which means if you turn that off, they won't be able to return other people's encroaching objects either.
  10. Yes. The purpose of a rez zone is to rez your vehicle and move on. The purpose of what you are asking for is "rez your stuff and sit on it so you can avoid autoreturn" (and take up LI we depend upon for something very important.) So let me put it in no certain terms. We are not going to allow residents to rez in the community areas. It was a stretch getting the Lab to allow us to place public rezzing zones at all, and it is still very much an experiment. If that experiment goes awry from too many places people are rezzing things (for the purposes you described) they may decide to go back to their fall back position: No rezzing anywhere except by residents on their own parcels.
  11. Cutting a parcel and deeding it to a different owner so it doesn't share LI with the main parcel means the LI that cut parcel supports is removed from being able to support houses on the main parcel. That is why rez zones for vehicles are being tested in new regions where we can compensate for that in our decorating budget if there are homes there as well. You are likely not going to see rezzing zones being made in older regions, especially if the LI reserve there is already quite limited. To put it in simple terms, if you have 250LI cushion on the main parcel and you cut a parcel that supports 250LI and deed it to the LDPW for use as a vehicle rez zone, you essentially have lost your entire LI cushion. As has been mentioned, there are wearables people often use. Allowing residents to rez their own items in those places is asking for trouble, both from a technical standpoint and an aesthetic, maturity rating or abuse related one (depending on the resident).
  12. You live in one of the first regions that was done. Sinking the pools to take advantage of Linden Water didn't happen until later. Maybe you should try moving.
  13. We can always look at improving the amenities at the community areas and gathering spots. It's one of the reasons those pools were made to take advantage of Linden water, so wearables and swim AOs could work. At the moment though... building more homes has to take top priority.
  14. Keep in mind the Moles have always been advocates for increasing residents' freedom and ability to do things like rezzing. From the early days when we fought to add rezzing zones to the mainland roads all the way to today. Many Lindens in the Lab (especially the ones dealing with governance issues and abuse reports) prefer to lock everything down in public spaces. No Build, No Entry, No Scripts = No problem. They have given us more leeway in these things over the years, but we aren't going to risk a situation that would cause them to lose the trust they've placed in us that has taken many years us to achieve in determining cost and risk vs benefit. The consequences of that would be... stifling.
  15. If we could rely on residents not to abuse the practice, it's not. But that is a very very very big if, and we have to err on the side of caution when it comes to things like houses not rezzing.
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