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  1. Right. That might work on your spot, but another spot they would want to rotate it the other way... or all the way around to the other side. So we have to account for all those possibilities. Do we put docks around the entire parcel? That wouldn't work either. That is why (as I said) it gets very complicated very quickly
  2. If we gave residents the option of rotating their houseboats, this is what the end result will be in many cases. And if the land where the center of the root is near the shore it could push the boat up out of the water when it rezzes. And if they rotate it in a way that it tries to rez with the center of the root in an adjacent region... well, that won't be good. So even as an option, it would still require reworking all of the houseboat regions... and in some cases there may not even be a workable solution.
  3. Exactly. If Karl had a parcel where the neighbor and the open water were reversed, his dilemma would be reversed as well. At least in either case, he has two options that face the direction he finds more desirable. It's a matter of weighing your options and finding a compromise between which style you prefer considering the direction it faces in that location.
  4. Long ago, before any homes were even released, we considered a system that allowed residents to rotate and even move their homes on their parcel. Here are the problems we found: It's very simple to move or rotate a house on your own land. You are the owner. You just edit it, grab a handle and pull. But Linden Homes are not owned by you and don't count against your Land Impact. They do this by keeping the center of the root in the linkset over our land, not yours. You rez them from a rezzer owned by us. For that system to work, it requires that the center of the root in the house linkset must always: -be over land owned by the Governor and set to LDPW. -be in the same region -not be below grade It also must: -place the house where there is at least one clear point of entry -place the house where there are no tree branches inside the home. When we thought about this idea we quickly realized giving rotation or movement options complicated things greatly. In many cases moving or rotating the home broke one of these conditions. We already had dozens of regions laid out and built. Adding this feature would require essentially redoing most of them. In addition to that, we would also have to test each and every parcel for every possible condition. This would roughly double or even triple our necessary QA time due to the sheer number of possible configurations. It was decided that while this feature would be nice to have, the rework required coupled with restrictions on how parcels could be oriented and a massive increase in QA constituted a cost that did not exceed the benefit. As far as houseboats go, houses require an unencumbered access point no matter which model you choose and it is essential that we have a set standard for where a house rezzes so we can built to that standard accordingly. In the case of houseboats the doors were not always in the same location or on the same side. This meant they had to be surrounded by docks on three sides and a standard configuration adopted that made sense in a majority of cases. So in some cases certain houses will have better "views" for a location than a different model. In a different location, that situation will be reversed. And these are always subjective. One person may prefer the windows face outward and not care about access to the open water. Another person may have a preference completely the opposite. We went with a standard that tried to accommodate as many of those various preferences as possible, even if it meant choosing a different model house to achieve it. So in answer to answer the question "Can you give us the ability to rotate our houseboats?" the answer has to be "Unfortunately, no. We cannot."
  5. If you'd like to come to the area Marianne pointed toward you can watch us in the process of building new Linden Homes regions and see for yourself. (All we ask is that residents give us room to work unencumbered and without interruption).
  6. Those green boxes are what we use as a guide when planting trees. As long as the trees do not intersect that box, we know whichever house people choose they won't end up with a branch in their bedroom or something.
  7. The underlying question is and will always be, "Is the person hosting it making money off of it?" With something like 7 Seas you could have the server to fish, but could not have the vendors selling items for L$ (since I understand the owner gets a percentage). If you normally use it just to buy your own bait you could rez it, buy your bait and then remove it... or just go to the nearest place to buy your bait. But you couldn't leave it out for others to buy from or send them to where they would buy their own bait or upgrades. They would have to find that for themselves.
  8. The Linden Homes Covenant does not allow for changes to the landscaping for a two very important reasons. First is Land Impact. We only have so much we can use to decorate around parcels. In many regions if we added a fence we would only be able to do that by removing content someplace else in the region first. Second, if we started modifying the landscaping at residents request we would quickly become overwhelmed and doing nothing all day but moving hedges and fences and things. We realized some people might appreciate a fence or some hedges that do not count against their LI while some may not. The thinking is once we have enough homes in circulation there will be a surplus for residents to try for a parcel more tailored to their liking.
  9. The answer is: It is a legacy feature that was added when the first Linden Homes were launched way back in the day. People were indeed abandoning and trying again over and over to get a specific house in a specific location. The practice was overloading the system, so the 5 times per 24 hours limitation was implemented.
  10. Once a region has been released to residents for occupancy, it cannot be cloned to again. It would revert to the saved state of the clone. All of the changes to the live region since it was released would be lost.
  11. We can block access if we need to but we'd prefer not to if we don't have to. The main reason we left it open there is so residents can still use the river for boating.
  12. There are multiple parts of that which would make it insanely complicated and impossible to implement. Without going into detail, it would take more resources to retrofit the old Linden Homes than in creating all of Bellisseria. It would be much much much much simpler to at some point create a new theme of homes reminiscent of the Meadowbrook style but more updated to current standards.
  13. There was no passive aggressiveness in my previous statement. It is not greedy to have two or more premium alts each with a new Linden Home. If it makes you feel better, replace "it would be nice" with "it would be an act of generosity far above and beyond what is expected". That is all I meant when I asked people to simply entertain the thought of abandoning one as an act of kindness and generosity to their fellow residents.
  14. Not all viewers do it the same, although they really should since deeding is not possible:
  15. You can check the little "allow deed to group" box, but the actual "Deed" button is greyed out as Linden Homes cannot be transferred and deeding to a group is a transfer of ownership. When you look at About Land it will show you as the owner of the parcel. If it were deeded it would say "(Group Owned)". Certain things like autoreturn not returning items set the same group or only group members being able to rez will work if the land is set to the group, but other things like group members being able to control parcel settings only work with land that is actually owned by the group.
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