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  1. RE: posts Yeah, sadly most people who put up an orb probably won't bother to mark the corners of their parcels. 😒 The posts aren't just there to let boaters know where someone else's property line is though. They are also there to let the property owner know where their property line is. Without them, many would rez all sorts of things extending in every manner of directions far far far outside their parcel. Sail a bit around mainland and see how many do that into the protected waterways and you'll see what I mean. If they had the ability to remove the posts, many would do that just for t
  2. That is correct. Most Mainland can only be terraformed +/- 4m from the original level it was "baked" at when it was created. The only way to smooth it would be to raise the land around that spot if you can. Once the terrain reaches it's limit it won't move any further. By using the Revert tool in the terrain editing window you can see what the starting point is for the land that you have to work with.
  3. If you want to buy 4500 regions you can contact the Lab and if they are open to that idea. 😉
  4. The "able to set banlines on a newly released region" seems to be a problem where the new region isn't picking up that part of the estate settings when it is added to the estate. A restart of the region appears to correct this. So while residents may figure out that they can turn on ban lines for everyone by restricting access, they will soon discover after the region does its first restart that is no longer the case. "Anyone can visit" in the About Land menu will be checked and they no longer are able to uncheck it.
  5. No, but if we see a parcel without one of the houses on it, we will rez one.
  6. You can get a Linden Home even if you already own land on mainland without abandoning your mainland parcels. You just have to be a premium member and have enough available tier on your account in order to do so.
  7. Ehhhhh... that might not be as much of a ray of hope as asking for a surprise. All Linden Homes parcels are supposed to have one of the houses from the rezzer on it. They are like defense attorneys. If you don't have or can't rez a Linden Home yourself one will be rezzed for you. (i.e. you could wake up one day to a Linden Home rezzed in the middle of whatever house you put there)
  8. I know! 😃 And yes it is. And no, it's not what you're thinking. (I don't actually know what you're thinking, but whatever it is... that's not it.)
  9. Those aren't actually fences. They are sections of railing made to fit the openings of each house in case residents who get one on the water want to block off that area outside the front door and make a little balcony overlooking the water (and so they also don't fall in the drink waking out the door). There is no fence kit that comes with the Stilt homes, which is why there are no posts.
  10. Because the homes are in a rezzer on each region, we have the ability to update them with updated or even new houses. The part that is most difficult (besides making and QAing the actual houses) is the massive scale of what an update requires. Each region would only take a minute or two to update. There are just SO MANY of them.
  11. That was always the bridge there. I temporarily rezzed a flat section to see if looked better but it didn't. Then I tested with the Mary Celeste because it's the tallest ship I know. I never tested with the flat bridge because it was nixed before I even got to that point, but the ship sails though with either version Edit: What I mean to say is, it's not that the ship would not physically fit under the bridge and be able to sail though, but that it looks better with the hump bridge for accommodating super tall rigged ships, which is important for that location.
  12. Watching Squishy Mole build rockfalls down the cliffs of SSPE2009, as Abnor turns big blue logo blocks into Stilt Homes, and Moonstruck cruises by occasionally tests road physics in her convertible.... 😉
  13. And ruin the surprise? 😱
  14. First Second rule of house hunting in SL going alllllll the way back to the beginning: "Never assume a void region will always be a void region" (sorry... the First rule is of course "Never get involved in a land war in Asia")
  15. There is variety within the theme of course, but in general they offer the most screening around parcels.
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