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  1. "SoBell" has a certain ring to it.
  2. Setting a Linden Home parcel to a group so your partner or friends can rez and use the parcel is absolutely okay. Setting it to a group for the purpose of renting it for L$ to someone is not. That is commercial activity and not allowed. A family or group of friends could even set their parcels to the same group for the purposes of "management" among the members. It is when the exchange of L$ for those rights comes into play it crosses the line. Edit: I use the term "management" loosely since most group land management tools require the land be deeded to the group, which is not possible in Bellisseria.
  3. That is an excellent idea. Note that it is going just on the outside of the windows, not around the parcel itself. That means it will not be visible from any angle but from inside the camper and not spoil the views of any of your neighbors. If you want to take it to the next level I suppose you could take different pictures (or the same picture in different windlights), then have it scripted to choose a different view each day.
  4. Yes, personal taste will always be subjective. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We're hoping for a couple of things. That people will think about their neighbors when decorating; but even if your neighbor puts out something a little gaudy for your taste, remember it is only temporary and will be gone in a month or so. Let everyone have their fun and live and let live.
  5. They already have ruled on this one. If it involves the transfer of L$ from one person to another it is commercial. They could have the fishing server, but not the vendor that people pay into for bait or anything else.
  6. That's all done on the Lab's side of things, but I'm fairly certain that isn't how the system works.
  7. The migration of adult businesses to Zindra is a perfect example, but not in the way you think it is. I remember that very well and the amount of personnel resources involved behind the scenes was enormous. Also consider the fact the transfer of ownership of parcels was done in a way that is not compatible with the Linden Homes parcel automated allocation system. It adds a huge level of complexity and sucks up an inordinate amount of time neither the Lab nor the LDPW has that can be better spent on creating more homes to meet the demand.
  8. OMG he found where we hide our battleships!
  9. Sorry. I don't always get a chance to respond to offline IMs when I log in... and if my viewer crashes (which is has been doing a lot lately) I don't even know who contacted me.
  10. Yes, these are two parcels that were auctioned off by Patch during a charity event. They are where they are because we needed a place that was (1) a full region, (2) a region with no other houses on it so it could be excluded from the pool of available homes and rolled back to its original state later if the Lab chose to do so, (3) far enough away from existing homes that it would not unreasonably "spoil" anyone else's view, and (4) a nice treat for two people who gave very generously toward a very worthy cause.
  11. If we happen to see something particularly egregious or problematic we will return things and tell the person, but we are far far too busy to go around with measuring sticks looking for tiny inconsequential infractions everywhere.
  12. If we return anything we generally IM the person to explain why. Even if we do not, you will still get a notification "Your object such and such has been returned from parcel so and so due to parcel owner return." If you don't see that in your notifications then it is something other than object being returned for encroachment.
  13. Bingo. You got it. Alternatively, they could set the land to the same group as it was before, and the previous owner would just have to set any items that were missed before to that group. But yes, that would do it. Looking under About land for anything showing as "Owned by others" after the sale is the key. If that is 0 then autoreturn can be enabled without anything being returned.
  14. There are no special powers involved. It's how land transfer of ownership works in general. When you sell land from one person to another or deed it to a group (because that is a transfer of ownership as well) autoreturn defaults to zero regardless of whether ownership of transferable object on the parcel are sold with it or not. It also defaults to zero if you subdivide parcels. Nothing gets returned until the new owner turns autoreturn on again. And then it will only return objects not owned by them or set to the same group the land is set or deeded to when they do. You can tell how many and even what objects will be returned after the land sale once they turn on autoreturn by looking under About Land > Objects tab. Anything in the "Owned by others" category will be returned once autoreturn is enabled. If you click "Show" those items will be highlighted (if they are in view). Trust me. I do transfers of ownership of land all the time between deeding them to groups and between accounts. The autoreturn defaults to zero. Sometimes I think it is a pain because I sometimes forget to turn it back on, but then I remember it works like that for a good reason. That reason is to prevent the very thing the OP is wanting to avoid... having everything returned the instant the land transfers ownership whether they want it returned or not.
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