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  1. Oooo.. I wonder what that does. *laughs in mole*
  2. You can always sail around the outside. You know... like you have to do around real continents. 😉
  3. The log homes were always meant to be in the mountains. We wanted to add lakes and rivers within those mountains (because everyone loves water views). We knew we could never make them all into a contiguous waterway that could connect to the open ocean anyway (because of the way they are made from multiregion templates connected in a jumbled order like tetris pieces, and with the water at 20m there would be deep gorges everywhere, making it impossible to place enough house parcels on. So we went with a raised water level and using land to mask the "water glitch" when viewed at ground level. You can rez and sail small boats to use on many of the inland lakes, but we always knew they had to be inland lakes or no lakes at all.
  4. Yes, we know. That's why the regions adjacent to them have (or will have) hills and content to block the view of the water level on the horizon from your homes.
  5. While there are different areas within the new Linden Homes (the unofficial names of which can be debated as much as anyone likes), there is only one Bellisseria continent and it encompasses all of the new Linden Homes. Edit: If we ever come up with a separate semi stand alone area we'll call is something that rolls of the tongue nicely like "Bellisseria presents: Hobbs and Shaw"
  6. When that happens and you don't get all the menu options the mailbox script needs reset, which residents can do by clicking and holding it a few seconds. If you get the menu but a house will not rez then the actual house rezzer most likely needs to be reset for the region, which only Moles or Lindens can do.
  7. No one can take or move things owned by you unless you give them permissions either by granting them modify rights, sharing the object with a group, or setting the object itself so anyone can move it. Something I've always recommended to people if you don't want random people changing or using things like fireplaces, lights, chairs, *coughs* beds... is to see if the items themselves can be set via the script so only the owner or group members (if it is set to a group) have access to those features. And Nika is correct. Those old style visitor monitors can very much add to script lag depending on how they were made and how often they scan an area for avatars within range.
  8. We chose to go with linden water because we are working on a scale where it is possible. Linden water simply looks much better than prim water and has zero land impact cost. It also allows for scripted items that interact with water levels like boats and swimming AOs to work normally as intended, which is something that would not be possible with prim water. We just have to adjust how and where we have raised water levels to minimize the impact of that particular problem going forward. Edit: I see now you were referring more specifically to the affected regions that are already in place. The fact that prim water does not look or act the same as linden water is still a big factor, especially if the water covers a large area. It will be an obvious and very prominent difference between those regions and ones with actual water. I fear that would make them much less desirable and "sub-par" in the eyes of many residents, many of whom would not or have not ever noticed the gap in water level out in the far distance. The solution then would be to fill those ponds and perhaps make it an open meadow or something similar. However, that still requires land impact for content to fill that space even of we do so sparsely... Land Impact (and time to do so) we simply do not have available in many cases.
  9. He also explained how residents often have ideas for themes and things that sound simple or attractive on the surface, but once you delve into the details they become problematic. In this case, halving the number of parcels to make them double LI means we have to build twice as many regions for the same number of homes. It also means the area those houses would have occupied also has to be decorated and that LI has to come from somewhere. None of which changes the amount of time it takes to build a region, if anything it takes longer because of the additional space to fill. I can definitely see how that would be problem.
  10. I'm not sure where the rumor of double LI parcels is coming from, but I think people need to understand how that works. It means at least half of the sqm of the region as to be left fallow with no content so the LI of that parcel can be applied with object bonus to the other parcels. In Linden Homes that LI is used to support the houses and all the flora and infrastructure in the region. You can have parcels with detailed themed houses that don't count on your LI and lots of pretty content all around it, or you can have lots with double LI, but you can't really have both.
  11. I'm only going to say one thing: Treat others as you would would like to be treated. Oh, and let ye who has not sinned cast the first stone. So two... I'm going to say two things. Treat others as you would would like to be treated and let ye who has not sinned cast the first stone. Because an eye for and eye makes the whole world blind. THREE. I'm going to say three things. Treat others as you would would like to be treated, let ye who has not sinned cast the first stone, and an eye for and eye makes the whole world blind. No one expects the forums inquisition!
  12. These new regions we are building lack "interior water things" on purpose. We discovered a problem with raising the water level to add water features along regions where the horizon on the coastline is visible. When the viewer renders the horizon it extends the water out to meet it at the same level as the region you are in if there is no region there or if it isn't loaded. What can happen is you look out over the houses near the beach and the water there is at 20m, but the water in the region further out to sea (if there is one) is at 30m. This creates an unsightly gap in the water in many cases depending on draw distance. So as far as these regions go... we can have a coastline with pretty views out over the open ocean or we can have interior water things, but we cannot have both.
  13. I've ridden, driven, piloted and sailed many vehicles over the years and I have to say for cruising around Bellisseria my personal choice is the GEMC Platypus. A couple of moles have them and we enjoy them very much. The level of realism and detail put into it is impressive and is the best of any vehicle in SL I have ever seen, right down to having to stop and "repair" it if you beat on it too much. It's probably my favorite vehicle of all. If you have the time and the skills you can even download the psd and apply your own custom paint job.
  14. Pussycat gets it I think. All of those things in Bellisseria from the covenant, to no ban lines, to not being able to sell parcels, to no commercial activity, to the filled space between parcels all work in conjunction with one another to make it NOT like mainland with the intent of avoiding many of the problems that exist on mainland. Take out any one of them and it could potentially ruin the whole. Even those pesky Mole built fences and hedges many people don't seem to like serve a purpose. They dissuade residents from extending their builds far outside of their parcel lines like many have gotten used to doing on mainland.
  15. It is important that if residents see something in Bellisseria that is a gross violation of the Linden Homes Covenant they report it in an abuse report for a couple of reasons. Foremost, the Lab relies on the abuse reporting system to track repeat offenders. A large majority of instances in Bellisseria are from people who simply don't know better. Once they do know it generally doesn't happen again. But for that small minority who may decide they are just going to do what they want anyway, having that record that they have already been officially warned (and are just going to ignore it) is crucial. Just as important is that Moles and Lindens often have other duties that take precedent over purposefully looking for platforms at 1000m or cyberpunk dance floors on the top of a Victorian home. That doesn't mean we want residents to go about being "covenant cops" looking for every minor infraction. Quite the contrary. If we see something that is a problem we will act on it. It just means we also rely on residents to bring things to our attention so it can be addressed as soon as possible. For the reason above, the overwhelmingly preferred mechanism for that is by making an abuse report. To that end, a few things residents can do when making Abuse Reports can help greatly: Make sure the abuse report includes a clear screenshot of the violation (if applicable) Click on the offending object in edit so it is highlighted in the screenshot when you report it. Be close to the object when you report it and not camming in from 200m away. That way the investigating person can easy see what the problem is and find it quickly from the slurl in the report. Be clear, succinct and stick to the verifiable facts in the report. The resident may have been quite rude when you pointed out their horse corral in their houseboat parcel isn't keeping in theme, but is a transcript of the entire conversation to show just how rude they were a necessary salient detail to the issue at hand? Probably not. It just means the person investigating has more to read. Include in the summary that this is a Linden Homes Covenant issue so they know what to expect when they open the report. For lack of a better category, perhaps use "Land > Encroachment > Object or Textures" Finally, ask yourself "Is this really a serious issue? Who is it bothering? If everyone did this would it be a problem?" The more reports the team has to read the longer it will take to get to yours. If a significant number of those are for minor technical violations or trivial matters that really aren't hurting anyone it will impact the time it takes for them to get to the more egregious and important ones.
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