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  2. Some people aren't ever satisfied. I've found that you really need to live in the house for a while to judge if you like the location or not
  3. They release as ready. They can't send them out unless everything checks out in working order. Just like a real home. Actually come to think of it, I bet the the moles pay a lot more attention to their work then a regular RL contractor does. Or at least, that's my experience 😂
  4. Seems to be the regular lately lol. /Can we petition for a second region release today? @Patch Linden please?!
  5. To modify or search for perfection... sort of the question. Either way you want to watch for Mod-OK and Copy-OK. Most importantly the animations should be Copy-OK. This gives options later on. Also, newer animations tend to include Bento, a level of animation not previously possible. It mostly means fingers are animated. But, can include facial expressions. Look at [Ruckus] Smash Couch. Check the demo. Ruckus also makes a bed which I think is horrible but it has awesome animations. Fortunately I can move the animations to a bed I think looks better as they are Copy-OK. Then Iren Tinkel made animations to go with Ruckus' bed and couch, which are Bento facial animations. They add an amazing dimension to the sex. I'll warn you the animation are not what I would call 'romantic', but they are ... say... vigorous. 😮 The problem with moving them is I have to script a new AVsitter setup. This is a rather tedious process. However, AVsitter has done all the heavy lifting. You just have to figure out AVsitter and put in all the starting positions.
  6. Amazing island for rent, 5009 prims. Awesome landscaping, sunset views, navigable water. No neighbors. Real island in Mainland. Como and check it. Very cheap. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mesede/210/201/28 For questions contact Lucecilla Vansant.
  7. In order to waterform, the water needs to be frozen, and we all know it never gets that cold in SL.
  8. You not noticed that Sansar advertises its avatars with "left shark" and a dalek on their steam page. It not that different, except maybe that you likely gotta pay to get avatars in sansar, where in vrchat you be anything you want, for free.
  9. I saved myself poor!! *lol* I bought NINE gardens for about 3000 L$. Sometimes I get these shopping fits (not too often) at sales. Buz I never collected much stuff all these years for house and garden. When I heard of the new Linden homes first there was the PixelMode Sale (first fit) and now I realized that I had not much plants and garden stuff. Now I have ABUNDAND!. I tested the first two in the sandbox. It comes with a rezzbox but you can unlink it all and reassemble bits. Will take weeks till I get through all that stuff! But I must warn you: some of it has very poor LOD. Trees that crumble in a distance of 10m are not ideal.
  10. Hello! What besides bones and weights should a mesh avatar model have to successfully upload? I downloaded the model from net and I want to import it into SL, but something does not work. Uploader cant "see" rig, bones. The model is absolutely perfectly made, rigged. I renamed one bone to "hip", do i have to give to all bones SL bones names? It has 5-7 bones only.
  11. VRchat did everything Sansar wanted to do and better.
  12. Giphy is funky that way. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I usually will look for another source and use that if I can find one, rather than Giphy
  13. I did not know about Maulwurf, my German is clearly not that strong I learned something today, thank you!
  14. You can use your own skins. What that means is you are in possession of full perm skin textures that you have access to the texture uuids.
  15. Meep! I just snagged a traditional! *does happy dance*
  16. Exactly!! THAT's what I meant! And I guess that's why they didn't change the name to "Pizza Hütte" which wouldn't sound very inviting.
  17. A skin is the layer of your avatar where the textures depicting skin goes. As Fritigern said, this is generally speaking a collection of 3 skins - though for some mesh bodies there are more textures, depending on how the mesh has been UV-mapped. For some other avatars, made from mesh or prims, it may also be fewer textures.
  18. Alguem inteirado nesse assuntos de mesh, pode explicrar, o que é um kit desenvolvedor? essa pata[ no meu caso esta dentro da cabeça AK DELUXE, e nao faço ideia do que seja.
  19. I don't know, sure looks like a hat to me!
  20. Join Me Tonight Monday July 22th 🎶 clυв ѕoнo - ѕecond lιғe'ѕ ғιneѕт мυѕιc clυв 🎶 ✓Tιмe : 12 - 2 pm SLT ♪ DJ : DJANE BATISTA Panty Dropper ✓Sтyle : Trance - 138BPM ♪ MGR : tba cƖυв: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Tides/53/37/21
  21. You have found out my true nationality.
  22. Thank you, Animats for your help. I lowered LOD factor to 2, I lowered bandwith to 1500 (as more people recommend). I am also going to try what happens if I don't have my web browser open when having SL on. I haven't tried Firestorm yet, cause SL viewer always was fine for me (SL member since 2008). Only the flying thing is what is going on for couple of months now. I also did a ping test with my Windows to the IP adress of 2 different sims I was. (Found those in Help, About etc). Result: an average of 165 ms. I tried flying on those 2 different sims and yes, also got stuck again, which means I can't use camera controls and top screen menu. That was after I lowered LOD and bandwith. A ping made it all 'unfreeze' again. Using camera controls and top menu is possible again then. Well, the pink test is a way of unfreezing, so might have that ready at all times. Which asks of me to note the IP adress first of course. Better than a relog all the time. On my laptop, in Task management, the performance doesn't show any problem. Processor, memory, Wifi, the drive, the Intel graphics card, the NVDIA Geforce show no problems. My husband, who also knows a lot about the stuff you are all talking about, helped me with it all. He doesn't know much about SL though. But he does understand the 'technical' language. I am a total 'virgin' on this territory. Thank you so much to all who help me with their answer!! Grateful for that 😄
  23. A skin is actually a collection of textures, and a full-body skin consists of 3 textures: head, upper body and lower body. It is common to refer to the textures themselves as skins, as that it their intended purpose. Now, it is important that we make the distinction between skin appliers and system skins. You may know the difference, but someone else that reads this may not. A system skin is an item in your inventory, it's a single item that, when worn, will display the aforementioned collection of three textures on your system body. A skin applier, however, will apply these textures on your mesh body and completely leave your system body alone. Note that it has become not unusual to find that skin appliers contain only the upper and lower body textures, and that the head part is either unavailable for purchase, or available separately (quite disingenuous, IMO, but that's a different matter). An important thing to note about system skins is that everyone wears one. Everyone NEEDs one, even if they hide it with an alpha layer. System skins are one for the 4 required wearables. The other 3 are shape, system hair, and system eyes. Not wearing one of the 4 required items will cause your avatar to remain a poof cloud. I hope I did not add to the confusion, I am writing this without coffee. LOL
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