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  2. It's not a huge deal but quite a few vehicles end up scraping the seafloor when navigating around boathouses.
  3. For some reason I'm finding it difficult to find several of the pages that have been mentioned recently on this thread; probably because I'm just stupid half the time! May I have a pointer this page, please?
  4. jiaruoking


    thank.you.but.i give.them.my bill and information about.me.but they don't know.chinese i live.in.china.so.i.no.choose
  5. lu Rae

    New Houses

    we did abandoned our lands too... and nada lol we are "homeless"๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  6. Buyers market, they can sell for whatever price they want But with all the abandoned land to choose from, why would people choose to pay such extortionate prices?
  7. jiaruoking


    The point is that they don't let me cash it now.what should i do?the cash is in progress a long time and they want to froze my account can you help me?
  8. This is kind of magnificent. One day (I'm sure) I'll learn how to use light this way. It's Windlight? Or post processing? Anyway, it's gorgeous.
  9. Before I went premium I loved Dreamseekers land list for my land renting. Full rights, and at the website I used to click the word Tier at the top of the column and it would list from lowest price up. Indeed I spy a low price 4096 m plot in this very screen grab ... I used to look out for those on corner plots for a superb SL experience. Also the links are clickable for a quick visit to see if it suited.
  10. I'm amazed people actually still read profiles to be honest. And funny considering a good percentage actually don't bother and head straight to the pick-up line before nary a hello is even exchanged (then wonder why their attempts at wooing are epic failures). But to get to the point perhaps only one person DOES care what we think. I'll just leave this right here... ๐Ÿ˜ถ
  11. Really lovely pic! The colours are wonderful!
  12. Well, I did get an email but no house! There doesn't appear to have been any backlash.
  13. I got an email, but they were all gone. If the next lot they bring out are just the traditional and houseboats I'm cancelling my accounts. I am so over the rubbish.
  14. Great stuff ! We took a sail along the river yesterday, and the Moles are busy busy preparing more places for homes and houseboats. I must say Bellisseria is proving to be a tremendous success, well planned, well designed, and quite gorgeous to see and experience. Well done to LL on this success story !
  15. Sasy Scarborough


    Firstly stop pasting personal screen shots, it is no ones business in Forums what you spend, buy or have going on with LL. They are not committing fraud, they are trying to make sure that you aren't. While you may have your own RL business, may have an abundance of money, they have rules to follow, and while this is inconvenient to you, you have to understand that you would feel much better knowing that this practice means they are also able to stop someone from doing illegal things that may in fact be harmful to people in RL and SL. You are not one of those people, but often is the case in rules and regulations it has to be all in to be possible. The fact that you are yelling in their own forums about them being frauds and admitting to gambling, which is against the TOS as far as I know, that would be a very unwise thing to continue to do, you also admit to just giving people money, while it is your money to do with as you wish, and I do give away a fair bit of it myself to friends, there is a tendency for people to gravitate towards people that give away a lot of money, and while you may be doing something nice from your heart, those taking it may be taking advantage, that is another reason that LL has the limitations in place for the amount of money coming and going, so as a resident you are not somehow fooled into parting with yours. I hope you are able to sort this matter out with them, they really do only want the information you provided to match up, you told them yourself you do not live in the addresses on your identification, so you need to provide information on where that is. I also understand there may be a language barrier, maybe ask them to find out if someone is able to communicate with you in the language you feel more comfortable with. As @animats stated, it seems that China has a different method to many things that other countries would take for granted are done the same as them, that is a hard thing to communicate even in the same language. Good luck
  16. This is a fun one, and I'm sure something similar to my solution has been used to format llSetText to multiple lines, though the long string i used to test it is too long for llSetText, so it would have to be further broken down into strings with a max length of 255 bytes: Given a string s and an integer k, break up the string into multiple lines such that each line has a length of k or less. You must break it up so that words don't break across lines. Each line has to have the maximum possible amount of words. If there's no way to break the text up, then return null. You can assume that there are no spaces at the ends of the string and that there is exactly one space between each word. For example, given the string "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and k = 10, you should return: ["the quick", "brown fox", "jumps over", "the lazy", "dog"]. No string in the list has a length of more than 10. Here's my quick solution, which i'm sure could use some optimizing as it only took me about 20 minutes to write: string texttobreak = "This is an unusual paragraph. Iโ€™m curious as to just how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though. Study it and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out. Try to do so without any coaching."; list split; string texttoprint; integer k = 25; integer breaktext() { if(llStringLength(texttobreak) <= k)return FALSE; texttoprint = ""; split = llParseString2List(texttobreak,[" "],[]); integer len = llGetListLength(split); integer i; list temp; string tempstr; for(i = 0; i < len; i++) { string word = llList2String(split,i); integer templen = llStringLength(tempstr + " " + word); if(templen <= k){tempstr += (" " + word);} else{texttoprint += (tempstr + "\n");tempstr = word;} if((i+1) == len)texttoprint += tempstr; } return TRUE; } default { state_entry() { if(breaktext()) { llSetText(texttoprint,<0.0,1.0,0.0>,1.0); llSay(0,texttoprint); } else { llSetText(texttobreak,<1.0,0.0,0.0>,1.0); } } }
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  18. Pamela Galli


    That does not change the rule tho. I wonder if they think it looks like money laundering.
  19. animats


    Very nice. I've seen two helicopters and a fixed-wing aircraft in the last five minutes. (Also a boat stuck in the channel due to a region crossing failuire. IMed the owner.)
  20. The melted stabilizer wasn't one of Crossfield's flights, but occurred during the record setting speed run (and the last flight of the X-15) made by Pete Knight (4520 mph, Mach 6.5...I had to look it up). I learned a lot more about this that I probably wanted to because the unexpected hypersonic flow that caused the burn-through was used as an example of unintended consequences of design modifications by an instructor I had in an engineering seminar. Crossfield had two dicey landings...the first was the very first unpowered drop test flight. The hydraulic control system was too sluggish, and it set up an oscillation in the final landing flare that almost proved fatal...but Crossfield, as he tells it, lucked out and managed to set the plane down at just the right point in the cycle. That may be the one that you mentioned. The second was one you may have seen on film. The X-15 touches down on its main landing skids, which are far back toward the rear. The nose is always still high in the air, and because the main gear is so far back, it always comes down hard as the plane loses speed. This time, it came down so hard that the X-15 darn near broke in half, behind the cockpit. It turned out that it was not pilot error, but a failure of the nose gear to provide the correct amount of shock absorption. That ground test explosion footage is downright terrifying. It's amazing that nobody was killed. They actually used the footage in the movie "X-15" starring the young Charles Bronson. The fellow in the silver pressure suit who you see being helped from the cockpit is actually Scott Crossfield. Although the plane looks totally destroyed, it was actually re-built and flew again. I didn't know this, but looked it up in Wikipedia after I read Crossfield's book: He died in 2006, in a plane crash, at the age of 85. He was flying a Cessna 210 from Georgia to Manassas, VA and encountered severe thunderstorms en route. It's believed that the plane broke up in the air. In his book, he relates an incident that he always considered one of his worst performances -- he, and a number of fellow naval reserve pilots, were to fly to Denver for a big celebration of "Fifty Years of Flight", but due to a series of incidents, most of them never arrived. Crossfield himself, and his wingman, turned back due to facing what appeared to be severe weather ahead, and low fuel. They later learned that the weather was not that severe, and that they had been within six minutes of Denver. I wonder if part of his decision in 2006 to press ahead into the bad weather was due to this much earlier incident which had haunted him for many years. He writes of it, "Not once since then, either on land or in the air, have I ever turned back from any course that I set upon, no matter how dark the clouds that lay ahead."
  21. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/04/24/my-favourite-game/
  22. Spezcer


    Ty Chic, could a group scheduler be a better device?or I could try rewording thru api?๐Ÿ™€
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