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  2. If they are copy mod doesn't even matter does it? If no copy, how precious are they do the person anyway? Gosh, in RL I walked away from a marriage and let the person have it all because who could be bothered with arguing about stuff? It's toxic and we're talking about pixel objects that cost pennies sometimes. Personally, I'd be happy to be rid of the person and move on with my life and just go and buy a new set of whatever it is if it was no copy and meant that much to me. And nothing in SL, means that much to me. Nothing.
  3. Nah... I'd feel happy that I'm rid of him and he can be her problem now! And it would drive her NUTS living surrounded by my stuff that he can't let go of.
  4. In my experience the first thing that happens is your ex takes everything she possibly can lol. Sl so much like rl!
  5. It's been that way through the whole thread. That's just how some humans are. People make erroneous assumptions about me and things I say and do every day. All. day. long. Not easy to deal with but you get through it.
  6. "Everything is fine but I'm not going to tell you how or why everything is fine instead you just need to trust me" is a pretty terrible line of thinking. And it just gives off the impression that you're talking out of your backside and don't actually understand what is going on here. If you genuinely understood that the sim comprised of one full, discounted region and four undiscounted homesteads, then you would have said so a dozen pages ago. Instead you made wild accusations about people trying to smear Hangars Liquides, and other nonsensical ramblings. It's not a good look.
  7. Well she was in the group when she rezzed the furniture - and (let's assume) at that time he was allowed to manupulate her objects. Later she is kicked out of the group and revokes the permission. Is he still able to move the items? or just to delete them?
  8. I'd expect they would let money through till August, but it's funny completing my cash-out one day and LL asking for full ID the next I won't need another cash out before August, so I'm hoping to wait a month or two and see if Tilia still wants all my documentation.
  9. I had to look a bit closer to be sure that isn't the a$$Trumpet.
  10. I was running on the assumption that "five regions" meant five full regions, rather than one region and four homesteads; and that the rental properties were spread out across each region so that the rent for each one would be the same. But that was just assuming that the post in the Indiegogo page was accurate, which was perhaps unwise. This certainly does explain the discrepancy between what the sim owner (and others) have said in this thread, and the actual rules for the discount in question. It also means that Linden Lab is not setting a new precedent with this case; which would have made a huge difference to a large number of other sims. Ideally this information would have come from one of the many people throwing mud in this thread, instead of the wild accusations made here. (For the benefit of everyone else: The Indiegogo page states that there are 60 apartment rentals at $112/$156, of which 10 have been paid for already, and 4 "platinum rooftop lofts" for $1120/$2235, of which 1 has been claimed. The two prices are the current sale price, and the listed base price. So 15 standard apartments and 1 luxury penthouse per homestead, if that's the model they're using. It also means that the project doesn't need to fill every rental to cover its costs, which is wise.)
  11. Hi! I am confirming that you can process credit without having to submit additional documentation until August 1. Until then, the "additional information" form is voluntary. If you fill it out before then, it's going to still be valid after Aug 1, so if you wanted to make sure there was no delay later on - you could. Also, the team is still working on moving all the ID data they have from those who had submitted their info in the past into the new system, so some of you who see that we need additional info today may not see that by August. Cheers!
  12. The problem is, that many ppl are assuming a lot, and are basing their thinking on that. Fact is, I just had another chat with Dhehan, and she laid it all out to me. As I told Fiona, it's not my place to explain things, save to say I'm now re-assured that what she's doing is completely legal, and fully inside the TOS, and in no danger of ever deemed murky business.
  13. The advantage of setting items to a group is so that other people besides the land owner can put their stuff down on the land. Whether that's an alt, a partner or a tenant. If you use Firestorm it will automatically set the objects to the right group automatically, but if you use the SL viewer or another that doesn't have that feature, you can select it on the first tab of the object's Edit window (when the object is rezzed inworld). The land must be set to the same group too; that option is on the About Land tab. You're also right about allowing others to edit and manipulate your objects; if the jilted wife gave her ex husband permission to do that, she should revoke that permission immediately. Edited to add - obviously you need to be in the same group at the time the object is rezzed. It makes no difference if you leave or are booted from the group later.
  14. Don't get annoyed! Obviously the same applies if SHE owns the house and HE decorated it. Vive l'egalité! And though the objects maybe copy and she can rezz new ones I can well imagine that she resents his living happily with the next woman in a home she decorated. Can't you??
  15. That was pretty much what people thought (at least all the people that "I" talked to and of course ME) but that doesn't appear to be correct. I am not going to change more lindens into USD just to solve the mystery after all the time and "money" I spent Saturday. I am HOPING someone will eventually confirm or deny that you can CURRENTLY process USD credit dollars out to Paypal WITHOUT having to fill in your SSN (this for US folks). So far I haven't seen that. Thanks to anyone that can TELL US :D. This process COULD simply be broken in that the devs couldn't figure out how to open the voluntary information collection page without making it mandatory for the folks that DIDN'T want to put in information. Or The Lab may be the just hurried the timeline along. Either way it would be VERY GOOD to have some word on what is really going on. It is just adding the the huge amount of confusion already and still piling up.
  16. The first photo was taken in March 2009 and by the look of it I may have just discovered windlights. The other was taken a couple of months a go.
  17. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this .. but here we go, Does anyone know of an Screen Door add-on for the Linden Homes? Or has any creator on these forums thought of such an add-on to build/offer?
  18. This is very true, I caught many first releases, but almost all let them go. Just wasn't the right fit. I did keep the perfect houseboat and stayed on the look out for the perfect home and I just got it! Waterview both sides, cornerplot, grassplot, rocks, stairs to my house, green fenced in garden and even butterflies! Also a full view @Beth Macbain houseboat So also a thank you to whomever left it ♥
  19. You really told me something new there. Leora owns all the furniture, her alts own houses. She usually just decorates the homes and that's that. We all have marked on our friends list that we can move each others items. So the alts can move or delete the things too. I thought that was the common way to handle it even if not the same woman behind the keyboard steered the lot of them. What good is setting furniture to a group and how can I do that? - especially if it is NoTrans which most things are.
  21. This is really good news .. but then it's also Ubisoft, so will probably just add mandatory fun dependent happy beige loot crates and then blame you for buying them.
  22. I have to agree with Ayela on this oen Kira. This isn't about just HL, it's about all 'art' regions in SL and it is setting a very important precedence. Hopefully LL made the right decision for SL. Yeah I know, wish in one hand and boop in the other and see which one fills up first.
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