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Seicher Rae

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was sick from a horrible flareup caused by a horrible cold for around 2+ weeks, finally feeling like a person again so to celebrate i spent my lindens i was supposed to be using for sim supplies on a cute dress i'd been eyeing

really happy with momo as my main av now *__* not a fancy shot (it's literally just me chillin in my modding skybox taking a break from coding) but i still think she's cute


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1 hour ago, GlassEyeDoll said:

I need to figure out how to get the DOF to be less sharp, the settings go over my head.


Explanations of DOF get a bit long. You can ask for help in the Answers section of this forum.

There is a jargon to photography in SL that is a mix of SL and RL. Orwar has put up a glossary to help.

Once you understand how it works it is pretty easy to control to get the result you want.

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