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RAWr Creativity! Show your raw self(ies)!

Seicher Rae

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5 hours ago, Nalates Urriah said:

The TOY tat doesn't work... at least for me. I suggest something more inline with the other tats. BUT... whatever makes you happy.

 LOL, it's not a RL tattoo, so I can change it. And you can give me your opinion on others when we're inworld together!!!

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I like the overall look and feel of this pic, considering It's raw except for cropping. I don't like that the cuffs are too thick. I didn't want to turn off my RLV and temporarily remove them. But it's an "as it happens" pic, as is my style.

Toy Jeans.2.png

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I'm really loving what I can do with the Irina head. Shot with the latest Alchemy AgileAkita viewer, available from their Discord server. Was messing about at Backdrop City the other day... got this result by using the midnight WL setting.

(I had more expressive shots taken, but I can't post them here, BOO... maybe on my flickr later if I feel like it.)



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