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  1. I can't really be my own race in peace ingame because 1: people will say I look "too young" and accuse me of having a teen/child av. keep in mind I give my avatars very filled out figures. 2: I'll get THAT kind of guy trying to treat me like a sub cause we're all submissive unlike western ladies amiright? 3: people will tell me the weirdest ***** like "I hate 'realistic' anime avatars they're so creepy." ok? and? 4: que random words people think are chinese but they're actually just nonsense. (I am not chinese.) then again I've been all over, and this mostly happens at spawn sims, sandboxes, and weirdly enough furry/furry related sims. I already avoid anime sims because thats a can of words I don't want to open. a suitcase better left unpacked. I sort of get things like this in real life but people see far more comfortable saying it in sl.
  2. I'm kind of glad I took a break from mmos and ended up booted from that discord. (I know, not really something people relate to on here, and you won't know anything about the people I'm talking about, but at least pretend like you get it. I need to get it off my chest) I"m someone who generally doesn't make friends because my brain doesn't really view other people in a positive light. people activate my fight or flight instincts and thats not something anyone can really fix. but I got into a discord and it was sorta okay at first. I did enjoy having people to talk to, but I'm also not someone who likes to make fun of people "in a friendly way" or "rib" them, and I don't like when people do it to me either. in my eyes insults should be saved for when you're upset at someone. but they really didn't respect that. ever. and there where times I got serious vibes that I couldn't really trust what they where saying to me. it all ended when they pressured me into joining a raid and I felt like I had to go because my partner was and she might think I'm a coward if I didn't. It *****ed up my anxiety for weeks. (I don't like raiding. I'm a wow vet and I've had too many toxic experiences and too many guilds blowing up because of raid drama for it to be an enjoyable experience for me.) So I ended up slowly taking a break from the game, eventually having no choice because I was sick. I've just been writing my book and chugging back green tea. its done wonders for my nerves. no longer do I have to worry about having my gear numbers judged over my skill, no longer do I have to worry about the bull***** stereotypes that get thrown at me because of my chosen race/main class. I would like to go back soon, but I doubt I'll find any more friends and I end up wanting to throw hands with half my healers so... sigh. thats not to say I don't love playing the game or enjoy my time. (FFXIV) it just seems the people surrounding the game are starting to become less friendly due to all the people crossing over from wow/archage/bns and other games with less than stellar communities. I hope wows new xpac fixes whatever they're angry at wow about so they can all just go back and the community can return to the way it used to be.
  3. alpha hair is basicly this (this is the sims 4 but its alpha based hair and I'll get hatemail if someone recognizes their favorite brand so.) its LIKE old flexi hair, but its usually rigged/unrigged mesh. I agree it can look flimsy, but it also is sorta paper thin so it can often times not really fit the head well/only look good from certain angles and it can also mess with your eyebrows/makeup layer/eyelashes. so that explains why op is apprehensive of the price tag.
  4. Whoever made this bot does not know how to make a bot.
  5. I already posted this elseware but I like it and you can fight me about it if you want. its 2am and I've got nothing to lose.
  6. I like intelligence. not the weird snobby way 13 year olds on instagram say they're attracted to intelligence. if you're clever you have my attention but if you're a dumbass its an auto nope. other than that if you're not an overly muscled beefhead, we're cool.
  7. well its a little boring. feasibly you have the ability to be anything that pops into your brainmeats you choose human. though I say be what you want. what bothers is me is most of the human avatars (a problem for both male and female) is that they are carbon copies. as if they've all been plucked from a bot that tries to make the most generic and blandly attractive person it can out of bits of other humans. never any flaws or defining marks in appearence like alot of people irl have (crooked nose, freckles [actual freckles not the 'lol I look so cute' kind], scars, eye bags, veins, ect) all wearing what happens to be trendy at the moment, most of them in maitreya with eerily similar shapes and THE hairstyle. you know the one. it can be a bit tiring to see the same thing over and over and if they didn't have nameplates I'd never be able to tell them apart. its a "You do you" sorta thing to me but it makes me sad because sometimes I just want to see the unique looks people make and I barely find any. despite my icon I'm not a furry, either. I kind of just gather parts from the market and piece together different avatars. bits and peices I like and think I can use for something. kind of just use what I happen to think looks best that day. I was told recently that no one else really does that and I might be a weirdo for it. whatever soon I'll have so much mesh I can build an army. fight me.
  8. I want to make an avatar I actually want to use more than once.
  9. I thought this was going to be an incel post but dude genuinely just likes long haired women and this isn't some long ranting manifesto full of tortured metaphors and misused analogys. I mean, I have a thing for women of all kinds. short, long, organic cape, doesn't matter. as long as you shower and arn't a terrible person you're good in my book.
  10. People wanting to be in my space when they're obviously not wanted here. I fail to see why someone telling you they don't want to be around you would make you want to be around them more. its very juvenile and immature, not to mention can turn predatory if its irl. I'm generally someone who doesn't like to be around people I don't already know and am overall a 'Don't touch me' kind of person, so people always tell me its just me, but pretty much all my female friends have issues with people (mainly men) venturing too far into personal space and getting hostile when asked not to. why? what do you gain from forcing your presence on people who don't want you around? I hate it. Yeah this is why I pretty much never bother with clothing gatchas. 99% of my wardrobe is black and white, and I'm not going to wear bright pastel pink, becky. do I look like I wear uggs and count instagram as a hobby?
  11. *isle of wyrms and I would not advise going there. the new admins are pretty shady my sister got banned and they at first said it was "because she was breaking rules" but wouldn't even say what those rules are but later they just admitted they randomly ban people just because they feel like it. they're pretty toxic over there now and I advise people steer clear of the drama. the owner doesn't even login anymore. for a suggestion perhaps grendels or draconis mons.Insert other media
  12. It keeps people from throwing a bitchfit like they would if the bad guy had a strong american accent. there would be a *****ing outrage and I know this because there HAS been. did you see the crybabys that came out of the woodwork when farcry 5s villian was announced to be both southern american AND christian? people screaming about how ubisoft hates white people and religion. how they're attacking the white race and they're all evil sewjes.
  13. I honestly don't care what you think about me, nor do I care what any of you think about me. your random dick pick is distressing and disturbing to me, so you're only getting what you deserve. but hey, keep sending random women on tindr and other virtual platforms your dick and calling them a ***** when you don't want anything to do with you. im sure that'll totally work out for you mr niceguy.
  14. Early human society was actually nothing like people make it out to be and monogamy is actually kind of a new thing. evidence shows that people actually kind of just *****ed whoever they wanted (based on social status, but thats a whole web) and they actually also took care of their disabled to the best of their ability. so next time someone argues all women should be domestic slaves because "thats how it was in cavemen days" or we should kill disabled people because "their survival is a modern luxury" then know that not only are they an ***** and an idiot, but they're also wrong.
  15. If you think I lowball when it comes to entitled men then you're thinking wrong. rockroll is so 8th grade.
  16. and you're just a troll. I really don't owe any of you anything or do I have to accept you showing up and invading my privacy just because you think you're entitled to my time ^^😘
  17. do you even know what a shock site is or is that just a buzz word you're repeating?
  18. search the market. there are invisible things you can put in your home to keep people from being able to cam in.
  19. except I have measures in place to make sure they can't. but hey, love how you assume you know how my home is set up ^^
  20. Funnily enough it doesn't really happen as much around any crowd but vinilla human avs. but when it does its always some weird *****. when it does happen I just link them to the grossest image I can find and block them 🤷‍♀️
  21. They can't get in unless they're using some shady tools, and even if they do I'll just boot them anyway. theres 0 reason they'd be there other than to be an *****.
  22. I don't usually make half human half X avatars but today \\ I'm the centaur of attention *laughs and slowly devolves into hysterical tears*
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