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  1. Most people did that. But there was a site that listed last names in use (http://slnamewatch.com/?action=list_records&status_filter=all&sort_order=DESC&order_by=usage_count), and you could dig around in there and find one you liked. There were also sites where you could sign up with the first and last name of your choice, as long as it wasn't already taken, and as long as the last name was an unlocked, bona fide SL last name. (They would lock a last name for various reasons.) I went through a lot of silly names and names I thought were cool that way. On
  2. The "are you there?" chorus just chokes me up every time.
  3. Let's hope that if they actually do this, that it won't be a THIRD name. I mean, so that over your head, you'll have: Newname WithLastName Display Name username
  4. I used to know a "family" in SL -- they were a group of friends in RL, on the older side of being old. In RL they were two women and one man, but in SL they each had two avatars, one of each gender. It was all a bit daffy and sweet, and it never would have fooled anyone, but that wasn't their intention at all. They were uniformly terrible at playing their opposite gender. But still, they had a huge house, a nice circle of friends, and loads of affection for the people they cared about. Also... a woman who every few months changed her avatar entirely, going from male to female, and back
  5. These two songs were on a recent episode of SMILF. I'd never heard either one before, but they were perfect in the context. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6274614/
  6. That was a great show, great cast. I was so sorry when it wasn't renewed. Still, some of the cast got reincarnated in Travelers, so...
  7. Me too - the guitar as well as the voice. Beautiful.
  8. Sorry, I know it's mushy, but I can't get it out of my head right now:
  9. Our children will look back and laugh. "Can you believe what they had to do just to have hair?"
  10. I don't know how it would get in or out of that state. Maybe for some reason my viewer just wasn't able to fetch the texture.
  11. Thanks - I did try that, also /1krshow, but it remained invisible. I can sum up what I know: four separate and distinct items from two different sources all behaved the same way even when a fifth one worked correctly, the first four continued not to I've gotten those same items in the past (in other accounts) and they worked perfectly detaching/replacing didn't work, even on an empty sim relogging didn't help commands didn't work (/1keshow, /1 ke show, /1krshow, /1 kr show) menu "Stealth" option didn't change anything other people witnessed all t
  12. Yes, sorry - I can't get inworld during my workday, but I can ask questions. So there's always a lag between a suggestion, my trying it, and my reporting the results. The problem first appeared in the evening before my posting. This morning I tried each of the four (different) invisible collars. They were all still invisible. I deleted them all, went back to the OC Temple, and got yet another, and this one is visible. So victory, yay! But for unknown reasons.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion - I found it unchecked, so just for the hell of it I checked it and unchecked it again, but it's still invisible. I even bought another collar off the marketplace, and it was invisible too! I can't imagine what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for the link -- the manual is nicely done -- it did explain some other things I wondered about. It did say that the Stealth option that Cindy mentioned did make the collar invisible, but as I said, it was already unchecked, and toggling it didn't change anything.
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