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What are you listening to?

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So ... I'm listening to KONA stream radio when a song from my youth plays.  It's a silly song but when it started I got that nostalgic feeling.  This is a long way from my typical genre but ... I was a young girl at the time when this came out and I loved it back then.


Of course by the end of the song I'm thinking "how did I ever listen to this?"  LOL
I was a little girl.  What can I say?

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Not a youtube video this time, a station, the same station I make others listen to, lol. 

181 FM The mix

http://relay.181.fm:8032/  (you can use that to put into the sounds tab for land in sl, though I have it playing through my player)

If you enjoy a mixed up bag of music, you can listen too, it has old music and new music, it's a pretty good mix. It IS a radio station, so it does have commercials now and then, but, I don't mind one bit. It makes for a great cleaning list..I mean, if I were cleaning it would, but I've given up on all hope of that happening today


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