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  1. Sweater by ISON | Cargo pants by TETRA 🦑
  2. I like the skin. Any idea wcif? I think it's for Genus Project.
  3. Just making a new avatar with my Genus Classic head. I just wish the eyes had a good blink animation, but I probably gonna have to stay with this creep static look.
  4. Yes, I already watched this video "comparing the versions" before watched the movie, definitely in my list check them all, starting with the 1976 version... Musicals are my favorites. sz
  5. Thank you. I watched everything, they really have this incredible chemistry, it's such an epic collaboration! I can only thank for it. The only word for Bradley Cooper in this movie is: Perfection. Only. I always admired him, but he simply excelled himself, beautifully. Amazing experience, mind blowing. I hope his work is recognized for this exciting achievement next year on Academy Awards, actually they should consider put a new category next year, like "Best Album", of course. All songs are *singing amazing... And gosh she's so talent, surreal person, i'm a huge fan and she's back showing a little less glam and a lot of her soul. This particular song deserves all my respect... Feels like Whitney sounds like Celine but with Mariah's voice. That makes all sense, believe me. You know what I mean, right? Worthy, perhaps destined, to an Oscar. That's right, DICaprio. ?
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