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  1. Five word Story Game

    Not left in the rain.
  2. Couple days in - already banned

    What she said...
  3. How do i file a lawsuit on Linden Lab

    Lick your wounds and walk away or just be patient and do as LL requests to get your money To tie up the legal system with a very frivolous case is not only a time waster, but dangerous to you IF you lose at trial. If you decide to pursue this in a court of Law, be advised you must bring action (State or Federal) in a San Francisco courtroom and follow the rules of arbitration. I refer you to Linden Lab ToS, section 10.1: "Dispute Resolution and Arbitration". In short "Dispute must be brought exclusively in the state or federal courts of San Francisco County, California." If the Dispute has a claimed value of not more than $10,000,000, then the arbitration will be heard and determined by a single, neutral arbitrator who is a retired judge or a lawyer with not less than ten (10) years' experience as a practicing member of the bar in the substantive practice area related to the Dispute, who will administer the proceedings in accordance with the AAA's Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes. And there is this: 11.7 Improperly Filed Claims are Subject to Attorneys' Fees and Costs. All claims you bring against Linden Lab must be resolved in accordance with Section 10, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration. All claims filed or brought contrary to the Dispute Resolution Section shall be considered improperly filed and a breach of these Terms of Service. Should either party file a claim contrary to the Dispute Resolution Section, the other party may recover attorneys' fees and costs up to one thousand U.S. Dollars ($1,000.00 USD), provided that such party seeking such fees has notified the other in writing of the improperly filed claim, and the other has failed to promptly withdraw the claim. About the comment IF you lose at trial? YOU personally will be responsible for paying the attorneys who represent the Lab. Roll the dice, sport. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. Couple days in - already banned

    I never knew that fact (never gave it any thought). That could be the problem all by itself. PLEASE!!!!! don't remove the original post. Someone in the future may have the same problem and the post will help them. Beside, people here dislike original posts being removed. Opens it up to all sorts of shenanigans Re-enter SL at Smith. A quiet area with minimal people. Work from there until the problem is figured out.
  5. Couple days in - already banned

    There could be more here than what's being revealed. You may have done/said something that the powers that be didn't appreciate. Check your email in incoming, trash or spam for a message from LL. Heads up: If you create an alt to get around a ban and LL finds out, you could be permanently banned, both your main account and alternate account (s).
  6. Couple days in - already banned

    Restart your viewer and re-enter SL. You have been banned/ejected from a club that uses a common tactic to discourage griefers and other unwanted clientele who thrive on causing problems. If you are only seven days old, expect to run into it again and will do so until you hit the 31 day old mark (the typical age limiter is set for 30 days, same reasons) There are thousand of places to visit in SL. If you have to wait until a certain SL age to visit one, so be it. Go back to the fantasy world when you are eight days old. I'm sure all will be fine.
  7. Elton John Avatar

    If you were to make an avatar with the appearance of Sir Elton, keep in mind that to market it would/could be a violation of copyright. If you are simply dressing up the avatar for your use (with similarities), there are plenty of vendors in-world and at MP that sell the flashy clothing and platform shoes ('member those!?). You just have to look deeper. As for the glasses, same explanation. Look for mod privs (for the frames and lenses). Reminds me, around the time of me getting into SL, someone was selling avatars that had the same characteristic of other pop performers. One that comes to mind was Rhianna. While it had an uncanny resemblance to RiRi, it was short lived and they are not available as far as I can see now. I can only surmise, someones suit called anothers suit and asked (or strongly requested) along the lines of "Cease and Desist". Good luck, Brown Dirt Cowboy.
  8. Special days needed

    Compromise: a Kelsey Grammer day!
  9. One word story knew this had to happen.

  10. How many ways to earn lindens?

    I'll do the LR from time to time when I'm too cheap to put $ on my Paypal card, especially when I just need to upload some textures or some pics. One of my first purchases required me to use LR since I was new to SL and did not have access to a payment ability. The object cost 400L$ and took me about 4 days of running around, grabbing crystals. I was unfamiliar with the pattern placement at the time, but since then I have figured a few orange areas I hit and grab the yellow/red the same way I pick up change in the street. It all adds up after a while. If I see a green/blue crystal, cool. If not, I just keep looking at certain areas and give myself 300 minimum each to collect (orange, yellow and red) before I call it a day.
  11. Five word Story Game

    , inviting a bout of botulism
  12. Kittycats support????? :D

    Try sending the cat to the cattery and then call it back. This will reset the scripts properly. If you have already tried this method, I apologize for asking you to repeat it. I've found that sending to the cattery works for me.
  13. Password Requirements

    It is pointless. Those who are security conscious are able to set their passwords to their liking and be comfortable they won't be cracked. Bill Burr apologizes.
  14. Linden World question

    SOB!, I think that's it. I walked away from Linden World in its infancy. Looking at the textures and the avi's shapes and stances gives it away. Fortunately, I don't have any stories about some up and coming company called Apple. Pfft. Thanks Ziggy.
  15. Linden World question

    While perusing the forums tonight, I saw an antiquated discussion inquiring about the oldest and still active member in SL (key being: still active). An interesting read, it was/is. Someone mentioned Linden World. That got me thinking. Back in 2002 (approximate date), I was surfing the internets and stumbled upon a site that offered free housing in a 3-D world. Not being a 3-D geek then (I have gained some geekness since), I stumbled in and signed up (free admission. I like that price). I vaguely remember what the house looked like but I recall being able to set some prefab furniture up and some wall pictures. I ran with it for a few nights and then just walked away, not really grasping the point of the site. In 2007, I was on my dinner break from work, driving back my food order from Taco Bell (a #3...yums) and the car radio was tuned into a local news talker shop, talking about this internet site called Second Life. That piqued my curiosity. They were amazed at the idea of not having but a few hundred dollars in a RL bank, but have the ability to have 1ML$. So I get off work, go home and signed up. I'm still here BTW. Every once in a while, I would think of those few nights at this forgotten site that I initially signed up to, but could not remember the name if you held a gun to my cats head. Perhaps I have found it with the simple mention of Linden World. Okay, a long way to go for a simple question. Would ANYONE have a pic or a screen grab from the early 2000-2002 days of SL to satisfy my wonderment at this place I walked away from? Maybe an archivist at SL would have something? If SL doesn't have an archivist, I will do it for L$, I'm open to wages and bennies. Needless to say (but will anyway), the early models would be very crude as opposed to what is available today. Was probably a reason to have a party when Windows expanded their color pallet. The question stands for an early pic from 2002 of Linden World (Second Life). I'm sure others would like to see what it was then against what it appears to be now.