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  1. One hundred people live in a college dorm. Maybe seven use SL. Three happen to be in the same region, but their IP are separate, but similar. Is someone going to ban the parent IP, effectively banning a complete college dorm?
  2. Has it occurred to anyone in this thread (not going to read all seven pages to find out) that two people, living as roomies or married, doesn't matter, could be on two separate puters in SL and are at the same venue, be it dancing, chatting with friends, what ever will show as a duplicate IP. Two people. Living under the same roof. Sharing a router. Same ISP (server probably 10-15 miles away, doesn't show physical location IP) involved with Second Life and at the same region/venue/event. Not unheard of. That does not constitute an alt is in the room.
  3. Tucker is fantastic. He has so many quotes that can't be typed here without a series of asterisks showing up, especially from 'In the Loop'. My favorite quote would be from US Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, when he set foot on the Moon as the second person to do so: "Magnificent desolation".
  4. Song featured in Beatles Magical Mystery Tour film.
  5. I understand that. However, I'm flying above them in a helicopter and not a U-2 aircraft, taking pics for national security. I don't care what they are doing on the ground or sky box. I'm just trying to get from point A to point B.
  6. I understand the timing ability, but for simply flying over the region, I was (lack of a better term) booted for an hour, assuming now they were referring to the original incursion. Simply flying over a certain area shouldn't support a 60 minute time out unless some degree of griefing was involved; over-kill if you will. The shoot down is enough to get attention.
  7. Both responses tell me something I hadn't thought before. Just the same, if someone has a home at Bellisseria and uses an orb, please (for the sake of the kittens) set up to allow one to fly over and not shoot down/send home. It's the precise reason I would stay away from Mainland. Got to be a mine field flying there.
  8. For the most part, I can fly at Belli with minimal problems. I encounter an occasional security orb asking that I leave the area in 10-15 seconds or I'll be sent home. I just maintain proper heading and not think about it. Today, a new concept popped up. I flew from the house to the Bellisseria fairgrounds. It's a nice trip to just get up in the clouds and look at the homes below. The outbound was text book. Flying home is where I encountered an orb that had a message I have never seen before. [2021/05/12 17:27:26] LH - Security System // V2.3.1: You are in a restricted area. Please
  9. I went with a singular action. The OP "asked someone to buy my stuffs...she had no tolerant to me...". If it was just one person, I'll stand with what I typed. If it was a group member thing, well, that is a major NO-NO. If it gets to be a nuisance, the Lab can take action. I'm giving the OP the benefit.
  10. No worries. If all you did was ask someone if they were interested in your wares, I wouldn't count that as spamming. If the person had kittens over that request, then perhaps they need to step away from the keyboard and get some air. You may consider opening a Market Place shop to sell what you have. No guarantees how they will move, fast or slow (the Market is rather large...competition). If you are looking to earn L$'s, offer services (create for instance). Maybe partake in games the Lab has that rewards participants with L$s. As for the spamming complaint, go about your busin
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