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  1. Jerilynn Lemon

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Traveling Wilburys
  2. Jerilynn Lemon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Took advantage of Skin Fair '19
  3. Jerilynn Lemon

    Stopping necro-posting

    Two years after the final (?) post is made on this subject, someone will post a response. Gotta love it.
  4. Jerilynn Lemon

    Region is full (?)

    NTSB has determined where the switch in the tracks was changed
  5. Jerilynn Lemon

    Region is full (?)

    I thank you both for the answers. I was using a map TP hud to try to get in (don't have a direct LM) and finally gave up after about, ohhh...an hour. Some chatter in groups were asking the same question. It runs for a few more weeks. I'll treat it like NOT going to a movie opening. Too many people at first. Wait a few days, the novelty will have died down a bit.
  6. Jerilynn Lemon

    Region is full (?)

    There is a number of fairs going on now, the main being Skin Fair that covers two regions. Always fun to go to a fair. When I attempted to TP into either region, I was told the region is full. Okay, I can understand that, It's early and there is plenty of time left before the fair ends. When I look at the map, it shows a capacity of 40 on each side of the fair. I come back later and at the moment the map reads 36 on each region. Once more I try to TP in and get the same response "Region is full". I look a few moments later and now its up to 38 on one side and 39 on the other. Still no TP "...full". I begin thinking WTF? I see openings and can't TP there? A few moments again pass and I see 36 again on each side. Still no TP'ing in. Apologies for the long version but I have to ask, how accurate are these maps on region count and are they real time or is there a delay of some kind before they update? The fair runs through March so no real rush to get there. Just curious as to why if the map says a number under capacity (40), why one can't TP in.
  7. Two questions: 1) If I were to lock furniture, pictures, general house stuff to the house I am currently living in and take it back into inventory, when I re drop the house back (as a coagulated box at either in a different angle or region) would the items remain in their original positions? 2) If I were to comment in a thread that is by all means going to get a boot due to an OP being so dense, they have no clue to what posters are saying is actually helpful (a recent one comes to mind), would any like I receive on that thread be eliminated? I can no longer see my response but does any like remain in the like count? (ok, three questions. My bad)
  8. Jerilynn Lemon

    Wouldn't this offend you either?

    Makes me hungry for a grilled brat on a toasted hot dog bun and a dab of honey mustard. And a beer.
  9. Jerilynn Lemon

    How does your avatar look today ?

  10. Jerilynn Lemon

    Name change

    Suggestions. Maybe not the best suggestions, nothing more. 1) A tracking system would allow one to change the display name against names already in use and also have it check against a ban list of previous names. Bad to bring back a name connected to a griefer who was booted for nefarious reasons (against LL Tos and/or possible civil/criminal behavior ie: using stolen cc information). 2) The user name shouldn't be considered the constant but the UUID. If I wanted to change my user to "Jeri Lemon", so be it. The UUID will have remained the same. Much like you are a car registered in one state and moving to another state. New tags would have to be issued, but the VIN (an automobiles version of a UUID) remains the same. I know one could take parts from a 76 Firebird and place them on a similar year Camaro, but it's still using the same VIN. Request the change and LL would have a record of my previous user name (in good standing, of course). 3) Allow such a change once every three years, funk fonts not allowed. if you have to use the funk fonts, the name remains the same. If "'heart' 'heart' 'smiley face' Suzie Frostbite 'smiley face' 'heart' 'heart'" wishes to change the user to a more conventional name "Norma Sweatknees", great for them. Insist on "'heart' 'heart' 'smiley face' Norma Sweatknees 'smiley face' 'heart' 'heart'", she would be SOL.
  11. Jerilynn Lemon

    What makes you block someone?

    For the most part I don't block/mute. There are exceptions. A region I once hung out in was neighbored by a region set up with no rhyme or reason. Objects displayed much like a Pollock painting. It ruined any views of the sea or any nice objects they rezzed.. One was a New York City skyline. It just didn't make sense of its purpose. I ended up muting/blocking about 60 items that ruined the experience on the region I hung at. The owners went as far as building a climbing pole to a skybox, located about 700 m in the sky. Spent about 30 minutes "cleaning" what I could see. When that region closed shop, I removed the blocks. For spam, it really isn't spam if you subscribe. After a few weeks, I tire of it and follow the instructions of returning to their shop to unsubscribe. They make a smart move and make it next to impossible to get off their mailing list. BOOM! On the block list they go and remain. Avis who are obnoxious get the same, though removed after a few weeks.
  12. Jerilynn Lemon

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Your Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrznwpD-2tk