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  1. I agree that Arizona does not observe DST except on the Navajo Nation. It has Mountain Standard Time year round. From March to November, the West Coast changes to Pacific Daylight Time, equivalent to MST. Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver all share the same time with Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Come November to March, all time zones revert to their proper standard times. It's 2:35am MST now on my puter, but it's 1:34am PST/SLT. I hope this is not confusing. The Lab does have offices and servers in the Phoenix area (Chandler), they are likely tied to PST/PDT for easier book keeping (SLT), this brings up the day/night cycle you mentioned. It's doubtful that LL would use a particular geographical area for that one reason. If they do, it's probably tied to the San Francisco area if not arbitrarily programmed. I hope this suggestion helps. If that were so true in late July/August when the temps hit 112+.
  2. It is refreshing to see a positive response to some here who made suggestions. Some by now would be foaming at the mouth, trying to convince those who made comments contrary to what the OP was wanting (expecting). Ahh, I remember a few in the past. Were more entertaining than educational or constructive. So a tip of the hat to you Riot. I hope you find what you're looking for. BTW, love the pink caddy in the pic. I have one in inventory. I may have to break it out for some pic opportunities.
  3. Jerilynn Lemon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    It's always the small details that make one look good. I normally go with Solar Designer eyewear, but these frames have some personality. Thank you Angelina.
  4. Jerilynn Lemon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Love the glasses. Would you mind if I asked where you purchased them?
  5. Jerilynn Lemon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I've been in-world since 2008. Been through a few changes, finally giving up the ghost for mesh body and head recently an spending major time working on the standard look. Like a movie script, the avatar is never quite done to a finality (IMHO). 2012 - 2018 There are others to show I looked at first but this is a idea of my current direction. The profile pic around late 2017. The standard stuff offered at first was fine. But the clothes looked painted on and with the apparel of mesh, one could get shape and perspective. Mesh is much more expensive, but well worth the price.
  6. Jerilynn Lemon

    Account Hacked

    I saw that url in another thread and replied "I would not touch that url with your keyboard". The pdf extension caused a few flags to go up in my mind. I tried to find my post and discovered it not shown in my profile. Tells me the thread was yanked?
  7. Jerilynn Lemon

    How to apply a neck tattoo with Catwa head?

    Try reading this thread (if you haven't yet). Never mind my reply to it. I found it very helpful.
  8. Jerilynn Lemon

    Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    This thread has swung from its original topic to a Doctor Who discussion? I can deal with that. I had known of the Doctor for many years yet never watched the series. PBS ran it here in the States, at the same time as Monty Python's Flying Circus. I didn't get into the Doctor until a close friend here at SL had me sit and watch some episodes featuring David Tennant. OK, I'm paying attention. She then introduced me to Matt Smith's Doctor and finally Peter Capaldi (including the episode where he appeared opposite Tennants Doctor where Mt. Vesuvius was about to blow). Just from the individual seasons, it's a toss of who in my Doctor. Considering projects they played since, Tennant in Broadchurch, Smith in The Crown and Capaldi in The Thick of It/In the Loop, I have to go with Peter Capaldi as MY Doctor. ...and I already miss Bill.
  9. Jerilynn Lemon

    Do you care if content is ripped?

    I know the feeling. I have an aircraft from an unnamed store. It looks good, handles well and is/was reasonably priced. I like my aircraft. One afternoon, I was flying at Blake and saw a landing strip, thinking "why not land there...". Made my final and as I was approaching, POOF...my plane was gone and I was standing (more sitting really) on the floor of Blake. I had an error message stating something of an IP violation. I had never seen that before, so I hopped on to an aviation group chat and asked. Within 15 seconds I had a good idea of the back story from a number of respondents. It's a bad idea to take out disagreements with a creator on potential customers who had no idea if a given product is a rip from someone else by banning said given named product. You don't punish the children for the parents mistake. I won't be visiting that certain airstrip in the future nor will I stop flying my aircraft. I like it. If there is a dispute, don't take it out on me. I agree with Alyona and highlighted it. The strip next door is friendlier.
  10. Jerilynn Lemon

    Types of people on the forum

  11. Jerilynn Lemon

    Kiosk spam - is this something that can be abuse reported?

    Simple remedy is to mute them. As they come in, you can "Accept", "Decline" or "Mute". I say MUTE. As an added bonus, if you use FS, make use of the auto message feature to muted names. Tell them why they are on mute.
  12. Jerilynn Lemon

    SciFi Group Using Discrimination Tatics to Kick Users

    A simple oversight on the group side. Say I ban Lilith from my sim for some reason or another, Lilith doesn't automatically get booted from the group. One has to physically go in and delete her from the group too or Lilith would continue to get group announcements and chat requests. It's a minor thing really.
  13. Jerilynn Lemon

    SciFi Group Using Discrimination Tatics to Kick Users

    Wondering out of curiosity, when this group banned you, did they remove your group tag too? I don't see any reason off the bat, to be giving up a personal email addy except to LL when you signed up for SL. I'm wondering if perhaps if you still have the tag in your group section, of course any group announcements will be forwarded to you if you allow it. I worked a RP sim at one time and would make a note to remove any tags from members that were booted. On the other hand, I've seen groups ban-hammer some and not remove tags. If you still have the tag, I suggest you remove yourself from the group and all IM's to you and "the whole team and the Joint Chiefs" will stop.
  14. Jerilynn Lemon

    Display Name missing from Chat Log

    A very reasonable request, I think. There's no way of knowing which viewer you use unless it's volunteered or requested. Different viewers have different settings and locations. I'm happy you found the source of your name problem, but that is a snarky response.
  15. Jerilynn Lemon

    Invasion of privacy

    I would guess that now is a bad time to express complete privacy expires at your door step or modem. Much like driving (or riding) down the street in a car, total privacy is not guaranteed. So someone saw your friends username and heard a voice. What's the problem? Are we worried that a boss, friend or acquaintance MIGHT happen upon said video and figure "Hey! I know who that is!!!" If any personal info (RL name, address, DOB, phone numbers...) was exposed, sure, I can see the OP's point. All we have here is a username and a voice that can sound like ANYONE. Callum and Lilith make good reasoning. I personally don't see any invasion of privacy at all. If someone is videoing a sim and I happen to walk into frame and see it later on Youtube, so what. It's not like I was coerced into divulging my social security number or mothers maiden name. One last point: Don't be telling people not to post in a thread and declare it closed. That's kinda like the "Streisand Effect" and invites some to post away.