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  1. Kiosk spam - is this something that can be abuse reported?

    Simple remedy is to mute them. As they come in, you can "Accept", "Decline" or "Mute". I say MUTE. As an added bonus, if you use FS, make use of the auto message feature to muted names. Tell them why they are on mute.
  2. SciFi Group Using Discrimination Tatics to Kick Users

    A simple oversight on the group side. Say I ban Lilith from my sim for some reason or another, Lilith doesn't automatically get booted from the group. One has to physically go in and delete her from the group too or Lilith would continue to get group announcements and chat requests. It's a minor thing really.
  3. SciFi Group Using Discrimination Tatics to Kick Users

    Wondering out of curiosity, when this group banned you, did they remove your group tag too? I don't see any reason off the bat, to be giving up a personal email addy except to LL when you signed up for SL. I'm wondering if perhaps if you still have the tag in your group section, of course any group announcements will be forwarded to you if you allow it. I worked a RP sim at one time and would make a note to remove any tags from members that were booted. On the other hand, I've seen groups ban-hammer some and not remove tags. If you still have the tag, I suggest you remove yourself from the group and all IM's to you and "the whole team and the Joint Chiefs" will stop.
  4. Display Name missing from Chat Log

    A very reasonable request, I think. There's no way of knowing which viewer you use unless it's volunteered or requested. Different viewers have different settings and locations. I'm happy you found the source of your name problem, but that is a snarky response.
  5. Invasion of privacy

    I would guess that now is a bad time to express complete privacy expires at your door step or modem. Much like driving (or riding) down the street in a car, total privacy is not guaranteed. So someone saw your friends username and heard a voice. What's the problem? Are we worried that a boss, friend or acquaintance MIGHT happen upon said video and figure "Hey! I know who that is!!!" If any personal info (RL name, address, DOB, phone numbers...) was exposed, sure, I can see the OP's point. All we have here is a username and a voice that can sound like ANYONE. Callum and Lilith make good reasoning. I personally don't see any invasion of privacy at all. If someone is videoing a sim and I happen to walk into frame and see it later on Youtube, so what. It's not like I was coerced into divulging my social security number or mothers maiden name. One last point: Don't be telling people not to post in a thread and declare it closed. That's kinda like the "Streisand Effect" and invites some to post away.
  6. I thank you all for the assist. I may have been reading too far into the process. Time to experiment and play.
  7. I did read it. I found it to be a tad confusing. Up front, I am not script savvy. I feel some steps are being omitted. Let's say I wish to place a duck tat on my Lara body. I can't use a standard body template to size/place the duck. I have no problems with the older system. My problem lies with placement/rendering the image to a prim so it falls to the correct area. I'm sure the same can be said for Omega appliers as well.
  8. Enabling IM to email = Sigh

    I've found IM's to email to be advantageous. Not online and something comes up needing immediate attention, answering the IM's from my Gmail has worked well for me. On the flip, if I need (want) to contact someone from email to IM, it saves the hassle of signing in, providing the person I wish to chat with has sent an IM previously (sadly with a few days time window). If I get a "hi" or "whats up?", I just ignore it. If it's really important, "hi" or "whats up?" fails the test.
  9. It's an old thread, but it sums up what I am looking for. I'm wanting to add tattoos to my Lara body. I grabbed the Maitreya Dev. kit and frankly, it doesn't help at all (where to start, what to do to get started...). Is there a tutorial available?
  10. What would you do?

    As Alwin so poignantly stated, start blocking and derendering. You are under no obligation to explain why someone was blocked. If some IM's are suddenly appearing against your actions, without telling the recipient, then yeah...alts and/or fellow griefers. I know of a member who was booted from a group for playing games with his membership. The powers that be (three in all) decided to pull his tag. Not even 30 seconds went by before this individual shows up on sim explaining he is the "personal friend" and asking why the member was ejected. Flags were raised it was the booted avatars alt and that person was banned, post haste. Just ban and carry on. There's too much in SL to worry over some hurt feelings, especially if the hurt feelings can't have the balls to personally ask the situation and sends in a "ringer" instead.
  11. The hysterical grid is down thread

    When the grid is down? That's an easy one. The same can be said when losing a plane or sailing vessel at a sim line (I've lost three boats this week).
  12. Harassment and slandering

    Do as Alwin suggests. As it stands now, all you can do is report for harassment. Showing slander is a slippery slope for you have to show that YOU are not that person this individual is claiming. Frankly, I see these type of picks on profiles and I get the impression someone has an axe to grind. They hold no water IMO. I truly doubt picks like that make any difference. So to make a long answer short, forget about this person and move on. Work your RP sim and have fun.
  13. Five word Story Game

    Not left in the rain.
  14. Couple days in - already banned

    What she said...