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What are you watching today?

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5 hours ago, Pixie Kobichenko said:

Just found out about this- and since my son got me to watch Gotham in binge mode this summer- I was really excited to find this in my on-demand menu!


Anything with the Small Faces in the soundtrack catches my attention. :)  It seems like a mix of Michael Caine and Peaky Blinders.  Worth a watch if I can find out how to get hold of it.

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My viewing habits have gone off the rails. I watch videos on youtube like a street food vendor making a ham and eggs sandwich, then an episode of Blue Planet. I watched the new IT movie. Still not sca

Because when I flipped on my TV this morning this one popped up. So. Now we move forward.  

On another thread, I'm watching this....

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I'll be watching Fraiser for a little bit before bed..

it's one of those shows that I can watch over and over..I think I'm on my fifth time watching the series..

Not back to back ,but will watch it once a year.. It's such a funny show..

This was a good scene..


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It stormed for 3 hours straight, and kept knocking out my hopper- so I ended up watchined DVRd stuff, and have to wait another hour to try to see another showing of tonights The Walking Dead episode but it's still storming- so for now- some Addams Family Values.  ☠️💍🔪💣

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I've had an ultrasound done but nothing conclusive was found.  My stomach is hurting again where I have a big lump.  So I'm freaking myself out even more watching YouTube's over ventral hernias.  I see my internist again on Monday.


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This channel..(just happens to be the video I last watched lol) because sometimes it's nice to remember there are things in this world that can be fixed, and they're worth rejoicing over....even if it's not someone you know, or even you. It's perfectly okay to be over the moon for other people, no matter what.



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