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  1. Before you all abandon SL and join IMFU, beware! I've had an IMFU account since 2009 and 4000 credits is jack squat. If it's "promo credits" the creators get 1 "dev token" which is worth about 10 credits per item purchased. Every single thing costs about 500 credits so, you might be able to get 8-10 things and to even begin creating content will cost you real money. Nobody is going to look amazing with 4000 credits worth of junk. You get way more quality free stuff in SL if you look around, join a few groups and read some blogs. As far as adult content goes, on IMFU the avatars in couples pose
  2. That's entirely anecdotal whereas it is a fact that I am spending less time and $ on SL and not planning on renewing my premium membership.
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