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  1. Can we get them to stop booting everyone under nine feet tall while we're at it?
  2. Before you all abandon SL and join IMFU, beware! I've had an IMFU account since 2009 and 4000 credits is jack squat. If it's "promo credits" the creators get 1 "dev token" which is worth about 10 credits per item purchased. Every single thing costs about 500 credits so, you might be able to get 8-10 things and to even begin creating content will cost you real money. Nobody is going to look amazing with 4000 credits worth of junk. You get way more quality free stuff in SL if you look around, join a few groups and read some blogs. As far as adult content goes, on IMFU the avatars in couples poses can't even be "touching" in the pelvis area and erect thingies will get you banned.
  3. That's entirely anecdotal whereas it is a fact that I am spending less time and $ on SL and not planning on renewing my premium membership.
  4. When asked if there would be any relief for region owners during the the most recent episode of Lag Gag, Ebbe said to contact support. I took that as a yuge I highly doubt premium users will fare much better. Besides someone has to make up the difference for the increased costs that will be incurred by generously offering discounts to education & nonprofits.
  5. I'm not talking about cutting costs. I'm talking about delivering on the "Fifteen reasons to celebrate" which 738 days later, are still incomplete. If you don't think that is a long time, it's been 971 days since July 31, 2017 when Sansar went beta to today and it's gone. That was a whole new platform and SL being the older it seems to me they should have mastered the one before even attempting to launch the other. The longer they drag it out, the less faith I have it will ever be completed. If this is indeed a fact then site your source. I for one am spending less time and $ on SL and not planning on renewing my premium membership. Instead I'm shifting to other platforms where there's new and often free content every month and I don't think I'm the only one so, before you bite into that pie in the sky, finish your sprouts.
  6. While having new customers would be great, it's trivial if you fail to retain the ones you have. That being said, I'm sure Linden Lab will get right to work on all these ideas SOON™.
  7. Every time I see his pic I'm reminded of DB. Maybe he can come on Lag Gag and sing about all the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes coming to SL now that Sansar is ded.
  8. Are you really asking because they might get uncomfortable or that you would feel guilty?
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