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How does your avatar look today ?


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17 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

There is nothing wrong with "the usual selfie," of course, and yours are lovely -- but this is great! Very dramatic!

(And really,  you shouldn't be out on the water.)

Ty!! I’m in the Focus magazine group in world and they gave a free pointers on photography. That was first attempt using my Avi being “off center”.  My norm is usually centered for model shots or selfies hehe

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  1. I added a selfie bar to my Hoodlicious shop in London. I've been busy reorganizing things there so it's kinda a mess. So I boosted some car seats out of an abandoned car on the street and painted them and made some crowns since its England, and like you can take your selfie. Also this is my Hola Tube Top I'm going to put up for sale in there in a minute.


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I bought the last 16,384m2 corner, brings me up to 44,032m2 in this region. Not sure if I will have the opportunity to buy more in this region. I had to go around and evict all the squatters, it was infested with bots. The girl I bought it from gave me a teddy bear. Now I have a bunch of prims burning a hole in my pocket lol.


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