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9 hours ago, Khadijah Starchild said:

I got my G-Train project working today. I took a subway car and gutted it and redecorated, added stage lights and changed the sit poses to dances. G-Train flies up in the air and through parcels, towns, sims. It's amusing, i'll have to get some people to party with me. I'll have to add stops where people can get on and get off.



It's the party bus of the future, one day we will have these IRL, thanks to your bringing the vision out of the Aethyr during our times.

People will hear the BOOP-BOOP-BOOP-BOOP-WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH, and won't even know what direction it's coming from! :D

Seriously though, this could be the next big thing in Partying in SL, just saying. Watch, now everyone's going to want one.

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