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September Update

Linden Lab


September brings new developments to Second Life for Premium Memberships, improvements to Profiles and an update on mesh. These are all part of Linden Lab’s ongoing focus in 2011 on improving service, performance and usability.

New Premium Membership Benefits

At the beginning of September, we introduced some new benefits for Second Life Premium members. The first improvements? Exclusive gifts and Premium-only sandboxes.


Getting access to your new Premium rewards is easy. Premium Gifts can be claimed now by members via one of the many inworld Premium kiosks, and the Premium-only Sandboxes are already open.

Even more benefits are on the way, so this is just the beginning. Read the original blog post for more details about Premium Sandboxes and Premium Gifts.


Not a Premium Member? There couldn’t be a better time to sign up. We’re running a special limited-time promotion for new quarterly Premium memberships from now through Monday, Sept. 12 at 50 percent off the regular price.

Get Even More Out Of Social Profiles with Location Posting

September also brings a new social sharing feature to the Second Life Viewer. Residents now have the option to conveniently share where they are inworld by adding a location to their Profile posts as a tag:


This means that people reading your posts live can teleport directly to your location and join you. Those who see your post later can also check out the location to see exactly what you were talking about even if you’re no longer there.

Of course, you can always choose not to use this feature it’s just there when you want it.

These “Locations” tags get really fun when combined with your Profile's “Nearby” feature. To check it out while you’re inworld, follow the menu Me → My Profile. Then, click on the first icon:

Then click the second tab, “Nearby”:

Now you’ll see posts from people nearby wherever you are inworld. Some of these posts might even be made by people in the same location at the same time you are there. It’s a great way to connect with others to start a conversation.


You can also use this feature to browse through older posts, which can give you insights as to what kind of activities and conversations typically happen in that region. For example, you might uncover posts about recent or upcoming live music shows, hot new stores or the insider scoop on the hottest local dance clubs.

So... let people know where you hang out and why — or keep quiet, and just see what others are doing and saying.

If you haven’t heard the full story of Social Profiles, check out our post from last month for more details and the big picture.

Mesh Update


With the arrival of mesh, a number of Residents have already started to create some impressive mesh items inworld. Since its inception, we’ve seen more than 9,000 content creators enable mesh, and more than 20,000 items have already been uploaded to the grid. And we’re looking forward to seeing what creations you make next.

There’s a lot of excitement around what mesh models can offer — for more information or to try it yourself, check out this page. You can also browse through some of the first mesh creations in our Mesh Showcase. The Lab is working on continued improvements and the next mesh release will include upgrades to how we show resource weight and land impact of objects.

Mesh rolled out in August as an added option to all inworld building tools to help Residents craft even more creations inworld. For the best mesh experience, you’ll need the current version of the Second Life Viewer (Version 3.0) or a comparable viewer.

Go create something great,

Linden Lab


Recommended Comments

What I've noticed over the years here is many of those who complain loudest and threaten to sell up their sims or delete their accounts are the ones who are still managing make actual net profit from SL I guess trying to make a comfy living from SL isn't easy as many would like.

"Change is always bad, stagnating is easier"

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I would like to thank Linden Labunaware of such things in a very basic userBasicmembers when I'm, I was not aware of the benefits of membership preminium.Membership preminium very very happy nowThank you for the gifts and everything else.The kindest regards ..

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Dare I saw it,  maybe the reasion why some of us have tech issues in sl is because we arent using the best gear to run it. I tell people this alot.  The max or even upper end settings can't be ran on just ANY computer.  I am running an SR2 board with quad fire 6990  graphics cards and 32 gig of rip jaw ram. running into a standard DSL line. I DO NOT CRASH.  I am also running with all graphics settings on the hightist settings.  To put it bluntly,  some SL users are power users as in they have cloat or beleave they do, but not in the since of equipment. The professional users that I knew when I had my first account, the ones who build for around 200 a week, dont actually have a legit problem running it.

 I hear people on here who supposedly use sl for 1,000 dollar a month land rent businesses say they have issues then I ask for their specs in IM's.  Most of them are running rinky dink 8g of ram on a 4000 series radion card or the nvida equivilent.  The fact is, the new CEO is pushing the envelope on sl to a point where the best user experince will come for those that have 16 gig of ram on a system with atleast a 6850 card feeding into a dedicated DSL.  For the longest time SL use to be for cheap thrills,  now we have some one who is brining it to the for front.  Lot of people will need to bite the bullet and update and some of these big dollar users will need to start spending the dollars on getting newer better rigs that actually support what they want to do in sl.  

Also, I am glad for the new users.  I am also glad for the new services and user names.  I am a social user and to put it bluntly,  its hard to ger alot of people in one place very quickly so I like being able to send a quick social message to tell people where Ill be at if they want to join me.  If I dont want them to be there,  I just wont post in the status thread.  Its that easy.  Over all,  I have been a user since the day after it came out of beta and things arent that bad.  Lot of places are gone but things arent that bad.  Up time is good, we can move decently,  we are getting Ai and mesh tools.  Fact, this new man is aiming for User excperince stuff then we have ever gotten and he is delivering.  Unlike other CEO's before him that didnt really care,  this man is taking a very active intrest.

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Also for all those complaining about living out side the US. Local payment is in beta and give it time. Working out digital conversions from  currency A to dollars to lindens is tricky.  They are doing this so the Linden is not measured against EVERY SINGLE CURRENCY IN CIRCULATION.  That would really screw up our economy in sl.

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Some of you people are the most spoiled , whinny cry babies I've ever met in my life.  Why has SL made you regress in age back to your teens?  You don't like SL or what LL is doing  then leave and STFU.  I can't imagine dealing with some of you in RL.  Yes they do need to advertise more and attend things like E3.  I would love if they upgraded their older servers in Phoenix and Dallas equivalent to the ones in Culpepper, Virginia.  Yeah I would love to see $50 reduction on Tiers for Mainland and Estates but if you don't want to pay those than just rent or subrent from a land owner and problem solved. You don't' have to be premium to do that so what's your complaint.  Have you all been keeping up on current events.  Do you know how many people are out of work and can't even afford the Internet much less SL.  Go do some community service and get out your disgusting yuppie idealistic bubble and STFU.

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More reasons to justify why I stopped being a premium member. My god folks are you ever going to listen to what your players want? You only make things that your employes at the lab want. You come out with one bad idea after another. Simply Amazing.

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"These are all part of Linden Lab’s ongoing focus in 2011 on improving service, performance and usability."

This is the exact same line of drivel that the lab has been serving up since 2004. So, how's that working out for you linden lab? I'm sure 2012 will see endless performance and usability enhancements like each of the preceding years.

My only regret is that I don't have any more sims to delete.

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i'm having the same prolbem  right now  i've been playing sl for 2 years now  everything went well until now i'm not able to logg in and don'nt know why  is there a issue  that can be solved?


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