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  1. Are you all blind as to what's going on. They disabled the 30 min. Auto-Log Off, common sense would tell you why. I'm trying sell my parcel and I paid 12.2 L per sq./m. at the exchange rate at that time. At the current sale price I have it set to I have already lost $1000 US Dollars. I mean come on guys--would you not pull your investment out of anything else in this world if you lost that much. Real Estate has lost so much value on the Mainland and now there is way way to much Mainland area which isn't helping the market. They need to reduce the Mainland size to help bring back up prices.
  2. Some of you people are the most spoiled , whinny cry babies I've ever met in my life. Why has SL made you regress in age back to your teens? You don't like SL or what LL is doing then leave and STFU. I can't imagine dealing with some of you in RL. Yes they do need to advertise more and attend things like E3. I would love if they upgraded their older servers in Phoenix and Dallas equivalent to the ones in Culpepper, Virginia. Yeah I would love to see $50 reduction on Tiers for Mainland and Estates but if you don't want to pay those than just rent or subrent from a land owner and problem
  3. Mr. Humble, Please come to Orientation Island Public and check out the wonderful Notecards from 2003 teaching people how to play. Is there anyway that someone there like Jeremy Linden or Torley Linden could find it in their heart to replace these 8 year old notecards with updated ones for V2. I have already contacted Torley and Jeremy about this to no avail.
  4. Heather, HTTP texture get is in the third party viewers already and works fine.
  5. Sweet --Are you still using 1.23? Don't expect textures to load fast on 1.23 because it does not support HTTP textures. If your on a 3rd party viewer (such as Phoenix) than go into your settings and enable HTTP texture get and Run Multiple Threads. HTTP textures are on by default in Viewer 2.1 I believe. And desktop PC's that are using a crap built-in motherboard video card are not going to cut it either.
  6. FJ--Come in FJ The Reduced Lag section that your wrote is completely False. I think you need to talk to simon and andrew about that. The AVI entering/leaving SIM bug has NOT been fixed which I believe comes from the 1.5 year old MONO bug.
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