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  1. This might sound like a dumb question but with the 5 RC Viewers do any of them share the beta features of the other? For Example does build number .287491 which is the Maintenance Viewer have all the features of the other 4 RC Viewers because it's a higher build number?
  2. Harlei, Come on, you have seen enough of my YouTube videos to realize you can't trust ANYONE in SL. What you throw out on the Internet never ever comes back. That includes that goofy Facebook crap.
  3. Do any of you Lindens actually bother to log in and check inworld after you update the server code to see if it did anything negative or positive? Both Mainland and Estate testing after code rolls would be nice actually using an Avatar that's not logged in from the Office if loggin in from the HQ would not show you these errors.
  4. Because I care about a lot of things in life. I guess my words for you are. Deal With It.
  5. And your busy wasting you life a way on a game thats not going to last so we all have our problems don't we.
  6. So are the President, (The biggest lie of the of all-- Healthcare). Hilary Clinton (Benghazi) most of the Senate and the House. Shouldn't the people who make and enforce our laws be the ones who we should be calling them out on lies?
  7. I didn't ask for links either. I asked for you to tell me from your own research not from websites. You can Politifact anyone including the guy who told us " If we like our plan and doctor we can keep them" How about him? You dont' live here I can tell.
  8. I didn't ask you for a picture. Read and Reply to my post as I asked.
  9. I'm not on the game ever. I'm on the website. Nice assumption but wrong.
  10. Yes , Rush. As a Libtard I assume you have a problem with the facts he says. Would you like to point out what he has said in the last few shows that you have proven factually wrong?
  11. I'm not one of the idiots with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Blogs, etc. Throwing my **bleep** out there for everyone to see. So no I don't dare use any of those services because I'm not part of the naive Sheeple community. I don't search with Google nor Yahoo nor Bing. PS. You think its worse that companies spy on you then the GOVERNMENT!!!. Have you lost your freaking mind. HUGE DIFFERENCE THERE MS. LIBTARD. HUGE. And your naive thinking that the people in D.C. Elected by politically ignorant Americans are going to change anything your dreaming. There ruining everything as we speak el
  12. Rush is talking about this on the radio now. I'll post the audio of the show after today's show is posted.
  13. And you stay on this over priced game with the new egregious TOS towards creators and no respect for privacy for what reason? To much to drink?
  14. Hey LL. Maybe it's time to take a stand and get on board with the rest of these companies. http://reformgovernmentsurveillance.com/
  15. I'd like to hear from Linden Lab as to what they are doing about the NSA spying on it's residents? You are already a very closed mouthed secretive company, but this is ridiculous. Quote "The media reports allege US and UK spies spent years investigating online games including Second Life for potential terrorist activity." From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-25310774
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