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    September Update

    Also for all those complaining about living out side the US. Local payment is in beta and give it time. Working out digital conversions from currency A to dollars to lindens is tricky. They are doing this so the Linden is not measured against EVERY SINGLE CURRENCY IN CIRCULATION. That would really screw up our economy in sl.
  2. Tymorac

    September Update

    Dare I saw it, maybe the reasion why some of us have tech issues in sl is because we arent using the best gear to run it. I tell people this alot. The max or even upper end settings can't be ran on just ANY computer. I am running an SR2 board with quad fire 6990 graphics cards and 32 gig of rip jaw ram. running into a standard DSL line. I DO NOT CRASH. I am also running with all graphics settings on the hightist settings. To put it bluntly, some SL users are power users as in they have cloat or beleave they do, but not in the since of equipment. The professional users that I knew when I
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