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September Update

Linden Lab


September brings new developments to Second Life for Premium Memberships, improvements to Profiles and an update on mesh. These are all part of Linden Lab’s ongoing focus in 2011 on improving service, performance and usability.

New Premium Membership Benefits

At the beginning of September, we introduced some new benefits for Second Life Premium members. The first improvements? Exclusive gifts and Premium-only sandboxes.


Getting access to your new Premium rewards is easy. Premium Gifts can be claimed now by members via one of the many inworld Premium kiosks, and the Premium-only Sandboxes are already open.

Even more benefits are on the way, so this is just the beginning. Read the original blog post for more details about Premium Sandboxes and Premium Gifts.


Not a Premium Member? There couldn’t be a better time to sign up. We’re running a special limited-time promotion for new quarterly Premium memberships from now through Monday, Sept. 12 at 50 percent off the regular price.

Get Even More Out Of Social Profiles with Location Posting

September also brings a new social sharing feature to the Second Life Viewer. Residents now have the option to conveniently share where they are inworld by adding a location to their Profile posts as a tag:


This means that people reading your posts live can teleport directly to your location and join you. Those who see your post later can also check out the location to see exactly what you were talking about even if you’re no longer there.

Of course, you can always choose not to use this feature it’s just there when you want it.

These “Locations” tags get really fun when combined with your Profile's “Nearby” feature. To check it out while you’re inworld, follow the menu Me → My Profile. Then, click on the first icon:

Then click the second tab, “Nearby”:

Now you’ll see posts from people nearby wherever you are inworld. Some of these posts might even be made by people in the same location at the same time you are there. It’s a great way to connect with others to start a conversation.


You can also use this feature to browse through older posts, which can give you insights as to what kind of activities and conversations typically happen in that region. For example, you might uncover posts about recent or upcoming live music shows, hot new stores or the insider scoop on the hottest local dance clubs.

So... let people know where you hang out and why — or keep quiet, and just see what others are doing and saying.

If you haven’t heard the full story of Social Profiles, check out our post from last month for more details and the big picture.

Mesh Update


With the arrival of mesh, a number of Residents have already started to create some impressive mesh items inworld. Since its inception, we’ve seen more than 9,000 content creators enable mesh, and more than 20,000 items have already been uploaded to the grid. And we’re looking forward to seeing what creations you make next.

There’s a lot of excitement around what mesh models can offer — for more information or to try it yourself, check out this page. You can also browse through some of the first mesh creations in our Mesh Showcase. The Lab is working on continued improvements and the next mesh release will include upgrades to how we show resource weight and land impact of objects.

Mesh rolled out in August as an added option to all inworld building tools to help Residents craft even more creations inworld. For the best mesh experience, you’ll need the current version of the Second Life Viewer (Version 3.0) or a comparable viewer.

Go create something great,

Linden Lab


Recommended Comments

So... Mesh. That's really the only update to SL. Everything else is either fluff or more SLbook garbage? I just feel a bit disappointed--with so many client issues causing people to resort to third party viewers, or people giving up completely because the client is simply broken, stuff like premium membership changes and social status updates seem disingenuous.

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Oh that's what we want, random people teleporting to us while we're dressing, building or visiting with our sweetie. There is already an ability to teleoport people to you when you want them to come to you. We don't need them popping in on us whenever they feel like it.

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Well i signed up for premium to use the sandboxes, and then less than 2 hours after i sign up you announce 50% off the quarterly.

I';m gonna end up cancelling again and never going premium.

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clap*clap*clap* service and usability huh..so u make all prepaids out of service..now THATS!! usability for u! service? a toll free billing issue number   who has no answers? or reasons? or if any work arounds?  hmm my rent is due..i dont do bank backed cards..too hackable online..my rl business could really take a hit!  but now sl will take a hit..no prepaid..  well u shot urself in teh foot this ! time LL     i still wont go premium!!

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I was going to write a long post but decided against it. Instead I will say this:

An update is an update, no matter how minor or useless it seems to you personally. Transparency and timely updates are two things that are being done right.

If you can not take the time to learn how something works, bite back your complaints. With given settings you can deny or grant viewing access or just don't use the feed at all. It isn't being forced on you.

Many Residents have asked for many years that Premium accounts get more perks. To be upset because you opted in a few hours before a sale is childish. Why not just go the full mile and cancel your Second Life account as a whole?

You don't want to go Premium? Fine, have at it. No one is twisting your arm. The line "____ shot themselves in the foot" is not only tired but hardly the case here. While you won't pay, someone else either will or already has been for some time. Oh, and so you know if you have a real life business there are people outside of Second Life that would and could steal your information. Any sense of security you have is false as identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

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hmm well it mite be old and tired but it fits.. i do spend money in sl and i spend more than my  profit margins!!  it is a matter of convience and not havign all sorts of trails back to my one bank account! and even if it can be verified by name and other info it does NOT contain my bank router or my direct account so it is in meaure teh safest way to purchase lindens here ..i do not purchases online with any cards but prepaid..and i dont think havign to have a bank backed card or paypal is going to help the revenues any in sl..i already know of ppl who are outrite quitting that do spend even more than I do!.. would u prefer cut thier own throat? 

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OK, intersting, new features all. I hope it helps, but, well, that whole special sandbox feature doesn't make so much sense if you also have your own land, too. But, anyway, I don't know if this, or the new ad campaign about how RL life people with fantasy lives compare to their avators will help at all, given it's still all only about a very narrow niche of  fantasy & role play in the end, but when you search the internet, there's not much out there, and if you search Google news, right now, for "secondlife" stories about the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the northeast seem to be getting higher billing--in technology news.  It's an issue that there were no stories out of E3, PAX, SIGRAPH or any other tech. conf., but I do hope, eventually, you get around to a press release that at least can be found by.. google.  Best, the great unknown

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"Oh that's what we want, random people teleporting to us while we're dressing, building or visiting with our sweetie. There is already an ability to teleoport people to you when you want them to come to you. We don't need them popping in on us whenever they feel like it."

Read it more carefully before firing off your negative attitude next time.

It's optional, just because some people don't want to use a feature, it doesn't give them the right to deny everyone else.

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Linjoy, I think I'll spare us both some agitation and simply let you continue on your rant. If you don't want Premium, fine

At the mention of E3 I do think it is high time that perhaps Linden Labs actually put themselves out there and started attending conventions and conferences that aren't their own. Most of what is out there is fairly negative or less than flattering press. Mind you a lot of that is generated not only from outsiders but also from within--typically by misinformed or otherwise jilted Residents (current as well as former). 

Second Life has as many faces and uses as Residents. It is good that they've begun spotlighting;however, the light needs to be kept strong and Residents could use to be better informed, better spoken and far more compasionate. I feel a huge amount of shame and even upset when I see Residents attacking Linden Labs and it's employees. No, it isn't a perfect platform-- there is no such thing. Yes, things can become rather frustrating-- but this isn't limited to Second Life. However, Linden Labs and their employees are people. For all of these updates that are rife with baseless complaints and eye rolling-- someone had to take the time to write it. For all the updates and fixes that are met with cries of "But I didn't want this" or "This isn't enough" -- there is a team of programmers that spent hours, days, weeks, months and even years of their time.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and voicing it, we are all entitled to it. But before you start typing take a moment to think about it. Are you as informed as you could be? Are the words you are using appropriate?  If they aren't, take another few minutes to think things over (and maybe revise) before you hit the post button. Constructive critisim gets better results.

Thank you Tegg and La for well thought words and good points.

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The updates are kinda cool i guess.. I dont use the LL Viewer  its too slow and i use Firestorm either way its ok.. I thought about going premium but not going too i own half sim with ownership rights so i dont need a sandbox and dont need the free gitfs but its something for those who dont have much. i want to touch on the negativity some have towards the updates or in general.. Yeah LL moves slow on things and tend to be somewhat awkward pushing new viewer updates without fixing bugs and such  Im not taking up for LL but they can only go but so fast and with so many residents to make happy they dont know where to look next... thank goodness i have very knowlegable friends that help me out when its needed and i help them out. and one more thing LL is not forcing no one to go premium.. Dont want it dont buy it plain and simple

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The sandboxes, I have very mixed feelings about them.

You see, I hang out close to a sandbox and associated help location, and since you publicised them in the Destination guide, the region has been heavily loaded. I have a small land parcel, so if I want to do a complicated build I have to use a sandbox 

The big ones, the Linden Lab ones, are nearly unusable. There's no policing. Maybe the Premium Account requirement will stop the griefers, but that's not the only problem. Something well-known attracts crowds, and if you don't keep an eye on things, user numbers in particular, they're going to be unusable. Sandboxes need prompt object rezzing, and I've not been seeing that when a sim gets loaded with users.

So, possibly a good idea, but the devil is in the details.

And I'm afraid the same can be said about Mesh. If I use a Mesh-capable viewer, overall reliability plummets. TP-and-crash almost seems the default behaviour. Both group and person-to-person IMs get horribly unreliable. The world can end at a region boundary, and that seems to be a sign of a slow, drawn out, death of a session.

Without a reliable user-experience, none of the new features (and Mesh is really big) are worth anything.  

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Very Nice Linden Lab. I have actually been using the feed and clicking the nice location button to show my location while posting. Very nice touch.....

Love all the new little toys :)

Good work guys


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Caius Septimus:
Mesh is one of the biggest changes to Second Life. Minimizing its impact just showed willingness to be negative.

Persephone Emerald:
you didn't understand at all how Social Profiles work, thus your comment doesn't make any sense.

Victor1st Mornington:
...you immediately signed to Premium just to use the sandboxes? That's hard to believe. Anyway you lost exactly nothing.

la Marama:
actually Premium sandboxes make a lot of sense for many Premium users. If you only have 512mq of land you're not going to do much with them as a sandbox, unless your only use of a sandbox is unpacking boxes.

WolfBaginski Bearsfoot:
some public LL sandboxes are unusable at times, but there's plenty of usable public sandboxes, which I daily use - with zero griefing acts. Anyone who has basic knowledge of Second Life can find a good sandbox - provided that she's interested in that and her only intent is not spreading negativity ("none of the new features [..] are worth anything" - this is priceless).

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Kamala - Victor's been a content creator within Second Life for quite some time. ie. He's given a lot so why shouldn't he be upset, like the rest of us, to learn that LL is not doing anything for existing members. People who have supported them all this time and so far have got nothing (and if these offers are anything to go by I don't think we ever will get anything.

As for options being forced on us. You're quite wrong. The new online profiles WERE. We were automatically signed up and for some of us there was a long drawn out process trying to figure out how to opt out.

As for me. I've got land, who needs a sandbox. I've got an inventory stuffed with furniture. I've been paying my premium for 2 years now so this discount is worthless. And all these links designed for stuff OUTSIDE second life - enough! Someonf pay to be IN Second Life, not on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. Second Life should be where we find out about Second Life. Second LIfe should be where we connect with people. and it would be an extremely respectful and courteous gesture if LL actually acknowledged those who have supported them over months or years and rewarded them with something, instead of simply trying to encourage just the new members.

More on the way? I won't hold my breath.  

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These are all great things. Im enjoying the new focused Lab. Hope you guys will start working on making the viewer more stable now that mesh is out.

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Ive been a member for four years and never had any 'freebies' from Lindens...the only thing Lindens ever did regards my premium was rapidly slap on v.a.t  with less than a weeks warning to implementation...

now new members are getting a fifty percent discount. Disgusting and a real slap in the face for loyal customers. WHERE'S MY DISCOUNT LL ????????

I have the feeling that we may as well screw the premium and go and rent from a third party who wouldnt charge v.a.t...









I cant believe people not only think these 'trinkets' proferred by Lindens are worth having but that some of them expect customers who feel genuinely annoyed that there is no reward for their loyalty and nothing to improve the lot of the long term premium member to remain uncritical....




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Having just checked the discount out - it's open for about 48 hours and applies to one quarterly payment only. So if people spot it there'll be lots of new accounts open for 3 months, unless things like crashes, linden balance problems, lag, chat lag, group chat issues, inventory issues, support which doesn't just tell you to file a ticket which takes about a month (or more) to get looked at,  and all the other day to day 'issues' we experience in world are dealt with.


Encouraging new people is good, but only if you have a stable system in world to be able to support them.

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Oh what a farce its not even a discount on a FULL YEARS membership.........................


these baubles you offer just indicate a company thats desperate AND  cheap - although cheap is an adjective which could never be applied to the amount it charges it's customers.


Id watch out in case your office develops a door knocker which looks like Jacob Marley....

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Okay lindens here's what myself and my gf worked out....if we cancel our premium and rented from someone else you first of all loose two premium payments which we'd naturally cancel - we simply wouldnt need them....we however would save not only the premium payment but the vat which we wouldnt have to pay either.....youve never done anything about introducing a seperate tiers and charges for non USA members or done anything to cancel out the effect of fluctuating exchange rates either......

We like owning our own region but we feel so damn insulted...and we're sick of not getting anything back or anything to encourage us to pay to you.

The new CEO has been a MASSIVE letdown.


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Congratulations, Linden Lab!

As a long time resident, I can finally see you're getting Second Life on the right track! :)

A lot of complaints here stem from people who just haven't been "out" in the world very long to see the improvements in not only the visual appeal of Second Life, but also the technical improvements. The stability of a platform like Second Life is a challenge..... but, the trend has always been toward improvement.

And thanks to the advancements you've been making..... I can finally say, "I forgive you for hiring M Linden back when, and I'll even forgive you for the V2 sidebar (which was still my only gripe with V2)."

Ignore the flack you see in these forums; remember, a successful company does not listen to its customers on how to run its business and in which direction to take it-- you guys know your market and data far better than any resident who only thinks they know from their perspective!

That said, you've mended the fence in my eyes, and especially thanks to mesh, I'm falling in love with Second Life all over again.

Good job!

<3 Linden Lab, thank you!

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Lillani - a successful company does not listen to its customers on how to run its business and in which direction to take it-- you guys know your market and data far better than any resident who only thinks they know from their perspective!

That's the whole point. A business depends on its customers. If it doesn't listen to them, it loses them. simple as that and I have been around long enough to know that I crash a whole lot more than I ever did before, and long enough to know that lots of the things people have been asking for (though some would call it complaining) have yet to be implemented in spite of continuous promises from LL. And that's simple things like making things more stable, making things run smoother, allow us to speak and not have to return an hour later to see if what we've said has arrived in chat. Give us 42 groups but make the chat work. let us spend lindens without suddenly find we've got -1. Lag is en ever increasing problem, and yes, of course new members need to be encouraged, but if the basics aren't stable (Which is all most older members want) then you don't have a good base on which to maintain growing numbers.

The reality is, and just check comments on the previous 'supposed' premium gifts, most older, long term members feel totally and completely left out. LL seems only interested in attracting NEW members at the cost of alienating OLDER members. Should they listen? If they want to keep going, yes. Why? Because those older members have proved they're loyalty. Newer members can come and go, and let's face it. there'll be a big uptake in premium members which will simply go down when the next full payment becomes due in December - right on top of Christmas when people want their money for other things.

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I wonder what M Linden did to upset Lellani  I guess we'll never know because she 'stabbed  him in the back' after the event' and I wonder where Lellani was when other people were complaining about the viewer 2 she disliked...any complaints with the hordes of others then Lellani....?? I wonder if Lellani was there criticising the many who couldnt stand that viewer ...

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..... Maelstrom, if you've seen any of my posts in the last few years, you'll find I'm not always a Linden Lab fan, nor easily pleased. I've just been here long enough to see how much growth and how much better Second Life is getting; and how far more stable it is than it was three or four years ago, and definitely WAY better than it was just 4 1/2 - 5 years ago.

And not spending money? If you knew how much I paid Linden Lab in the last 3-4 years in island purchases, tier, fees, and misc costs you'd probably crap your pants-- so, don't pull the money card on me. 

I know, it must be hard for you to accept, there's those of us out there who actually LIKE the direction Second Life is taking these days and actually, you know, don't always have problems with Linden Lab, but you know what..... things aren't that bad these days, and are actually looking UP! :)

And I wouldn't give Linden Lab a good review if they didn't deserve it; as I said, I certainly didn't give them good reviews when M Linden was running things, but hard work deserves recognition when they get it right. 



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