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  1. Of course you wouldn't. Incompetence has grown to be the norm. Enjoy your life.
  2. I retract my request for competence. I'll just go ahead and cancel myself and save you the time. Carry on.
  3. Totally understandable. You can charge whatever you want as the user base isn't growing and it isn't going anywhere. Ring them dry. Why stop at 5% at cash out? Take 20! After all it's for the good of the economy like magic rainbows. Maybe you can try to squeeze another 10 sims onto a server box for the good of the economy.
  4. I want to make an alpha applier to help fit mesh clothing to mesh avatars. Currently we use a bunch of faces that toggle alpha. Soon we wont be - if this bakemesh stuff works. Now imagine you have all these old mesh clothings and you want to wear them. Do you fish around in your inventory for a bunch of alpha textures (you KNOW people are going to have huge collections of these) you can bake until you get a decent mask? How can you even look at these textures in your inv. Total nightmare. Instead you use my new alpha slice applier hud that previews a seemingly endless array of alpha
  5. I script a few mesh bodies and I like this. I have a few thoughts and questions if anyone is interested. For materials - I would be happy with just combining the maps as some suggested (if such a thing is possible), but you are still going to lose all the unique gloss, environ and spec rgb values. I want to make an alpha applier thing. Applies slices of alpha to help a user fit older clothing (all of the alphas none of the calories!). Can I do this with script? I can't figure out how. I will cry many tears if I can not add textures to the bake stack via script. Ideally I would like t
  6. Looks like old school is the winner! Active database with 8 million+ names, easy hooks and CSV dumps to allow me to make a back up DB should they fail. Thank Innula. I hope I can return the favor some day.
  7. Does anyone have any information or clues about the current state of name2key hacks? What are people using these days? I need something that works to use for gifting items. Same old story. No need to point me to the wiki or other sources unless you KNOW it works. I'm a long time scripter and I've been testing a bunch of methods today with poor results. Any tips or hints from people who use something that works would be very appreciated.
  8. Thaks for the insights. I think in the end that I will just leave it delisted and anything else they choose to delist for mysterious reasons. They must have enough customers that my contributions are not important. I got tired ot the way LL does business years ago and it would break my heart to start caring again. Again, thanks for the answers.
  9. I can't figure out how to contact the right admin. I was selling some crappy shotgun I made in the market for almost 10 years then today I got a notice that it has been delisted due to 'item not as advertised'. I don't even know what that means. It was exactly as advertised and I made everything myself, the prims, textures, animations.. it was one of my first items here and has been on the market almost since the day slexchange opened 100 years ago. Blah blah. I can hardly be bothered to even write this post, but I hate being pushed around by annoymous admins and moronic systems that do not
  10. It's like 2008 all over again. SL is what it is. It's not going to change now. It's just something they will milk until the last sucker stops giving them money for nothing. Any hope you put on SL growing up into something decent is a wasted hope. I've been here almost 10 years and it's pretty obvious that the best days are long past. Like 4 , maybe 5 years at least. If you want to see the future then you have to stop living in the past. "it is stressful not knowing if the person I am YIFFING is an adult or a kid under the age of 18" - Yes, I can see how sucking on a animals dong and wond
  11. Is this really such a mystery? The reason they stopped is because the numbers were going down hill and continue to do so. It's that simple.
  12. So, who's idea was it to give a plane away? Explore the annoying bugs of sim crossing in your new poorly made SL plane! erm, lol?
  13. In fact I'm surprised that the only news of the last 2 months didn't turn things completely around for SL econ. I mean who wouldn't pay more for some untextured, badly proportioned dune buggy? The SL marketing team exceeds expectations!
  14. LL have always been greasy. They would show the data when it was in a growth stage as a kind of marketing. They hoped to attract companies like McDonalds and Coke to SL. Some came, they saw, they laughed, they left. In fact this is the story for most of SL users. LL hired Rod Humble to make them appear stable. Yes, the same guy that drove EA stocks and the SIMs francise into the ground at a record pace. Rod has done NOTHING AT ALL since he's been here. SL has been in a slow death for years now. To the lab it's just a cash cow to milk until its bloody udders give only dust. Removing
  15. So, LL place this announcement in the forums instead of the blog and with no reply option. Stay classy LL. Anyone who contributes free IP (in the form of viewer advancement or otherwise) to this private commerical company is a fool who deserves to be bent over by the lab. I'm looking at you firestorm. Make the suckers pay.
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