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  1. I keep waiting for that earth-shattrering message from LL that says we ARE working on existing problems.
  2. SO now we can have whole sims full of programmed people? What was that you were working on for lag?
  3. I'm beginning to think they laid off the wrong people or have outsourced their coding.
  4. LOL, this has to rank right up there with toss them crumbs maybe they'll be happy. Despite overwhelming respnse that viewer 2.0 is far far far from being a great innovation and addressing that issue we worry about the color of the text over our heads and how many names we can have???
  5. Im wondering if that is entirely true. Linden hasnt been known to be on the cutting edge of technological innovation (Really paying EXTRA to make sure you recieve items you pay for on THEIR marletplace?? Its like Sears saying look if you pay 200 more we'll make sure the delivery guy shows) UNless they keep the edu-sim out of mainstream there is no guarentee Betsie wont come snopping on oyur land. BUT then if they do that keep the edu-sims seperate isnt that what they have now?
  6. Im waiting for the Viewer 3.0 which Linden will tout as the latest and greatest and be geared to making things less confusing for newbies ( I never figured out how 2.0 did that ). And with much fanfare they release a viewer that looks an awful lot like the one they just replaced all the while claimning it is the result of months of research as to how people use the system. LOL.
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