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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/senior-graphics-engineer-second-life-at-linden-lab-1182117423 I found this job listing for Linden Lab. "Metal/D3D12/Vulkan API programming" <-- Please implement Vulkan
  2. There seems to be some irregularity or perhaps even fraud in the way the LEA Committee is working. And having in mind that the LEA Committee was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life, I do find it quite disturbing. According to the LEA Bylaws there must be at least 7 members in the LEA Committee: "4.1.1 There will be a maximum of eleven (11) and a minimum of seven (7) Committee Members once the number goes below seven (7) elections will take place." However, for more than a year by now there has been less than the required 7 members in the LEA Committee. In spite of that the LEA Committee keep making decisions that effects the art scene and the art community in Second Life. And no election to fulfill the LEA Bylaws has taken place. How is that possible? And there is also a problem with the membership of the LEA Committee. According to the LEA Bylaws the term for a Committee member is 2 years. And a Committe member may serve up to 2 terms: "5.1.5 Term for Committee Members shall be 2 years (commencing with the ratification of these bylaws). 5.1.6 Committee Members may serve up to 2 terms." However, 3 members of the LEA Committee have exceeded that condition. One Committee member has had a seat for 7 continuously years by now and two other Committee members are doing their 5th continuous year so far. And no election to replace them has taken place. How is that possible? I am looking forward to some satisfactory response to my questions.
  3. My bad -- missed the deadline on the official forum so hoping someone at LL will see this. I have been creating full sim experiences for art and edu in SL since 2008, primarily on the LEA sims. I've also visited sims throughout SL in the 10+ years I've been in SL. So many wonderful places that are gone. While this has long been the transitive ephemeral nature of Second Life, it doesn't have to be. I've discussed with many artists and content creators and having the ability to archive a full sim -- a special kind of inventory where you can select and rez an entire sim exactly as it was -- all the terraforming, content, etc. -- would be pretty awesome. This would be especially great for sims created by people who are no longer active in SL or have passed away. When someone creates a full sim experience, they could archive it and choose some options such as, if I am no longer active in SL, I give my permission to LL to exhibit my work" so that the sims could be handed off to LL as legacy exhibitions so they could be razzed periodically for new residents to explore and be inspired by. This would also be wonderful for RP and and exhibitions by groups or individuals to be able to swap out sims. The cost of a full sim in SL is still very expensive so having the ability to archive sims and swap them out would expand the use of full sims. The LEA sims, for example, if they had been "archived" would be able to provide some amazing full sim exhibitions from the past. Within a few minutes, an exhibition that took someone months to create could be easily recreated. This would also allow people to rework old projects to update with mesh, etc., using the previous sim as a template. I have no clue how much storage an entire full sim full of content, scripts, etc., would take up on a server if it was "zipped." There would obviously be some kind of fee that people would pay to have full sims archived. It should be very nominal though. I think this would also be an economic advantage. People who are struggling to fund one full sim are not going to get another one to create more experiences unless they are willing to scrap all their work on the current one they are using to create a new full sim experience. However, having the ability to archive an entire sim -- and being able to easily reinstate it -- would encourage sim owners to make more use of their sims -- and create or purchase more content for several different sims that could be archived. So that's my question. Can LL set up some kind of full sim archiving capability? Thanks! pixels
  4. Hello. Since everyone started to make their own gachas in events or shops I think Linden Lab needs to make an assessment to release a gacha policy. The gachas are being such low quality but above this there are many misleading problems with creators and events from the point of the view of players. People are spending their money, but sometimes they get useless or worthless items. Also when a problem occured, they are facing with a no customer service or a rude creator. I have collected many examples below. Hopefully we canmake the gacha community a better place together with buyers, resellers, creators and Linden Lab. 1. Gacha is a game of chance. Players are not able pull a spesific item in the machine. That's why all duplicates must be sellable or tradeable for other items from that machine or different machines, so they all need to be transfer. 2. Gachas can be sold inworld or on MP and pricing may differ from seller to seller. It is totally up to pull count of the seller. This is totally connected to the first rule. 3. Gacha items must be rezzable. Since they are only transfer items, no rez scripts are unfair inside of the items. The unpacked items can be rezzed and lost by mistake. 4. Gacha creators must offer/share the prize info/photo with community inworld. Especially if they are wearables. Also event owners may share entire gacha key textures in their groups. Gacha key textures are for those gacha items, they are not art works. 5. Gacha items/sets mustn't be sold seperately in copy versions by the creators. Saying again, gachas are game of chance. Some sets take (ex.) 8k to complete for a reseller but when the creator sell a copy version for 6k, this totally kills the fun of gacha. Trying to cut the income of resellers won't give the creator anything. Because most of the players of the machines are resellers. Exchanging the single transfer items or full sets for copy versions seems fair. Because it is up to player's choice. 6. Exchange tickets for copy version of gacha items mustn't be allowed on rezzable items. All the items in gacha must be useful in my opinion. Also items that are useful only in copy versions mustn't be put into gacha machines for the same reason. Example: Some merchants have some vehicles/homes or rideable stuff which are only useful in copy versions because of the scripts. Those items mustn't be gacha items in my opinion. (I wish I could name some of those but probably most of the people who have knowledge about gacha items will understand this.) 7. There are some resellers change the colour, size or link the items to be sold together and sell them like different items without giving information. Since they are same items actually, this is not an acceptable situation for buyer, so gachas are better stay only transfer/no mod and single item for each pull. I know mod items are fun but this is only the working method to prevent this. Creators may offer copy/mod versions. 8. Building items like fences, walls, wall lamps, roads, pavements etc. mustn't be in gacha games. To tell the truth if I need a double of same item in a gacha machine to make the complete set to look real complete is no fun. 9. All the scripts, animations used in gacha items must be transfer. Because when the item rezzed or worn, it turns to no copy/no mod/no trans. Especially some skin makers choose this way on their appliers to prevent applied skin and copied head. Some of the creators don't even take the trouble to box their gacha items. I had many the skin appliers rezzed mistakenly, so I had many women skins I had no use turned into no trans to be deleted and I lost my lindens. Examples: Skin Applier example Skin Applier Example 2 Skin Applier Example 3 Exchange tickets have better usage for skin appliers. Exchange tickets can be sold, but skin/eye/tattoo appliers can't be sold by this way. *** (Exchange Ticket) Catwa/Omega Appliers - 21 RARE 10. If a set is officially retired (while the event continues it must be said by event page), it mustn't be put out even after years. 11. Each gacha item must have their own usage. People do not have to complete those sets to use useless HUDs. HUDs which work with different items in the same machine cannot be sold as seperate common or rare. This looks so greedy. Some machines which can be played for 75-100L for each pull, have HUDs as a gacha item, even some are rares. Rare HUD working with a rare item, common HUD working with rare item etc. I just want you to realise. You are the player of the machine, and machine has got 2 common HUDs which are only working with the rare item in the machine. You pulled 15 pieces until you get the rare item, and 8 of the items are HUDs. What will you do the other HUDs? 12. Vendor key textures or the item names must be detailed about land impact counts of every gacha item in the machine. People can't check your demo places after getting in an event after hours. If you do 20Li gacha decorations for a gacha machine, players need to know about it. 13. Gacha rare rates must be shared with customer before playing. P.S: The very last thing is if creators have mistaken with gacha machines in a new event (leaving an empty box, missing item in the machine etc.), i feel like they can fix this in a better way. I know creators are human beings and can be mistaken. But players are humans and most are dumping their all money into those machines, they need a better care. If there is a failed delivery, creators need to stop dumping random commons to players, paying it back is a better solution. If there is an empty box, it needs to be fixed fix it asap and that item needs to be sent to the people who demanded them. If there is a missing rare, paying at least 10% back to the player, or sending that rare item to each player may work. If there is a missing common, sending at least one of that item to every player before they ask is more fair. To creators: Do not make your customers wait for a reply from you for weeks/months. This is your shop and you make real money, so people spend real money. None of those above hurt you, but the players. If you can't have customer care, leave it to better people. No customer care, no fun, believe me. Thank you. I'll add more things if I see anything else. Please share your experiences to the community here. Creators can be rude about such things, or can be so friendly. You can never know which face you will face. At least a gacha rules policy which they have to adapt their machines, would be really better.
  5. In case it has slipped by people's notice (that CAN happen as some folks in these forums are particularly negative ya know) the "Linden Lab never pays attention or makes improvements to SL since they started Sansar" argument isn't working too well these days. Mainlanders get a better deal, especially the "little folks" with 512s and 1024s --- even better than more prims = more land. Mainland will no doubt get populated again even it if it is the same typists owning the land and even if they are using alts to do so "for almost free". This sounds like a plus to me and I have been advocating the move to 1024 free tier for at least four years. The Realms have had a face-lift -- or perhaps whatever the opposite of that might be called. We don't know exactly what is happening there, but it "seems" like The Realms are going away. Six years (and more) is a long time in a virtual world so perhaps it is time. IF the added tier bonuses are connected with the upcoming disappearance of The Realms (should that be the plan) then that seems like a fair choice. Only a handful of people play The Realms compared with the number of mainlanders. So taking away a source of lindens for a few to give lindens back to the premium populous as a whole (tier reduction) appears to be a wise choice. The new environmental controls are ALMOST here too. More power to make your world what you want it to be. Whether you love the shifts or hate them -- it would be difficult to say that The Lab has forgotten the folks who are paying those Sansar bills. Once again, not a Linden alt (HOW would I have the time?) -- just more of a "glass half full" gal. Edit: I forgot to add the mysterious new builds which look to be social and learning points for new residents.
  6. Tune in (or even better, join us!) as Sam and Boden of Linden Lab launch their new show, Sansar Top 5, and visit the amazing Skye Naturae Virtualis and four other experiences in Linden Lab's new VR-capable virtual world Sansar. https://sansarnewsblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/03/tune-in-or-join-us-for-episode-2-of-the-new-linden-lab-show-sansar-top-5/
  7. (Former Linden) the Respected Journalist, Mr.Hamlet Au... has an article regarding resident supporters having YouTube videos promoting Second Life taken down by LL.. Top YouTubers Promoting Second Life Hit With Intellectual Property Complaints Sent to YouTube by Second Life Owner Linden Lab Update: See ..Tommy Lindens Comment Below
  8. My process credits are usually processed in 1 day, 2 days max. It's going on 5 days now and I'm just wondering if anyone else is having similar delays.
  9. Hello Goodnight. I have a problem when registering my card in my account, complete the form and tells me that everything is fine but when I give it to finish the operation I refuse the registration of my card. It should be noted that I had already registered that card twice before that account without problems but now it does not let me ... the problem is that I need to make the transaction directly from that account and not another. .. the card has no balance at zero as to think that the registration would charge me 1 dollar but you can pay without problems. Help me!! Y_Y
  10. Hola Buenas noches. Tengo un problema al momento de registrar mi tarjeta en mi cuenta completo el formulario y me dice que todo es bien pero cuando le doy para terminar la operacion me rechaza las inscripcion de mi tarjeta. Cabe resaltar que ya habia inscrito esa tarjeta dos veces antes a esa cuenta sin problemas que la tuve que desvincular por cuestión de seguridad pero ahora no me deja... el problema es que necesito hacer la transaccion directamente de esa cuenta y no de otra... la tarjeta no tiene saldo en cero como para pensar que por la inscripción me cobraría 1 Dolar pero lo puede pagar sin problemas. Ayuda! Y_Y
  11. A roleplay group i am in wants to offer psych services (roleplay only) and i remember in the past in another group, we were asked to disband any counseling/psych services....does LL have a particular rule or stand on this? I want to advise the group I am in the correct stand that LL has on this.
  12. Corny Joke maybe Linden Lab has been harvesting a new crop of ideas to grow a new-and-improved Social Island experience. HERE
  13. Vividtres


    I just heard that when the new virtual world Sanar is launched, Linden Lab will be closing SecondLife, Please tell me with over 500 million players on this the game, why would you do this?? I just can't imagine this happening, we are all not creators and have no desire to pay for virtual land or use goggles to view the game. Please let us know if this information is true and if so it would be a big mistake. Vividtres
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