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  1. Dresden wrote: DejaHo wrote: It's my understanding that Dres's left testicle was discovered to be the ninth planet. But as you know everyone in SL exaggerates a little. It's actually the nearby black hole of which you should be most mindful. ...Dres o_O
  2. Dresden wrote: If you ask me, no one understands a damned thing about what Sansar will be. Rampant speculation doesn't impress me. ...Dres 1 user agrees
  3. Sassy Romano wrote: It could only be a failure if it failed to meet its objectives. Since we don't know what the objectives are, lack of inworld creation tools or cheap land may not be relevant. I suspect many will be in for a surprise when they discover what and who sansar is aimed at. 1 user agrees.
  4. AlexBrandon wrote: You may be too far away from the source... You are too far away from the thread, by over 4 years.
  5. KeeperS Karu wrote: and my own pet peeve of being unable to have custom keyboard and mouse bindings You can do this. Just edit keys.xml in the app_settings folder.
  6. bebejee wrote: So you went through that to sabe 2 cents? Let me explain. bebejee = Part of the problem. Drake1 Nightfire = Part of the solution.
  7. irihapeti wrote: i read on the GeekDad article that Ebbe has said that they (LL) are now viewing creator in a wider context that while making actual stuff is kinda unavoidable (bc no stuff no nothing) their emphasis when saying creator is now on mounting the stuff inworld so thats good http://geekdad.com/2015/10/project-sansar/ + Sansar Xp in a box as well. for resales. Hope that comes to SL as well. SL Xp OARs be pretty good I think Very revealing article, and supports what I have suspected and stated before. Content (experience) creators are the Lab's real customers for Sansar. The end users will be customers of the content creators. The lab is really just creating a platform this time (or attempting to), and the end results will be as varied as the creators who step up to create their piece of the virtual universe.
  8. Dalius91 wrote: My avatar didn't more since last time; at the exact same spot where I left him. Any ideas? Loitering fee?
  9. I am a casual beer drinker. For special occasions:  A local favorite:  After mowing the yard, if it's hot out:  You'll notice they are all ales. Lager does nothing for me. Most of the time I have a table red or blush/white zinfadel from Ste Genevieve (also local) in my hand. When I feel the need for more dulling of the senses, it's Cruzan dark rum. On my birthday, it is always Hornitos with a side of Texmex.
  10. I though Mr. Meat Scraps was just throwing out a fun topic...
  11. As I have mentioned before, I believe that the real customers of Sansar will be the professional "experience creators." It will be up to those creators to draw their own customers to their own creations. I don't believe LL will be providing much if anything for causal users. It is just the feeling I get from their descriptions. I think they want a lot more hands-off and not have to deal with the daily rigors of a population like they do in SL.
  12. How about Necrogoth. It appears you have a knack for raising the dead. You have resurrected quite a few dead posts (most almost 2 years old) in the forum recently. Just what is the significance of September 2013 for you?
  13. “Second Life is a platform dressed as a product,” said Altberg. Project Sansar will be a platform that will allow others to build products. “The experience is the primary brand,” he said. It sounds as if the customers that LL are hoping to attract are specifically developers who will be creating an "experience," i.e., virtual world, as a product, and Sansar will just be a tool to achieve this. If this is true, casual users will be the consumers of individual developer's product or "experience" and not directly a customer of LL like they are in SL. Isn't this what Blue Mars set out to do?
  14. angelpatty wrote: To the OP: I would bet the OP is long gone. You are more than 3 years late to this party.
  15. kathy Hoyes wrote: Well one thing every on seem to be missing is many secuity in world products like I have on my sims you can set age are also a ban if you have no credit credit on file best action contact the sim manager are the owner good luck Kathy Hoyes Owner Slave land inc. My guess is, if he did not resolve the issue, he gave up after 4 years.
  16. My RL daughter was already well established in SL. I think it was my second or third time to log in, having just left Help Island for the first time, and got lost in some furry region with skin tight pants that were too short, a tie-dyed shirt, some huge wings, and a head of plastic looking hair. Too bad I didn't take a picture. I IM'd my daughter for some help. She sent me a teleport offer, took one look at me, and took me shopping. She dropped around $L6000 getting me a skin, hair and AO, and passed me some freebie threads. Still using the same skin and hair.
  17. I would suggest you do exactly as was told to you last month in this thread when you were seeing French. You might also want to work on your memory.
  18. Larger and more vivid color fonts please. That did not quite jump out at me. More hyperbole and inane conspiracy theory wouldn't hurt either.
  19. bebejee wrote: I have noticed three four peole all soundng exactly the same are creating a fuss about where to post what, alts perhaps. Hmmmm, there were only 3 people posting in this thread, and you were one of them. Voices in your head perhaps?
  20. My thoughts? Go read the pages and pages of info already discussed in this forum (use search) and then come back when you have caught up.
  21. ZoeTick wrote: LvGamer33 wrote: Only early beta users got free land on the main land. I wish you hadn't said that! Now LuminousElf will start a thread asking if anybody knows where he can get a time machine. A free one, of course. Perhaps one like this?
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