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  1. Does anyone have a list ofplaces in=world for classes?
  2. I'm trying so bad tp forget about him. After the breakup, We still Im'ed We belong to the same R/P and he is there all the time, he has a job there, but I think since last week no one in the group knows it. I had Medicali issues so I could not be online often but he still Emailed and IMed. Now for the past 4 days nothing from him,he usually is on at night. It would kind of hurt me to see him with someone else. I just want to be friends. I am going to quit that R/P. I can't believe I miss him, but seems he doesn't miss me. What to do?
  3. OH BTW I am NOT a prude but I want to know someone first :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  4. LOL well no one has replied, so... I am sick of all guys just because your on SL wanting sex HAS to be SOME good guys out there?
  5. If I buy a complete new shape. and it is Modify, can I put my old hair on it?
  6. I am not desperate but was wondering if any nice, decent guys out in SLland? I like Dancing, exploring, trying new things (not kinky) ") te rest is in my profile.
  7. How do I make a subfolder? Do I add it to the original folder?
  8. Ok I like going to new paces, meeting new people and not just guys who want you know what lol. I am trying to edit 2 prims but cant seem to line them up. Fantasy andamusement parks I like too.
  9. I have tried in SL to connect with people with interests of my own, but I go to places that interest me and no one is there. Would any one at least like to Im me to chat? I am not a weirdo or anything like that.
  10. Hasanyone ever heard of SL remoing someonelike a bug? I was removed but they said they didn't,also said did not receive my chat messagesabout it. And they said maybe someone (RL) got into their password. This was for 3 days. It sounds very odd and fishy to me. Any suggestions?
  11. A person helped me yesterday but only in local chat. How can I find it when local is so huge?
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