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  1. Thanks The other thing I do when I'm out is think I can change into any of my clothes from my inventory. I've been shocked to realize I'm stuck wearing the outfit I have on, and don't have access to my entire wardrobe!
  2. LOL this is great. I've had those moments as well! Most recently though, I was watching the news, and the newscaster was beatiful, with the most creamy skin. I actually thought to myself, "Wonder where she got that skin, I need to go get a demo." Very sad when I realized it was rl and I was stuck with my own skin and freckles.
  3. It's not always a cowardly reason that people uncheck the show online box. There are many reasons someone might want to do that. Sometimes people just need time to be alone - to create, to work, to explore, without being interrupted. Sometimes people need private time with a special person. It might even be that someone is signed in but is away from their computer. Over the years there have been a few people who would not give me time to get through my messages and notices when I logged in, even though I asked them repeatedly to please give me a few minutes. Once I'm done with whatever I
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