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  1. Jo Yardley

    Looking for an active RP

    1920s Berlin is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
  2. I'm late to the party, sorry. But do we have an idea about when the EEP is going to be available on the main viewer(s)?
  3. Jo Yardley

    1940s RP Sim Based Around WWII era?

    The Time Portal sim has an 1920s-1940s New York neighbourhood, you could hang out there for the time being. I am planning a WW2 UK based sim, but I fear it will be some time before that gets off the ground, with tier prices being the way they are.
  4. Jo Yardley

    Why so many empty role play sims?

    Historical roleplay sims seem to still do pretty well though, at least the ones I've been to, nice active communities
  5. Jo Yardley

    Realistic Roleplay Sim

    1920s Berlin is pretty realistic.
  6. Jo Yardley

    Post moderating/editing/moving

    You don't have to do roleplay to visit historical roleplay sims. A roleplay sim is also a destination. If I'm looking for a RP sim I'd look under destinations. If I'm looking for discussions about the subject of rp I'd look under rp. But I never do because for some reason to some people rp means doing something kinky.
  7. Jo Yardley

    Post moderating/editing/moving

    Nah, come visit Time Portal, the time machine works perfectly. It is just that 1920s internet providers were pants.
  8. Jo Yardley

    Roleplayers, What Would You Like To See?

    There is no dress code in Time Portal, besides the obvious; Don't show up as a nazi. Don't be naked. Don't be a naked nazi. For 1920s Berlin we have the 1920s dress code.
  9. Jo Yardley

    Post moderating/editing/moving

    You're not in 1929, I am! Internet speed is dreadful here.
  10. Jo Yardley

    Why does it cost serious money to own a sim?

    We have our open day in 1920s Berlin every year during the anniversary celebrations, around the month of May. However you can also visit with an invisible avatar or as a realistic animal. As long as how you look and act doesn't distract from the immersive time travel experience of others. BUT that is only in 1920s Berlin. My other sim Time Portal is open to everyone and you can come as you are.
  11. Jo Yardley

    lying during RP

    I'm glad people think I am telling lies when I call everyone around me in my 1920s sims a bunch of lazy drunks and when I tell them jazz is evil and they're all lazy no good tarts who have no idea what life was like when the Kaiser was still around. Pesky kids.
  12. Jo Yardley

    Who are you? We want to know

    I'm 45, Dutch (yes those people who invented THE stroopwafel), live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I've been in SL for about a decade, when I had only just joined I started the 1920s Berlin Project, a historical roleplaying community, which has been going very strong pretty much since day one. I enjoy standing behind the bar there for our daily (!) happy hour, pour drinks, chat, listen to 1920s music, be grumpy and complain about young people, jazz and not getting enough tips. I also own the Time Portal sim where people can visit several historical zones. You may have guessed it; I love, nay I'm obsessed with, nay I'm addicted to history, both in SL as in RL.
  13. Jo Yardley

    Roleplayers, What Would You Like To See?

    More historically accurate items. I have an 1920s sim and a sim with zones that have Roman, Tudor, 18th century France, Victorian London and 1930s New York areas and it is such a hassle to find people who actually do their research before they start making clothes and other objects. I invited some of the best creators I could find to open a shop in my Time Portal sim but am always looking for more and still find there just aren't enough people making stuff that looks halfway decent historically speaking.
  14. Jo Yardley

    Medieval Sim

    Medieval or fantasy?