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  1. I've been roleplaying in 1920s Berlin for about a decade and it is a great community full of wonderful people. I have no complaints. Then again, I don't go out much.
  2. The badge would be seen in the profile so they'd see it when looking up someone's profile. They'd also meet premium members when they mingle in non premium only regions. Surely there would be plenty of sims left premiums would like to visit! I doubt many regions would go premiums-only.
  3. I got some of my ideas and some of your ideas and put them in a blog; Premium accounts and how to make them (even) more appealing https://joyardley.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/premium-accounts-and-how-to-make-them-even-more-appealing/
  4. I agree, if I had the time, I'd provide you with one
  5. I agree, I'm lucky to have found inworld mesh tools or I would have been doomed years ago. 3d software makes my brain cry. I tried to tell LL to make this mesh creation stuff part of their software, it would allow everyone to still create stuff with regular prims but then turn them into mesh.
  6. Seriously though, I think it is great to show a few of Drax his videos about the people in SL here, but perhaps the title 'Social' is not quite what people might expect.
  7. Just for the record, I am a wonderful person and I do have the answers. Fact.
  8. Listen to Drax and I discussing the recent tier & fee changes in SL; https://draxfiles.com/2019/06/10/show-220-sl-freedom-is-not-free-should-it-be/
  9. Yes but that is a lot of hassle and my idea would be to make that a lot easier. With sub-groups you don't need to do that and you could easily chat/send notes with any type of role in your group and even have chat windows open with several roles at once.
  10. That is how you stop certain members of your group from sending or receiving notices, it won't allow you to send notes or chat with just some people in your group.
  11. I'm not sure what the average number is but for Berlin we're coming close to TWENTY, if not more. And we also use facebook a lot. If we had more roles and perhaps the option to start a chat and/or send messages/notes to only one role in stead of to everyone in a group, we'd probably only need two or three groups. The number of members of our main group wouldn't change.
  12. That's what I mean. Live chat support is really quite handy if you own land.
  13. After all the kerfuffle regarding premium accounts, I started thinking about how they could be made more appealing. Some of the current benefits aren't that appealing to many, some only to a few. What would you like to see offered, what would make you become a premium member right away?
  14. If (big if because I can't numbers myself out of a paperbag) I understood correctly there are more than 60.000 unique landowners on the Mainland, these would all HAVE to be premium account holders. But this number doesn't take into account the people who are premium members but don't own Mainland land or people who are premium account holders but who own private regions, like myself. Source; https://www.virtualverse.one/forums/threads/mainland-census-jan-2019.1676/ So the number could be a lot higher seeing as people become premium for all sorts of reason, not always just to own land.
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