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  1. Sassy Romano

    GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    It's going to be a complete hoot, I know i've got knives out for a handful of select companies from whom i'll be extracting my pound of flesh! This is good: Companies being required to respond about the data which is held about a data subject at no charge. Presently there's provision for an admin fee to find out what data is held in DPA, superceded by GDPR removes this charge. This is not: Best of all and frankly the most ridiculous is that a data subject can have a passing conversation with a toilet cleaner, a canteen worker, a pond cleaner etc. and say "please remove all my data" and that can form a perfectly legitimate request for fully qualified action on the part of the organisation and it must be actioned within 30 days or they would have to justify the delay. There's no prescribed standard phrase, no requirement to do it in writing and no requirement to request it of a specific part or person/office within the organisation. An absolutely reckless bit of legislation and they'll wonder why this cause headaches and problems.
  2. Sassy Romano

    GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    I can't identify a data subject from a marketplace receipt. Avatar, date time, product, L$. Where's the data that relates to a naturally identifiable person that a merchant can use?
  3. Sassy Romano

    GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    I would suggest that Casper's text is somewhat too broad. Specifically, from the regulation:- For the purposes of this Regulation: ‘personal data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person; Things like IP addresses can sometimes be construed as personal data, particularly when other data is aggregated. An IP address by itself would not necessarily be classed as personal data. Similarly, I doubt that merchants can identify a natural person by an avatar name even along with an IP address. LL on the other hand clearly have a much better opportunity where they have payment info on file but as far as I read GDPR, if a data subject cannot be tied to a natural person, then it seems a bit of a leap to suggest that a list of unidentifiable pseudonyms somehow constitutes personal data, when there are no natural persons who can be identified. Seek your own legal advice though, there are plenty of opinions and "experts" out there offering consultancy before any of this is even tested in court. Basically, it's all a bit of a minefield and going to be a fun ride.
  4. Sassy Romano

    Firestorm download

    Noooo Innula, YOU need to ask VM for your money back since they clearly delayed you by 2 seconds compared with me!
  5. Sassy Romano

    Firestorm download

    Well what an unhelpful bunch on this forum since nobody has actually answered your question! The answer as to why is because of poor bandwidth between the server hosting the download and you. Now, I just downloaded it in 8 seconds and benchmarked my speed (between me and the nearest speed test server) at 378Mbps, this isn't the full answer though because that doesn't test the speed all the way to the Firestorm server but it would give me an idea as to whether the issue is within my control. Go to https://www.speedtest.net and see what result you get but clearly "They" have nothing to fix since it seems that only you have reported an issue so far but it could still be anywhere between you and the rest of the path to the Firestorm download server.
  6. Sassy Romano

    Advice for a merchant starting out?

    Others have given plenty, my main advice is simple:- "Do what makes you happy!"
  7. Sassy Romano

    Anyone have the cheat codes to win this game?

    I won, took me nearly ten years but I found the exit.
  8. There's your problem! You own two niche phones with small overall market penetration. Next time perhaps choose a device which has the dominant operating system.
  9. Sassy Romano

    Psychological Services For Pay?

    Umm, I think anyone paying for CBT and "talk" therapy is definitely well into the role play aspect. Just sayin'
  10. Sassy Romano

    Flagging on Marketplace

    It's a shame that the "works with" thing on the listing is just so inadequate and that there's no sensible way to specify "accessory for" and a pick list (plus freeform field" method of stating all the other products that the item works with. I'll get back under my rock (or bridge, depending on your point of view!)
  11. Sassy Romano

    A valid URL for ANS?

    You could try a dynamic DNS provider or it may be the port that's upsetting it or that you're not specifying a page to process it. It has been too long since I did it last.
  12. Sassy Romano

    The buyer is always right?

    If you want to disallow a review that says "I do not like it" 1 star, then by the same logic, reviews that give 5 stars "I love it!" should also be removed. Neither follow the essence or guidelines of the review system. Would you be wanting to have the second example removed?
  13. Based on my RL experience, there seems to be a trend where the definition of "Rude" is being taken as any opposition to their desired expectation or level of entitlement, e.g. "Can I have? Can I do? I need..." "NO" "That's rude!" This is particularly evident amongst a certain age group. Given that the above represents a typical vocal exchange, one can see just how easy it is to also take from that their understanding that unhelpfulness also occurred at the same time.
  14. Sassy Romano

    LL Shopping Events - How exactly do they pick merchants?

    At least it wasn't a single vendor promotion of breedable bunnies, nobody would be so daft as to promote a single merchant. Oh wait...
  15. Sassy Romano

    Copy/Mod/Trans Permissions, Oh My!

    No reason why not, same principles apply - additional rotating demo prim etc. Although you'd need to make the demo no mod, don't forget that part!