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  1. Yes you pal just needs to have some officers with ban eject power and a greeter spellin g ou t the fact that the sim is g and nudity is cause for banning. If she makes the sim G and posts the rules and have her officers enforce them no way she will get in trouble with Linden Lab. The touble with land open to the public is the need to police it. However its easier to make peole cave in to YOUR rules IF you have land powah!
  2. remember when Torley said, "Have issues with SL, just buy a new graphics card...better yet a new computer" hehehe
  3. crap! guess all the nerds are watching game of thrones!
  4. hi, I know I'm prob the only sap still using that SL trash viewer Alexa pawned off on us; but I REALLY DONT CARE ABOUT MY AVATAR COMLEXITY AND HATE GETTING SPAMMED BY SECOND LIFE EVERY TIME I CHANGE CLOTHES!
  5. I'm happy caws I'm famous you seem sad GET BIG! be SOMEBODY
  6. Nothing from nothing IS something! Phil gotta be sometthing if he wanna yap with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hehehe
  7. TL,DR I unno, I'm jus' a lil' Lane but writing this much smacks of...SUMFIN! Hehehehe. Why don't you tell me NOBODY is famous again in a million words or less. (Preferably LESS! )
  8. Plastic Duck is a Legend! Tizzers is a legend! I unno WHY Phil is so adamantly bitter, boarders on the delusional. People simply have gained notoriety in Second Life for the things they have done. If anyone has heard of them outside their personal associations it qualifies as fame or infamy or whatever. The noteriety remains whether the person persists on the grid or not. If here it's fame or even former glory if much is forgotten. Yet the moment endures if only in LEGEND. DO something Phil D. If you are too little. GET BIG! Always been my motto hehehehehe
  9. Hi Deltando Now fallingwater cellar door is a name I ain't heard in ages
  10. Prok's Mimi map faux pau is due to Prok's general lack of tech know-how. Remember all Prok's trouble with her Sion chickens falling dead? Prom blamed GRIEFERS. Hope the ol' Prokstar is feedin her c. cLine-made cats. Those things are ADORABLE. (My gf AF has a giant pink one named Cuddles)
  11. Hahahaha well you're not missing much. I think Prok's writing a travel blog nowadays. Mostly pix and a line or two description...except for the occasional land-Lordy "don't rent to so and so" type rants lol
  12. Hehehehehe lotsa people read every WORD of Prok's then pretend not to read Prok at all lol. My original Twitter account was banned for "over-memeing" a BBC correspondent during one of the many Twitter Wars I've waged. Turns out this particular BBC correspondent was a SNITCH. MANY of the Jumpman Lane Twitter accounts are fakes. I never purchased followers. Lmao. The guy who snitched out my old Jumpman Facebook seemed to think every Twitter account bearing my name is Meeeeeee hehehehehe. I'm sure the guys a sap!
  13. Caught buying WHAT? Hehehehe you're making that up hehehehehe
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