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  1. You don't know me? Well that's a confession of sorts. Hehehehehehehe But I tell ya what. You can find out EXACTLY who I am. And How i get down.
  2. Yes you are lol December 16, 2018 Uh...yes you are. Ok OK oK . Jumpman is my first name lol. if you ain't what's your LAST name? Hahahahahahaha
  3. Stoker called me the King too. Hehehehehehehe.Right before I took him off THE MAP! 2,000 L$ an hour hahahahahaha Fool you lost ya MIND. Update your PROFILE. You ain't gotta worry about meeting me. Jumpy ain't NEVER paid for sex. Fools like you lineup for the privilege lol. These noobs might not know who I am. But YOU know EXACTLY who I am lol. FRONT on somebody else lol.
  4. Because you are a noob. There's nothing WRONG with being a noob...embrace it. Imagine being Jumpman RESIDENT. hahahahaha. I know ...I'd pick a cool FONT.
  5. That's actually very insightful. I can't go into specifics as that would be bringing personal disputes into the forums. So, only broad strokes. Generally, my enemies have logged into second life every day, dreaming up new ways to stab back at me and i at them until they cracked and i won. basically, they didn't like me and i didn't like them and we let each other and THE WORLD know. You can always google me if you want specifics. some of its still online. I'm pretty sure I've gone into great detail before.
  6. Yeah, people like you should catch some shade lol. Everybody is an expert lol.
  7. Well, I’m not a nice person. Never pretended to be. Never played one in a movie. What I am is REAL. I treat people how they deserve to be treated. That’s justly. If you’re my friend, it’s you and me, all or nothing against the world. Your enemies are my enemies. No questions asked. I don’t care if you’re right. I don’t care if you’re wrong. Your side is the ONLY side. Everybody knows that about me. Now, if you’re fake. Bad on the inside. A follower or weak. Jumpy might just burn a little to bright, for he IS the Sun 🌞, smiling down on every one. Best look for some shade ha
  8. Who knows. The slider is all the way up. Only REALLY old like class of 2003 toons were short when I started. Everybody had the slider all the way up. Linden Lab was cracking down on a lot of child avis in sex sims; so, nobody really ran around in short avis. No real reason to change.
  9. I'm getting outta here before I get in trouble hehehehehehe
  10. You behavin' Paul? (I always lie and say I am when folks ask me :P)
  11. You can contact Linden lab and get your abandoned land back THEN sell it and downgrade lol. Geeze Linden Lab isn't exactly what I'd call heartless. You did it wrong is all. You agreed to the renewal and YOU forgot. Handle your business. You wasting time looking for virtual hugs in the forums.
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