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  1. can any one tell me some good shops with that no toothpicks please
  2. to log into 2 avatars on the same computer (just wondering )
  3. club Rinaede is currently looking for dj swing by for further information
  4. i cant put my Jomo mesh body on anymore!!!!
  5. yeah i have a gamming rig and they can do that
  6. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Ardvinna wrote: Where are all the courteous men gone? (Courtesy is for me the real virile virtue, but I doubt the majority of "men" here will ever understand the deep connection of it. ) Men do. Sir Pep never will. I don't know this SirLeighBastard (he appears to be a carrot tosser :smileytongue:), but I remember and still miss Pep and his mischief. He may not have shown it often, but he COULD be courteous and respectful when he wanted. I hope I didn't ruin his long-standing, evil reputation.
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