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  1. I'm probably beating a dead horse here since it was posted a while back but to fix this issue you have to take into account that the script counts your avatar as a linked prim so if you want the avatar to swing with the linked prims you have to include another number to the list. If your swing is 4 prims total you would add a 5 to the list to include the avatar. All that is needed next is a sit script in the prim you want to sit on to position the avatar.
  2. After re-reading this post in it's entirety I noticed that I did not comment on your post. I still consider the actions of LL to be tyrannical in a sense that they are giving the user a minimal toolset to use as a content creator while promoting the premise of being able to sell your artistic quality and then stepping on their toes as a content provider selling their own artistic content that in essence is competition for the little guy/resident. I don’t consider my post to be a flounce since I wished everyone well as I called the governing party a tyranny.
  3. As far as traffic bots are concerned I personally used them and I pulled around 40k+ traffic using them with the combined real traffic of two clubs and a combat sim but IMO it was a necessity at the time because EVERYONE on the front page listing was using them and I needed to stay competitive. I'm admitting to this because the in world market has pretty much halted and I submitted to the changes made to the TOS concerning bots a long time ago before it became a TOS issue. Now they are irrelevant because of the low in world search usage and the changes made to sim traffic recognition. My point is that I agree that the figures for resident creation and usage at the time was waaaaay out of bounds. As far as the marketplace sales graph is concerned.... How many of you took into consideration the amount of residents that purchased their own goods with alts in an effort to show up on the "What people are buying." section of the marketplace front page and to post good feedback for their items? Sorry but there's no Linden graph anyone can show me that holds any water IMO.
  4. Have you considered http://unity3d.com/unity/ ? My background is as a Maya developer so it was a no brainer for me because of the import functionality. They used to charge around $100 for the basic version but now it's free. The free version only exports to mac/pc/web and it's missing some of the features available in pro like global illumination but you are licensed to sell any product you produce with it commission free. If you decide to go consul or phone app the pro engine has exporters for iphone/android/ps3/wii and xbox 360. Comparing the price tag of other engines I noticed some of the older engines charge a commission with their pro version if your company makes over 10k usd a year on top of a yearly license while Unity has a flat rate. It uses havok 4 as a physics engine and it's node based for visual designers so building in it is similar to SL in many ways. Anyone serious about creating actual game content should take a look at it imo. I'm actually in the process of using the engine and learning the unity api for a few projects in the works.
  5. DOH! They should have held out until september or october when the farming rate drops in half. There's a good chance they could have doubled their investments.
  6. An idea just came to mind. Instead of looking for revenue in the consumer base itself why not incorperate a bitcoin mining pool into sl? Something similar to http://www.bitcoinplus.com/generate but with gpu mining as well for the systems that can handle it of corse giving the option to toggle. Personally I'd rather donate my gpu/cpu usage to LL rather than have them take the money directly from my pocket. X users * hash rate = revenue. Websites already do it why not applications?
  7. BUT this amazing world is currently being run on a Commodore 64 by a bunch of old geezers who think Farmville is the apex of human achievement. That made me LOL
  8. This is precisely why I decided to stop creating content in SL. First it was land with extra prims and prefab homes for people to purchase premium accounts.. What were you thinking competing with the consumer base you cater to? This is just another version of linden created content in a supposedly user created world in an effort to generate revenue by stepping on content creators toes…
  9. By definition a troll seeks out chat in forums and in game chat looking to get under peoples skin for **bleep**s and giggles. Everyone else posted valid points and constructive criticism while the majority of your posts if not all of them were direct attacks on the posters themselves in an attempt to see how they would retaliate. Troll....
  10. lol sry i'm in and out of the forum i eddited the last post as well. Thanks for the input. I set the original machine to specifics that are secure enough browser wise but I usually wipe the cloned machine after I make transactions etc and I use vm instead of wine just because i'm more familiar with it. Bitcoin is a p2p currency so I was just wondering if peerblocker did anything to stop tracking.
  11. I use a linux os and oricle virtual box to emulate windows on a 64 bit system and I generally wipe the os after usage. I personally don't see how an emulated os can be tracked. The only thing I really can't change is the first 6 numbers of my ip and my isp name but that requres a tracerout and by then my ip has generally changed.
  12. I've read a lot of constructive criticism and people have made a lot of valid points in this thread. I'm surprised that in 2 days it's raked in over 500 views wich leads me to belive it's an issue that people are interested in. I'd like to hear from the linden content creators working on the mmorpg assets and possibly Rod Humble. No disrespect intended Rod, I have purchased and own pretty much every sims game created and I aspire to become a content creator in your ranks but seriously what were you thinking making linden labs as a corperate entity competition for the consumer base that you cater to?
  13. please read original post... This thread is about linden labs creating product in a supposedly user created world and using marketing methods/script assets/land usage not available to the consumer/land owner/content creator to sell people a product that is superior and a lot easier to market for them than anything the general customer base/resident/content creator can offer, hense why I refuse to participate in content creation until changes are made. I'm not blowing smoke here nor measuring my epeen against other content creators but look at my franchise and visit random combat sims... The ones that are still around anyway…. I'm sure you will see at least one of my products being used. They saw a market for a product and utilized their methods to monopolize it once again stepping on the content creator for monetary gain in a short view. I could just as easily sell iphone and android apps using the unity engine and javascript but I’m a patron of SL and I enjoy watching it grow. I’ve tutored multiple people in maya for free as to how they can create sculpted prims, I even started tutoring in poly mesh which is an entirely different beast btw using uv mapping. I have contributed to the community and will continue to do so as well as offer customer support for my current product line. I will not however spend my time in a virtual world that is ran by a dictatorship…. Provide the assets and let the user create the world or piss off imo…
  14. Please view the original post first... not a flame... It's not about weak or strong..... Business minded people generally will notice when somone is making money in their market then try to incorperate that into their own product line, some in a legitmate way and others will pirate your product and sell it for less. The only thing you can do after that is offer a better and more secure product.
  15. I substituted quantity with quality in my product. I made an effort to allow as many other combat systems to integrate into my mobs as possible. I updated my product line over 4 years and even worked on a proprietary system that was pve based with a free lootgen... 2 years wasted imo on generating loot content... The market will always be saturated with competition.... The question people ask is what makes your product different.
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