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  1. Por un lado, decirte que Linden Lab no media en las disputas entre residentes, y asi lo especifican en sus Terminos del Servicio, o en sus "Community standars". Muy posiblemente, ni leeran tu mensaje; y si lo hacen, no tomaran medida alguna para ayudarte. Por otro lado, SL ha de ser un relax, un pasatiempo, un mundo virtual para disfrutar de ratos agradables, lo que, por lo que nos cuentas, no es el caso. Tal vez deberias dejar de conectar por una temporada, o si no quieres dejarlo, empezar de nuevo con un avatar diferente, yendo a otros sitios, uniendote a otros grupos, haciendo nuevas amist
  2. Since LL "facebooked" Second life and hordes of unimaginatve, dull Residents came in droves
  3. Sadly, most men populating SL are this way (Not all, but most) and sadly too, in the last years and thanks to the "faceboking" process promoted and encouraged by LL, SL has become a dating site of sorts. Anyhow, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. And you don't even need to give explanations. Mute, defriend and leaving to somewhere else in the grid is IMO the best possible answer to unwanted requests
  4. Excellent explanation.I wish I was able to convey the meaning of the video this clearly. Also, there's a point in which the narrator states that that horror-movie-like clown is following him, and never answering his IM's. Which the video creator fails to tell is that such clown is most likely a bot, or even a mesh toy, part of the roleplay decoration at that sim....or in the best of cases, one of the many harmless idiots running loose in SL, or simply, a friend or alt of himself, put there for "dramatic" purposes Anyway, he manages to distort pretty well which SL really is. Quite a few of
  5. This guy starts telling in his video, that there's the "Deep web", where all sort of crime and depravation has place. But then, (and though he conceedes that there's some nice places, people and activities in SL,) eventually smarter criminals resorted to SL to enjoy all their pervertions. (Pedo, sadistic murders, etc) And that there's no control or law whatsoever in SL to watch and punish such people. All of this narrated in a "Preacher of the doom" style, so to speak Well, this is a very resumed translation of the meaning of the video. Quite idiotic video, far from reality IMO, but whatever,
  6. Your name does suggest that you are looking for men skins, hair, etc? (Apologies if you are looking for women stuff) If I am correct, take a look at this store in Marketplace. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/es-ES/stores/7268 There's a skin called "a touch of grey" With it and a good shape and hair, you can achieve a mature, very attractive look. As a proof, the picture in this blog https://irregularguy.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/now-is-the-hour/ There's also a skin named King, from Redgrave. It looks mature (A handsome guy in his mid 40 or so) Hopefully, more people will chime in to s
  7. YS&YS Has usually a nice skin as a group gift. The group is free to join. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13353 (In their marketplace page you will see their inworld SLUR) Deesses skins has too beautiful skins as a group gift, and to join the group is also free http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/No%20Comment/109/146/22 I'll keep thinking and I'll post whathever interesting, for free stuff I can find or remember. Anyhow, I think that the biggest problem you can have to help her dress her av for free has to be the mesh feet. And currently, most nice footwear is designed for
  8. Black and gold dress, not too prudish? Ok, how about this one? http://www.closetdisclosure.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/002.jpg It's name is Scarlet, it has two parts, mesh armor and mesh skirt. It's available at a store called DIRAM. (price's 600, or 650 ld, not sure right now) Bracelets are not included, and mask is sold separately at the same store ) I have not the LM. But you can easily find it in search About long hair, perhaps you can find one of your liking at EMO-TIONS (Store both in marketplace and inworld) In any case, there's plenty of very nice long hairs in Marketplace and
  9. I don't participate in anything in which voice is an imposition (I know, I know, my no participation on a given event is completely irrelevant for such event, and for the rest of SL population as well) Voice in SL should be an option, never an imposition, to be allowed (or forbidden) to apply to a given contest, job or event. But, well, I am sure that such approach to the subject of voice will never be adressed in the T.O.S. Note for people with hearing/speech impairments. Don't try to fullfill your dreams in SL. It is as discriminating and complicated for all of you as RL is
  10. Definitely...the population of idiots & weirdoes in SL keeps growing at a very worrysome rate. Don't waste a single more thought on that moron
  11. For skins, besides Tellaq brand, as Marianne has suggested, you might want to take a look at Redgrave skins. There's one called King. A ruggedly handsome; mature looking kind of guy. And it has a version with a few scars. It's called KingFX Regarding hair, I think that you may find some styles that suits the look you want to have at EMO-TIONS
  12. I was going to post pretty much the same, though with other words. The OP seems to miss the main point in this subject... SL IS NOT RL. And to equate both is only a mistake
  13. The first one is from Damselfly. However, I cannot identify it's name. Anyhow, they have a very alike one called Chiyo Sephina has answered you about the second one (I didn't know either) The third one I am sure about, because I have it. It's called Trouble clef. From analog dog
  14. Bingo! That's why the story sounded familiar to me. That much that I have even checked the date, thinking that it had to be a "necrothread" Anyhow, I just don't believe a single word of this story. Actually, it better should be just that, just a "Non-real story" Quite hard to believe, really.
  15. Hello Elisa Besides doing just what other people in this thread has very wisely advised you, how about this?... Delete your payment info from the account that has been hacked, then, open a new account/avatar, with a different email address, and use it ONLY to have your Paypal linked there and buy lindens From now on, be always extremely careful with the links you open. To click in random links is the way in which most -If not all- accounts get hacked
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