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  1. There are two types of Copy-Botting. 1.) Is using a middle man to steal content then having someone un-related post and sell the content or using a different hardware id / IP address to avoid a ban or detection. 2.) The second type is those who just copy a bunch of avatar hairs for example and throw them up on the market place or pass them around as a freebie who cares type. While Linden Lab generally requires a DMCA, It seems like they could offer residents a way to still file a complaint that content is still Copy-Botted and it could work in a way similar to a person selects the content that ist illegally being sold then selects the merchant whose content has been being illegally shown in world by typing their user name, and a message would be sent to the merchant in world where they can submit a DMCA claim, and if they click no that its not stolen then that persons report status goes down once they get a certain number of points of false reports it would no longer allow reporting. Also accounts woh report would have to be at least like 500 days old, this would prevent general toxicity abuse, and work similar to the behavioral systems coming out in online games. 3.) Linden Lab should actually update the "Not As Advertised" option and make it so the person filing to report has to tell Linden Lab exactly why the product isn't advertised. 4.) On another bit of off Topic "I noticed Linden Lab has recently changed the market place and add a "Spam or Disallowed Listing Practice." listing called (Harmful or Disruptive Content.) I have personally reported a few products which I have good faith disrupt game-play for other residents, violate the Terms OF Service, and are not sold as advertised but the problem is Linden Lab did not give me any way to "Type a specific reason" to why I was flagging the content. The problem that I have personally experienced both In World, and On the market place is that I have Flagged a specic product that I have good faith Breaks the Terms OF Service, and is Disruptive at lesat 3 different times over the years of playing Second Life as well as filed in World abuse reports, I have even taken my complaint as far as file a support ticket with Linden Lab in which I was told that the only way anything could be done is "Writing a Letter Real Life" to Linden Lab about the issue to get any actual response so I sent a Fax to Linden Lab instead its been like 5 days and no response yet. I think the Market Place needs a bit of improvements in response to these issues, and I think Linden Lab needs ot actually have a team who can handle in world abuse, and griefing who can respond to support tickets as well instead of just billing.
  2. Logged into Second Life for the first time in 3 months didn't feel like playing, checked on old friends most of them quit playing Second Life as well, and the game feels dead. Back in the day I remember when I would search for Weapons, Huds, In world Shopping, Military, I would always find some place to go do combat at, or go shopping now the game feels dead, my opinion you can blame it a lot on Red Zone & the other spyware devices that are still going around. Took a look at the game comparing it to 5 years ago the game or grid feels like there is nothing left anymore, and taking a look at the game all I remember is Griefers, and Jerks aside from some old friends. Starting a club, may not be the most profitable thing as I feel with the way Second Life seems to be loosing Regions, and players its a matter of time until the grid is a lot smaller after all everything I once enjoyed in Second Life no longer exists in the game for over a year now. Perhaps when LL actually updates the Security of the game so that players can add account security using IP verification to connect to the grid then I will return, but until then I am not really intersted in the game as there is too much Phishing, Hacking, even TPV's putting players at Risk, and loosing an inventory of over 100k in items including boxed items, scripts, most of it fairly old but still. Old Sims we used to combat on. New Jack City New Jessie Velo Vista Perhaps if someone actually knows of any actual (Combat Sims) without big Rule Restrictions / Dress Code then I would see something worth doing in SL but to my knowledge everything I used to enjoy in SL is gone, otherwise there are other MMORPG games worth playing these days that to me are just as realistic as Second Life now only difference is you can't customize your avatar like Second Life, but you don't get the griefers and jerks in them either.
  3. Actually its not True, if a Land Lord, wants to be a Jerk, there is a way to delete items off a persons land legally I mean Destroy no Copy Items for good. Its called Admin > God Tools under this option the region owner, or anyone with Estate rights can perm delete anyones objects from the region not retuning them to a persons inventory. Even if a persons items is retruned due to server issues items can be lost. This is a reason in Second Life why when I played SL I would always avoid NO- Copy items from merchants, do this in the future incase you loose your items for this reason. * As far as Law & TOS, the Laws would apply based on Sever Location of the actual servers, and or where the company is located, sure you could try to SUE Linden Lab, or other companies but you have to use Loop Holes in the TOS, and use things that were never clearly stated in the Terms OF Service of a online game.* Take online gold sellers for example buying gold is illegal, but back aways I purchased gold for a game and the GM reclaimed it because the goods came from an illegal source, I paid for Legal goods to be delivered to my account, so because I use a third party seller, or my Credit Card, I contact them get my money back every time within 30 days, these type of cases could be taken to a court. Take for example the company said on their Terms & Conditions that my account could get banned for buying gold with real money, but didn't say my gold would get removed, so I used it as a loop-hole to reclaim my money when they refused to deliver my goods properly and legit as they promised. The most another country could do as far as RuneScape anyways is ban players from playing it from their country if the servers were located in the U.S there really isn't anything that can be done although I agree there should be laws with online MMO's which keep players accounts protected from illegal reclaim of items and hackers like Linden Lab for example lost items all the time, no inventory backup, Linden Lab should have a service where that player can reclaim any and all content, or have inventory restored when they need.
  4. Yes I remember the Teen Grid because I was a resident on there years ago, IT was a great experience except for the few Ass-Hat's I remember to this day I still have every log from the teen grid + data that I have saved ^^ although most of those people no longer play or were banned. The Teen Grid used to be a nice place though, and you really should check out the region called (Nix) without the () this is where all the Teen Grid freebies used to be given away to the teens. To me leaving Teen Grid it was a sad experience leaving almost everything I knew behind I wish they would have merged it years ago before I legally came over to the adult grid because I knew so many people which I lost contact with after coming over to the adult grid which absolutely sucked and once the year went by or so and it legally merged with the Teen Grid almost everyone I knew was gone. Had I have actually known about Griefing, Bypassing SL bans, many years ago I myself would have went back to the Teen Grid through a proxy to avoid getting my main account banned just to talk to some of the people I knew back on the Teen Grid that is how much it sucked leaving a grid that you were on for almost a year when you had some good times excluding some of the bad moments with people who just did rude things and drama. But yeah Today this is all that really remains of the Teen Grid. Oasis, used the be the place where all the kids on the teen grid had their little shops they would sell their products at , and Linden Lab had this building with freebies there. Nix became a freebie market. Bay City, was basically the place where the rich teens took over the land that they could and tried to make profit off of it because of the prim bonus. Gordon, was Black Talons main army base. Rowling, was New Rome Bannockburn, was ASR Lots of good memorys checking out Teen-Grid now. If you want to find a bunch of teens, check out Adams this is where they hang out at.
  5. I have met some very disrespectful business/store owners in Second Life during my time, mostly the ones that were running Red Zone, CDS, and other systems that spy on residents (illegally) I pretty much learned to give them the birdy without saying anything they know that what they are doing is Wrong, I as a customer will never shop with them for their disrespectful mouths, and next time I see some griefer giving away their products illegally for Free, I have a hud in SL which stores every merchants name that is a merchant who has been disresepectful and if your name is on that list I personally wont even bother going to Help + Abuse Report. I have also met some respectful merchants over the years in Second Life, some very kind people who didn't have to help with some issues but did because they were respectful, these are the type of people I will always support and try to help in SL when I see people griefing them, or doing things to them, they also don't use that Red Zone spyware stuff either. For the most part over the years since 2009 to the end of 2012 when I actively played before having my entire inventory deleted by a hacker almost every merchant I knew in SL were always friendly, and nice, there were only a select few people and places I know that were ever disrespectful in SL most Store Owners themselves were great, but the biggest problem I found in SL were those RP sim owners supporting Griefers and they still do to this day because I still keep tabs on eerything I can. When it comes down to it Merchants are humans too, and some merchants do not like to be bothered about questions, or things like starting a business, although they should be respectful about it not send hateful messages to another person, and sometimes people have a bad day too it depends on a lot about how you ask them, and if you read the note-card that comes with your product. Although Second Life for me is pretty much dead now and no one cares as much to do as much griefing as they usually do, and with the security that LL offers I choose not to really play SL anymore but still do remember the good times with all the places and people that no longer play Second Life, mainly people who have moved on to other games.
  6. There is already a program, or viewer that can copy other peoples content without permission called a Copy-Bot been out for years many of them on the internet for free download just have to google it although I will warn you lots of them are infected with Keyloggers, trojans etc. I would like to see a new version of Second Life like this, but the problem is how do you keep users content/IP Rights from being illegally ripped I mean if people can just Control and Copy, sure Snap-Shots are fine I could careless about recording videos or snap-shots but I am talking about like people having the ability to Copy-Bot mesh, and other items or in other words in a new Second Life steal entire items from Merchants, like my friends who create animations in SL their entire AO's ripped off and posted for free downloading rights. What is going to prevent this, I really don't like the new Second Life TOS when it comes to Merchants they get a really crappy end from when I last read the TOS. My own TOS which superceeds you're tos is anything that is download on my computer I have full rights to do whatever I please with it, this does not mean that I will try to ruin merchants, or anything but if it doesn't require the Second Life service or viewer to access information that has been cached on my pc then I will do whatever I please with it reguardless of TOS, unless I sign an agreement in real life with every single player in Second Life who has uploaded the content saying otherwise. Take Steam for example, They have a TOS saying you cant install a game without steam and without consnt usually used for Piracy, but There is a russian program on the internet that emulates steam allows a user to install any steam encrypted program or game FREE bypassing their system if I can do this with Second Life, or hack anything on my own PC without causing others harm then I am going to do it. Just like I support Jeorge Hotz who did the PS3 JailBreak and I hope to god someone JailBreak the PS4 just to undermine Sony although I think sony learn their lession from the millions they lost cuz of the jail break. Don't get me wrong I support IP Rights, I support merchants in SL who have the right to freely run a business and sell their content, But I do not fully enforce IP Laws when it comes to recording a video, Snap-shots, or accessing content that is download to you're PC this is between you and the company but unless LL can come up with a secure encryption program in their new Second Life and get rid of Third Party Viewers, there will be encryption broken and content will be pirated all over again. I support the new Second Life too if they can design it properly would be great. I also support bypassing any type of games with no CD-Cracks each user at their own, Just like Sync-Tube, for example Pirating a movie is illegal but if I take a DVD I rented and stream it to a million users its not considered piracy so I am told LOL. But whatever, Merchants do need ways to protect their content from actually being downloaded/hacked and re-uploaded to screw them over.
  7. Try not using any Third Party Viewers to login make a new account only use Linden Lab Viewer, Also do not transfer any old objects from you're old accounts to new and see if they find it. Also Disable Media functions via the viewer. If that solves it then its either someone linking you with a Ban-Link system in world, or TPV Viewers that are compromised.
  8. A single object or prim itself can't do any harm to a persons computer or account. However you have to take the following into the matter. 1.) Dialogue Spam if a person is tricked into clicking a Dialogue which opens a browser and installs a virus or keylogger. 2.) A object that changes Land Information if you have rights which links to external data-base and has a virus/keylogger that can be accidently installed on a users computer by a few methods. 3.) The viewer you are using with security issues such as a Third Party Viewer. 4.) A Object itself would be harmless but I have run into objects in Second Life that can fool most people, or cause a users computer to be compromised, take for example AO's that have been illegally copy-botted and distributed over the years via permissions exploit. I know the creator would not do it but assume I took one of his AO's add in a support website that was compromised with a virus or keylogger and gave it out to a bunch of newbs who activated the link thinking it was for Help but it installs a keylogger and gives them a page not found error or something else unrelated to such next time user logs in byebye account. There is a number of ways a persons account can get compromised even by going to a funny picture you're friend sends you on the internet or clicking/accessing a link in any way the easiest way would be a Compromised viewer, Keylogger, or many other griefing methods trying to obtain such. Linden Lab, Needs to seriously add additional layers of security beyond a simple password to protect its users I am shocked that Guild Wars 2, and World OF Warcraft have better account security than Second Life which is often connected directly to peoples Bank Accounts.
  9. QuinnParker wrote: So I am starting this thread in hopes that we can make SL more secure. I have been told that it is nealry impossible to hack an SL account but guess what, I had a frind get hacked and the only thing she did before her account got hacked was buy an item from a store in world. Now she is fighting to get her account back and isn't sure she will get it back. So here it is, make an SL authenticator App for mobile devices. So many MMO games use these and have not been hacked when using such devices. I want to know how many people would use this because I for one know I would use this to protect my account. I agree this is a problem with Second Life, I will tell you how easy it is to compromise another users account. Lets talk about Physical access to a users computer and hacking a persons account technically not hacking okay... 1.) But lets say I have my friends computer and want to compromise their account, All I have to do is go into the %APPDATA% Directory copy their files if they have the saved login information and password saved copy it to any computer FREE access to the persons account, and lets not forget if that user has PayPal information saved with billing on their account imagine what I could do with it. (Speaking in theory I would never do this, but want to point out this compromise issue.) 2.) Even if the user can't access a users physical computer saved "MD5" File information can be illegally copied via remote access or worse of all a "Compromised Viewer" Viewers are Open Sourced which is a great thing, but even TPV's not downloaded from official sites, someone offering better features like Nimble, or Bug features in custom viewers online can be compromised let alone Linden Lab says on their TPV viewer directory site that they can't insure the safety of its users so by using their viewer if it ever got compromised you could have you're account hacked just like mine was 50k Items mysteriously erased from inventory and some Griefer did some crap to some people, I know the group of individuals behind it and have my account, but the problem is my system turned up clean, so it was likely a viewer update/Mod I installed and updated used it for many years one of them was not clean I suspect and that ruined an account I had for years "Linden Lab" Unable to restore anything. But anyways Imagine if a person uses any type of SL clients,Viewers, Proxy, or Mods/Plug-IN what can happen to you're account if it gets hacked even if you spent thousands of dollars on merchants goodbye if you're inventory gets deleted. 3.) Lets talk about Stealing money in Second Life how easy it is, Lets assume (X) Vendor company sold vendors which merchants use to sell products to people and made a very popular system let it run for many years imagine what would happen if every merchant using the vendor on Second Life woke up one day to see that all their L$ Hundreds of Thousands of L$ is Gone from their account because they legally gave debt permission to the vendor/object with scripts they could not see. 4.) Lets not forget about Spyware in Second Life imagine what it would be like if TPV developers put hidden code in their viewers to spy on residents similar to RLV, but imagine what would occur if a resident could obtain someones "Session ID" I have heard many rumors about this in fact I have seen people "Hack" Other peoples accounts in Tests no name disclosed to make their avatar do things that normally could not be done. However I am talking about hidden code to do things like Read peoples IM's illegally, or spy on their location via a grid wide radar. These are the Top 3 Security Risks I fear on players/users accounts, and to be honest World OF Warcraft is way more secure. I remember years ago my WOW account was compromised due to using an add-on a script in one of the popular mods on Curse gaming ended up having a keylogger similar to what occur with me when I updated my SL Viewer then it gets hacked less than 24 hours after an update I knew what it likely was. Anyways now my wow account can't get jacked should anyone ever use a keylogger because I have keychain authinticator on my account, although I do know more and keep my PC as secure as possible there are ways to compromise accounts, thing is Blizzard restore my account that I pay $17 a month for where Linden Lab couldn't restore anything and I paid more than $20 a month for it not including land and tier fees. I am not saying TPV's do this at all but you never know what will occur on you're next update. Linden Lab has serious security issues I wish they would fix, and until then me and a bunch of my friends have dropped from the grid because we see what Second Life is like these days full of Griefers, Hackers, Botters, Privacy Violaters, but worse of all users who compromise others accounts.
  10. 1. Fix the old billing system like it once was so people can add a USD Balance to their account instead of having to cash out to obtain USD balance Fix it on a $300 - 500$ limit. (Add Faster Cashing out for people who verify Real Life information or make (X) amount of transactions with no problem of course there has to be cash out limits.) 2. Stop screwing over the people who create our content with you're TOS. http://unitedcontentcreatorsofsl.wordpress.com/ There are many of them. 3. Add better account security it is pathetic that a person's account can get hacked at any time while it maybe through any compromised TPV, or fault of their own their entire inventory maybe erased or worse and Linden Lab can't undo this. Yet World OF Warcraft a game that costs $16.95 a month has better security than Second Life, and so does other games like GuildWars 2. 4. Get rid of Griefers/CopyBot, Yes including those people who design systems that scan players through their media without asking consent to do such or permission or other exploits it drives players away from Second Life. 5. Add, and make improvements to Second Life such as Simulator improvements like. . Bake terrain for single parcel. . The bug that keeps me from actually being able to raise my land on my sim when its next to another region I don't have rights to edit terrain on or estate manager. . Faster Avatar Rendering. . Animate Mesh. . Fix the AMD Shader bug with AMD cards that has been here for ages. ... The way I see it Second Life is done for without new management running the service someone who can get people what they want. It isn't just because of Linden Lab, LL has some good Linden's I don't blame them for everything, but its because of the people allowed to Grief the Second Life community for years with Network Wide ban systems, making residents afraid to go to any club or risk they might get banned from many sims after spending hundreds/thousands of dollars. ... And to be honest everytime I even step foot into SL no one is even bothering to do as much griefing as there once was neither is the sand-box as full as it once was I remember having 30+ Residents in a single sand-box or more never anymore do I ever see this. Linden Lab let these Ban-Networks ruin our grid by chasing off residents when they didn't do anything, they then let CopyBot destroy it not to even include the lack of security that if a player gets compromised good-bye inventory this is something everyone needs to think about because it could be you after spending thousands of hours in Second Life, and lots of money is it really worthit? ... After all there are those who play Second Life for creation, I do not, I play Second Life for the RPG experience or did anyways, but now that there are all these new RPG's being released things that were never released before but things that have better preformance than in Second Life, and with way better seucrity why bother with Second Life to be honest like all my favorite RPG's in Second Life are now avalable for download and play online except for certain aspects of RP, but then I really don't care anymore I have more fun playing EVE, Star Citizen, Mech Warrior Online, GW2, LOL, DarkFall, I would say APB Reloaded, but gamers first is a trash company game originally had great potential to add aspects similar to Second Life in a way.
  11. To be quite honest my opinion on Second Life. Second Life is going down the hole, I remember every-time I would login to Second Life I would see 10+ users in every main-grid sand-box I would see Griefers spamming cubes, or people chatting/hanging out any time I would login to the adult grid after leaving Teen Grid now I don't see this anymore. I remember when I would see Role-Play Sims with over 30+ People, massive markets/malls, but this is gone years ago. I remember the Combat Sims that used to exist in Second Life but they are now Gone. Why is it gone? Griefers, Hackers, CopyBotters, Anti Theft Systems like Red Zone, CDS, Privacy Violation, a lot of residents have said *Censored It* and quit Second Life, and finally the way I see it its to the point where Linden Lab as I have said for years needs to make improvements to protect its users from these type of things. I find it pathetic that to this day my account gets compromised Linden Lab is notified like 72 hours after it occurs they can't restore an account inventory, the problem with this is the fact it doesn't matter how a person gets compromised where it be phishing, and god knows if a Legit TPV every becomes compromised everyone even using a TPV is at risk even if its a 1% Chance and even if developers of the known viewers say they have security in place that 1% Chance could compromised many accounts at which point Linden Lab has no safe-guards in place to fix these type of issues. My opinion, As a result to a lot of these type of things Residents, or players have quit Second Life and so Linden Lab is trying to make back lost profit, including when they changed the billing system to convert USD balance directly into L$ so that I would have to pay a Cash Out fee, and devalue my Real Life moeny now I can no longer use two payment sources to pay tiers and such as a resident, but who profits Linden Lab. Second LIfe, is still a good service, it is one of the best because of how unique its users make the service, but Linden Lab needs to step up their game fix the Graphics Bugs with atmospheric shaders, on (AMD) Cards, and most of all improve the account Security by allowing residents to have multiple security questions, and require that users confirm their IP address by their registered emails so that no other hacker can Brute-Force, or hack another persons account, after all I don't know much about Brute-Force but I know friends of friends who know about this type of stuff, and they tell me Second Life has no protection in fact if I know someones login name which is usually their Second Life name I can sit there for days trying passwords without any Login-Failure have to wait 10 minutes to try again restrictions. Yes Linden Lab is trying to compete to make more profit, I want to See Second Life a good service, and yes Second Life is still unique players can hang out, play and have fun, but if you look around a lot of Second Life users wan't RP, and the RPG experience in Second Life, and after all since Second Life was created a lot more RPG based games are coming out to the point where No one is going to care about Second Life anymore other than login spend a few dollars here and there or even just get content for free, and chat with friends log back off what I am saying is with all the Release of F2P, and P2P RPG titles in 2013 and beyond especially with the new games coming out SL can go on a major decline and already is comparing any service to Second Life. Entropia, For example is a game similar to Second Life, except users can't create their own items which is the only unique thing about Second Life, but if Entropia ever changes or any other game actually comes out that offers full (FREE) Customization, Character Models/Store like DOTA 2, but on a real world market and doesn't require a lot of money to play it could be a major problem for Second Life. I myself don't like entropia much and agree its nowhere like Second Life but does share common aspects. I mean face it, Second Life can always be around as a stand-alone service, but a lot of Merchants are here to make profit, and if the grid is just full of developers and artists no profit, no actual fun, who is going to wan't to really play, sure those who hang out and chat, or those who like art, or development/creation but compared to actual RP, and RPG users on a wide scale it isn't enough to keep Second Life economy running great. Imagine being a small-time merchant, not even making enough money to pay you're tier, or Return of L$/profit from you're creations. OF Course this is all just opinion, but based on what I have seen compared to starting SL in 08, and hear from others yeah SL is on its decline so they compete big times now. OF Course some say Second Life will improve after summer and so on, I have been monitoring SL for months it hasn't seem to have improve or changed much. With the way Second Life is today lack of account security/protection, I would watch investing a lot of money into Second Life until Linden Lab adds serious protection as you never know what can happen, I would hate to Login to Second Life some day or see on the news or forums that over 5000 users had their inventory deleted becuase of a legit TPV viewer compromise and then say I told you so. Not saying it iwll ever occur but a reason I urge Linden Lab to do something before it ever does, as I have seen and met what some of the developers of TPV's can do in the past.
  12. If LL wrote all the code it would be great because right now as it stands there really are not any highly good scripted RPG based Combat Systems in Second Life, things that could make a simulator feel like World OF Warcraft, or a system that detects where an avatar is hit by a bullet/arrow type of thing. Every system that I have found has been cheated/exploited 3 years ago I remember the Exploit where various meters had their source codes stolen along with GM,DCS, and other companies products in SL which I will not discuss here a few people have their hands on every exploit avalable in some systems in Second Life. Now that the bug was patched years ago to my knowledge it would be really hard to every do this again, but the fact still remains open that RP systems created by players themselves can be exploited, cheated like using a combat channel to heal, or damage another player. I know some meters in SL which are only used in one Community have illegal chat loggers in them and basically they do this due to RP Drama they like to log everyones chat where they go without consent, and on their sim maybe they have the right to but problem occurs if you wear the meter outside their sim it logs where you teleport to, and what you are saying in local chat very invasion of privacy of course you could say this about any scripted item you can't see the code of however. Instead if LL actually develop a good RP system that offered customization via web interface and allowed a user to set it up on their region it would be better than all cthese cheap RP systems on the market for example a mode for FPS gaming/combat with guns while another would be based on combat with swords, arrows, and resource collection similar to WOW & such. I would like to see something very new brought to Second Life that would bring Combat Back to Second Life, and actual RP which has pretty much been dead for years to me.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-22839359 Free Speech Maybe? But still he said he was going to commit acts of terrorism, its bad enough we have movies like "RAMPAGE" which is basically the same thing he talked about giving ideas to people about commiting acts of terrorism then ending it except the fact that in the movie the bad guy actually gets away with it. Could say the same thing about Explsoives in those movies/shows like 24, and SPEED, yes its just a movie for entertainment, but it gets people looking and just using the search engine and torrent searches you can come up with some pretty amazing ideas for making such things, while some videos on youtube for example are just kids experiments anyone who can actually make the other illegal things can use that innocent device the kid showed them how to make for bad things if peeps understand what I am saying. Think about the movie Rampage for example, The reason the guy in the movie went on a killing spree is because he was sick of society, You know what? I got sick of society in Second Life, I took revenge on every person who ever wronged me, and their friends who helped them. While its the virtual world same difference only thing is that in Real Life someone who thinks like the movie rampage where it be in school for example one day might just loose it and really if their father owns a gun take it to school and use it then end it. And to be honest I got the laughs giving those no good for nothing griefer innocent acting people paybacks, and I wasn't the only one either they honestly deserved it of course this is Second Life though. And how I channel my rage was back at the people who messed with me, and others I know they drew first blood. Sure in the end some griefer finally got me, but I am still here aren't I, and no I am not the only one. Why do you honestly think PN Griefs sandbox's? Its because they feel that Linden Lab has wronged them mentally so they come back to grief Second Life, Crash peoples sims and not care about getting banned because they feel it will cause Linden Lab loss of profit? Will it, absolutely in the long run some people will quit Second Life. Now question is does it resolve anything. The answer is no. When I do something. I do it for revenge and I spend my time on the internet not in the real world for the most part only between friends RL thats it. Something to think about, If someone actually becomes to the point where they have nothing to live for, don't care about if they get killed by the Police, or the SWAT real life, and are complete fed up with Bullies in School, What do you think might happen one day, Perhaps if U.S Schools want crime to stop happening they should take more security precautions, and not only this, but rid the schools of bullies, hey it happens When I went to school it was filled with racism, Violence, Bullies, and if I had to personally stay around that, one day I might have just lost it the same as these other kids at school and someone would have got harmed or worse. In general I am just saying if you want to understand the triggers of Mental Behavior both in games like Second Life + League OF Legends, + Real Life and peoples attititude, hatred, you have to understand what fuels it and makes people just snap one day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwGFea7JuFw The movie does have a good point :3 Now maybe he was just trolling Okay? But trolling about acts of terrorism like this I would take it damn seriously if I were law enforcement because eventhough he did not commit the crime he still deserves just as the other kid to get mentally evaluated trolls have types of mental disorders too or at least some people do.
  14. Sephina Frostbite wrote: My whole 3 years of sl Ive been told over and over clear your cache now today I was told never clear your cache... um what??? Whats your thoughts? Depends if you have a really big hard drive, and only hang out on a few sims/areas then you don't really need to clear often it really depends how much time you spend in SL how much asset data you load into your cache if you load over 5 Gigs of data yeah you might want to clear it especially as time goes by maybe once a month or a week depending on what your need is.
  15. Dillon Levenque wrote: This has nothing whatever to do with SL or the Forum but I believe RL discussions are okay in this section. I just saw this story online http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-22839359 and found it interesting. Someone actually is going to jail for online trolling. I personally think it was quite justified. I wondered if a similar thing could happen in the US, given that our freedom of speach defenses are so stringent and I see that in fact what this person did is illegal here, too (here being California). There are specific condtions, but it can be illegal. http://www.shouselaw.com/criminal_threats.html Which is exactly why I never make Real Life Threats. I can be your best friend, a Neutral, or your worst enemy, and when I rage you do not even want to be around me, because I am the type of person who will do whatever it takes to achive the Lulz and mass epic Revenge, however Real Life threats are a different story. Making Real Life threats from your own PC/IP address is just stupid using a Free WI-FI Location is better, but even then making Real Life threats is not the way to go because if you get caught well you see what happens to you. There are many things you can do to get revenge over the internet without the need for Real Life threats which would just risk a ban from a forum, or game account at most penalty IP/MAC address block which are both easy to get around.
  16. FairuzaB wrote: Suspiria Finucane wrote: My recommendation is to confront any gang and show others there is no reason to fear anyone in a virtual world. Once that is done they will disappear into the darkness from whence they came. I agree! Very good advice! Which isn't exactly true think of it this way in Second Life Role-Play gangs can be serious business been there done that kinda thing. But anyways think of it this way with Linden Lab's Security someone who makes an enemy of a gang or group of people who really don't care about getting banned just keep ban evading, griefing them hell out of (X) Person, their friends, griefing any sims they visit or list in their picks and so on making their Second Life a living hell, and as (X) person can't change their name if they have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new avatar they have no choice but to create a new account to get away from it all. Even then I wouldn't say there is nothing to fear while Second Life has anonmity there are certain Interactions, and API's which can cause a users Real Life location to be compromised while using SL Services while I do not believe the actual basic user would ever have this issue its possible to get RL stalkers through SL. A bit of advise, Never link your Second Life name to any forum names, or FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace,etc. Because stalkers can use the search engine.
  17. There are Role-Play gangs, and there are Real Life Gangs, as well as RP Motor Cycle Gangs or MC's, Wannabe's and so on. However as Second Life has anonmity and allows users to remain completely anonymous and given what you can do with scripts, including Sending Emails through Second Life, and what you can do with Second Life's Voice/SIP servers its possible to use Second Life as a communication tool on I-Pads to communicate illegally with gangs undetected, and also send emails, threats, or other crimes through Second Life servers to avoid being caught by traditional email's. While such would break the TOS, and the user would likely get banned of course Second Life just isn't secure and can be used for bad methods Real Life, on the other had Second Life is a great Real Life simulator so to speak used properly, otherwise it can be abused as I stated above. So yes I Would say Real Life gangs can use Second Life for bad or good purposes, otherwise its likely just Role-Play, and of course it can get violent in Second Life as in Gangs actually fighting/griefing with Multi-Tools, and such.
  18. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: Once in a while you see the green text chat whether it be from something you're wearing or from a sim welcoming you. Is this seen by everyone or usually only one person, you? Both it depends on the way the object is scripted. For example an object can be set to LL Whisper the Agent or your avatar so only each individual can see it to keep from spamming local chat and everyone who teleports in with the same welcome message. A Object can be used for griefing to spam green text all over a sim via local/shout within I think it was like 40 meter local range and 96 meters shout haven't played SL in a long time. A General Object or comms relay can be used to whisper an agent or avatar across sims who is not logged into Second Life, and can only be seen by the avatar key its being sent to there are Role-Play reasons for this, but it can also be used to grief, and basically only you can see it however this is not private as anyone with a Channel Scanner can see who is sending it or anyone can open local chat click the object name and see who and where it was sent from unless using the exploit to prevent it which is used for griefing. You can also send email's from Second Life servers, or look up peoples IP addresses using basic LSL with a object in a sand-box or on your own parcel basically leaving it anonymous, a great way to use second life behind anonmity/anonymous email free wi-fi bot and send emails to anyone I believe it still works.
  19. Lewis Luminos wrote: Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Lewis Luminos wrote: A better solution is for the venue to require group membership for entry and charge a one-time fee to join the group. What if I'm just "browsing" and I'm not sure that I want to join a group? I may not even have a group slot to spare. Some of my groups I may have already paid to get into. To have to leave one just to go check a venue out??? To have to pay for such a "privilege" when I have no idea whether I'll like the place or not??? What if I decide, after five minutes, the the lag is unbearable, the music sucks, the people there are idiotic gesturbators and particle whores, and I want nothing to do with the place? Do I get a refund? Those questions would be up to the venue owner to decide. But if Second Life itself required a joining fee it would surely be a lot more than the few lindens it might be to join a club's VIP group. I don't intend to charge a fee for my own club, but if I did at some point decide that it was necessary, I would manually refund the entry fee to everyone who doesn't grief. The purpose isn't to raise revenue after all, it's to stop griefers getting in. Also Second Life is an Actual Service/Grid, There should be a one time fee to access the grid, or perhaps if there was a one time fee for isntant access or a 1-4 week waiting period if joining as a free user and Linden Lab verified the account the IP address it was created from and saw it wasn't a troll account name such as (Bobtehgrifarrr111) or something then manually activated the account without a fee then it would be fine and still help restrict griefers. I say the best way to deal with the griefers is deactivate all accounts who are not Sim Owners, Premium users, and require that the user verify their email address again this would fully get rid of anyone not using their real email and disposable email accounts. Then put in Information Requirements like. 1. Real Life Name, Address, Phone Number ETC. 2. Require Phone Verification like Google instead of a fee to join? Personally I dont care about what happens in another country or if Second Life gets banned from all other countries, Second Life is a service run in the United States OF America to my knowledge, if they have laws that restrict it or can't play Second Life anymore because of it then too bad. (Not to be rude about it) But something needs to be done and as this is a U.S service its bound by U.S Laws which I believe makes it legal for requesting this information am I wrong? As for the comments about griefers and vibrators. Well there are griefers, and Linden Lab obviously needs to do something to help the matter, but they are not so its up to us to deal with them sadly as a community and deal with it how you see fit. My way to deal with a group of griefers is to get revenge and paying them back, and of course there are forum trolls who know absolutely nothing about any of the incidents or things I have seen or been part of and why. To keep it short I will not stand around in Second Life when I am playing and watch while any group griefs others without a damn good reason, or CopyBot merchants I know there will be Revenge taken out on any and all involved individuals, and you will be exposed for those who don't like reading. This is why I agree that Linden Lab needed to do something starting years ago to protect users accounts with IP Verification, and add measures to help prevent griefers from using disposable email accounts, and just keep making account after account to grief becuase not everyone who griefs does it for revenge. There are. 1. A Players who grief and do harassment to get enjoyment/Fun out of it. 2. B Players who Grief out of revenge Insert X reason here a dispute between two parties or don't like something that is being done to them or their friends, which is the type of person I am and always will be. 3. There are actually Hit-Men/Griefers for hire outside Second Life easily paid off $50 a week for example or more depending on the job they will deal with all your needs, I wont discuss this in Second Life at all.
  20. Darla Hadisson wrote: Hi, I was in two clubs last night, and in one club, some user (whose name remains anonymous) was causing trouble, and in another, one user was not only causing trouble, but also using racist terms (along the lines of the N-word, the F-word (the other kind, not the one with 4 letters or its other forms), etc.).. I have a feeling that this sounds like the behavior of teenagers who have nothing better to do with their vacation from school except spend countless hours on the computer, playing games and even on Second Life. Summer and Christmas seem to be occasions when times are dire and DJ's and club staff have to repeatedly eject users off the sim, only to create alts afterwards and add fuel to the fire. I personally think the idea of Linden Labs merging the teen grid with the main grid was doing nothing but causing trouble, and I think that idea was proven to be a problem in the long run. Before I joined SL in 2010, I did read in the forum archives that LL was going to merge the teen grid with the main grid. I bet 2008 was better times for Second Life with no problematic teens taking advantage of SL. Then again, the drawback was that teens used a different DOB and got through. It has come to a conclusion that teenagers tend to take advantage of free membership to SL and other virtual worlds, and I think the idea of one-time registration fees for future newbies is a good but vital idea. A one-time fee of $1.95 and requesting immediate payment by credit card or PayPal will deter these problematic teenagers-from accessing such world, if they do plan on entering such virtual world just to harass others. New membership may go down, but anybody can pay $1.95 if they want to seriously join SL. If that's not a good idea, going back to the glory days of 2008 by splitting the main grid and teen grids separately may be in order. If none of these are possible, there's nothing more that I can say other than the fact that I cannot wait for September. I agree it would be great if Linden Lab would go back to require DOB, Email Confirmation, Name, and possibly even charge $2 fee to create an account or something. There is currently nothing you can do about Harassment, It will go on as long as Linden Lab does not take any measures, or add IP-Verification accounts will continue to get compromised/hijacked maybe worse in the future I know about harassment from experience, I am not going to give names of the users, but there are about 4 Second Life users who have made it to the top of my harassment list, and they well deserved it mostly Role-Players who CopyBot my friends entire store So I went after them starting in late 2009, spread the word about them, Posted posts all over the internet on Second Life blogs with their names on it, and continue to spread the word with any updated information I get from my inside friends in Second Life who email me information on them, and the community doing these type of things. Oh and as far as the legal issues, They told me they were going to get a lawyer, You see I guess Cheaters/Hackers who disrupt others in games do not like to be called out. But guess what nothing happened why? Because I had too much on them, and in the long run this is what they sent out about me those years ago, I censored the last part of the Note-Card so I could post it here. ("http://pastebin.com/Rem3A59S ( "Obviously" some of the information in here was given wrong, but what do you expect to someone writing a sad story in fear can't get the information right") Yep did I start crap with this group of people and all their Copy-Botting alliances absolutely right I did. Let me give you a hint, Inspect every Member of your big Gorean Alliance, Inspect everything they wear, Inspect those whose friends are friends with others in the big Tribial Allinaces and if you do your job Correctly and you do not find a single piece of stolen cotent ripped by another member linked back to a Gorean alliance group that your friend assoiciates with I will be shocked. And for the record no I didn't play it guilt by assoiciation, I just called out every group whose owner knew about these griefers in their groups and did nothing because its as bad as pulling the trigger yourself when you stand around letting botters rip off your animations and avatars and you know about it. So bottom Line something to keep in mind, You don't mess with me or my friends We mess with you., Even if its not in Second Life but another game like Clan, or Gaming Communities, I can deal with it all the same just done a bit differently, and most gamers I know of from my clan hold dark secrets of cheating they ever cross me perhaps I just call them out "For Example". Oh and I can say for certain, I was not one of the people who run the 16 SQM Parcel Gorean Meter Farms when it was cheatable back in the day to cheat RP items, I knew those who would rent sims and do this, until it was fixed, and I also knew of those who cheat the GM system. In fact to be honest Had I not have joined "GOR" in 2009, I would have never learn about what a Copy-Bot really was, or what Permissions Exploiting was, it was from my group I learn this from, and I absolutely hated hearing about it because to me its one of those things like in Video Game design once you know all about scripted events and how it works it is just boring to play a single player game with QTE/script events. But since I saw what was going on and wasn't one of the blind Ignorant RP players, That is where I took the stand to do something about it or what I could anyways. Currently as I don't play Second Life anymore I really don't care what peeps think about me, but what I do know is that those who actually knew me well will always remember the kitty. In fact I remember a couple of years ago now Crashing a big party in at least two RP sims full of people because of their illegal actions a friend who was on a VPS server helped me grief these no good for nothing botting communty except we didn't just crash everyone, we put our chat spammers that spammed Text & URL sim wide, and blue box to make sure every Role-Player who was in the area saw the evidence, and crashed the people who had admin rights to ban the sims were so lagged up that bans would not trigger, and in a matter of 5 minutes Linden Lab employee logged out and perma banned the account, goes to show what Lindens will do to a griefer if someone who is paying a lot of money calls in a complaint or Linden Friend. In general I have no problem with Linden Friends banning griefers its well deserved, but I have a problem with the RP community who supports the Goons who hacked my account, and the ones who Bot a lot of merchants I know daily just because they can. But it didn't matter the point and message was delivered to them all loud and clear that Botting from merchants I know is not wanted, and I am sure it lost them some players who didn't want to be in the middle of the griefing war. So to answer something. A. Linden Lab does need to Do Something to prevent harassment/griefing in Second Life all around, they also need to do something about sim owners who know about players on their sims breaking the TOS and take action against the owners like the WoodBury, Digital Worlds, Reddit sims, I have no idea why they got closed only rumors so why not close down these RP sims who support Griefing, and Botting beyond me. B. You have your Griefer who just goes around and does random things for the laughs, these are the type of griefers I absolutely hate people who crash sand-box, or just enter clubs curse people out like you talk about without a reason and make a new account each time. C. You have the griefer who does things out of revenge, In general most grief, or Revenge Crimes in Second Life always start because of a Cause- Effect Reason, not just out of no where Player A does something Player B Strikes Back.
  21. SLtesterL2 wrote: How many accounts are you allowed to make isn't it 5? If I go over this limit, can I just delete an alt to make another or will it not matter? Thank you With all the proxies out there, and MAC Spoofing avalable on the internet and illegal viewers there is no limit on the accounts you can create its a problem and I have asked LL many times in the past to please add protection for sim owners in Second Life from griefers removing the ID verification from age verify and adult sims ruined this. 1. Registration doesn't even require a valid email anything @sharklasers.com works so you can do aaaaaaa@sharklasers.com and you don't even have to verify the account just use a proxy. I even had a griefer register an account under one of my emails before using an API when they were avalable with the attempt to try to get my main banned from SL because they knew my email address and it was never verified. anything@anything.com pretty much works too.
  22. Gadget Portal wrote: So, this is something that's odd to me about SL. To this day, people can still crash regions, and crash other user's GPUs. Why have these exploits never been fixed? Further, why does LL do so little to people that do these things? An IP/MAC ban can be circumvented in about 8 seconds. 15 seconds if you don't know what you're doing. I can do this in under 3 seconds ^^ But yeah I know what you mean them griefer scumbag goons, I have told Linden Lab for years we need more protection, we need Linden lab to keep age verification so that on adult regions we have to provide Real ID to get into the sim which any 9 year old can get into SL just say they over 18 and click I am over 18 free pass to adult club I believe there should be a requirement just like RL in SL to require a bouncer checking ID aka if it was like this there would be a lot less griefers in adult sims. How long does it take LL to even add IP- Verification like in Guild Wars 2 about 5 years I think I was speaking to some friends about this too and about maybe returning to SL if such was fixed but SL in its current state is bad.
  23. Christin73 wrote: I have been hanging out at this one urban combat sim lately. Lately they have had gangbangers lately doing anything they feel like it even if its against sim rules. This includes griefing and harrassment of the reguler users. Yet, the sim owner refuses to do anything. My question is, can the sim own be held liable for alowing the sims users to violate TOS? Depends if the Sim owner allows the use of huds, or griefing in their region its allowed can be considered Role-Play. However if the owner of the sim is using the sim as a public meet-up for Copybotters, griefers, scripted object/server hosting to do remote attacks on other users not in their sim/gridwide spam, and such types of attacks, then yes Second Life will close it down likely although this could occur under the nose of any sim-owner. And if you don't believe it look at what happend at the sims. 1. Sanvich 2.Digital Worlds 3. WoodBury 4. Reddit Why were all these sims closed more than once that is what I am curious to know if Linden Lab didn't take no action at all.
  24. Sean Heying wrote: You do not want secondary auth, you want 2 factor authentication. A litle keychain device that gives you a unique 6 digit code to type in every minute. Or a smartphone app that gives you a unique 8 digit code to type in each minute. If you phrased your initial point without the TPV and griefer rubbish and just mentioned, hey my account is linked to my credit card. I am able to buy lindens, and sell them for cash. It would make sense to offer us two factor authentication to help reduce that danger should anyone ever guess my password is 12345 or maybe phish me. You would get a far more positive response. Drop the TPV hate it's irrelevent to this discussion, go to the real thing you want without that clouding your words. Optional two factor authentication is good and I would love the lab to include the option to use it. Especially now as smartphones can be used to generate the unique number. Now what that has to do with "the risk of using TPVs" is beyond me. After all, a person using Linden Lab's official viewer is just as likely to fall for that phishing email that says: Dear Resident, We notices that an attempt to access your account was made from recently China. As a safeguard of your protection we have locked your account. To remove this lock please visit http://this.is.not.a.hacking.link.com/to/steal/your/moneys/you/canm/trust/us and enter your Username, Password and full credit card number, date of birth and passpaort number. Make please a note that logging into your account before this is done we will have your IP banned to protect your assets and details financial. Sincelery yours, Londin Labs security devision CA, America Oh I agree I would love to see this feature. Had Linden Lab have had it in place reguardless of how my account got compromised it would not have been ^^. IP White-List like GuildWars 2 would be great aka if anyone else tries to login to your account at all you get a email telling you the persons IP trying to login and if you want to allow it or not. OF Course a third step verification would also be to require ID Verification I wouldn't mind that too but in other countries that could be hard although the verification method via email could still provide them with some security while 3rd step could optionally be activated.
  25. Sean Heying wrote: You do not want secondary auth, you want 2 factor authorisation. If you phrased your initial point without the TPV and griefer rubbish and just mentioned, hey my account is linked to my credit card. I am able to buy lindens, and sell them for cash. It would make sense to offer us two factor authentication to help reduce that You would get a far more positive response. Drop the TPV hate, go to the real thing you want without that clouding your words. Two factor authentication = good, especially now as smartphones can be used to generate the unique number. I agree Smart Phones are not a bad idea but also allowing Mobile/Email would be great too for those who don't use mobile phones it also as stated helps keep throw away griefer accounts off because they have to use a real email to verify. TPV hate, I Absolutely Love Open Source Viewers, and TPV's used correctly TPV's are great such as the Approved TPV's however as Second Life is open sourced there are going to be some who use non approved TPV's even the BETA testers who release a new viewer have to test a non approved viewer before release of the viewer or getting it approved on the list. All I am saying is that with any TPV, including illegal TPV's, or Malicious viewers there is always the risk that they can have a keylogger or become compromised evne the approved ones unless Linden Lab is manually checking all the code every release even then Linden Lab would have to compile the viewer themselves and release it themselves to know 100% for sure which is all I am saying. As I have stated before in one of my posts or so debating about CopyBot, The CopyBot does have its uses compiled for illegal or legal use its a great tool, but I do not agree with the way Griefers like the goons abuse the CopyBot ripping off merchants. Even if a CopyBot has restrictions to respect owner permissions technically its still a CopyBot. OF Course with LL's new TOS use of CopyBot viewers which disrespect permissions were made illegal, but in other words I have used them for backing up some of my old builds which I still have on my PC, and to help against griefers with some of the tools they have which were not in TPV's listed on the approved list at the time some of the functions also still do not exist in approved TPV's because of the ability to grief others with them as well. Either way all I am saying is As I showed in the Snapshot in (OP) and (Forum Post) on SLU, we need account Auth Verification bad via IP address white-listing, possibly make it work with Smart Phones & Mobile APP's not a bad idea, but also Link via email works just as good to help prevent account hijacking. It would also be great if Linden Lab could actually restore Accounts especially those who are Premium, and or pay high tier fees to Linden Lab monthly.
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