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  1. There are two types of Copy-Botting. 1.) Is using a middle man to steal content then having someone un-related post and sell the content or using a different hardware id / IP address to avoid a ban or detection. 2.) The second type is those who just copy a bunch of avatar hairs for example and throw them up on the market place or pass them around as a freebie who cares type. While Linden Lab generally requires a DMCA, It seems like they could offer residents a way to still file a complaint that content is still Copy-Botted and it could work in a way similar to a person selects the content t
  2. Logged into Second Life for the first time in 3 months didn't feel like playing, checked on old friends most of them quit playing Second Life as well, and the game feels dead. Back in the day I remember when I would search for Weapons, Huds, In world Shopping, Military, I would always find some place to go do combat at, or go shopping now the game feels dead, my opinion you can blame it a lot on Red Zone & the other spyware devices that are still going around. Took a look at the game comparing it to 5 years ago the game or grid feels like there is nothing left anymore, and taking a look
  3. Actually its not True, if a Land Lord, wants to be a Jerk, there is a way to delete items off a persons land legally I mean Destroy no Copy Items for good. Its called Admin > God Tools under this option the region owner, or anyone with Estate rights can perm delete anyones objects from the region not retuning them to a persons inventory. Even if a persons items is retruned due to server issues items can be lost. This is a reason in Second Life why when I played SL I would always avoid NO- Copy items from merchants, do this in the future incase you loose your items for this reason. *
  4. Yes I remember the Teen Grid because I was a resident on there years ago, IT was a great experience except for the few Ass-Hat's I remember to this day I still have every log from the teen grid + data that I have saved ^^ although most of those people no longer play or were banned. The Teen Grid used to be a nice place though, and you really should check out the region called (Nix) without the () this is where all the Teen Grid freebies used to be given away to the teens. To me leaving Teen Grid it was a sad experience leaving almost everything I knew behind I wish they would have merged it
  5. I have met some very disrespectful business/store owners in Second Life during my time, mostly the ones that were running Red Zone, CDS, and other systems that spy on residents (illegally) I pretty much learned to give them the birdy without saying anything they know that what they are doing is Wrong, I as a customer will never shop with them for their disrespectful mouths, and next time I see some griefer giving away their products illegally for Free, I have a hud in SL which stores every merchants name that is a merchant who has been disresepectful and if your name is on that list I persona
  6. There is already a program, or viewer that can copy other peoples content without permission called a Copy-Bot been out for years many of them on the internet for free download just have to google it although I will warn you lots of them are infected with Keyloggers, trojans etc. I would like to see a new version of Second Life like this, but the problem is how do you keep users content/IP Rights from being illegally ripped I mean if people can just Control and Copy, sure Snap-Shots are fine I could careless about recording videos or snap-shots but I am talking about like people having the ab
  7. Try not using any Third Party Viewers to login make a new account only use Linden Lab Viewer, Also do not transfer any old objects from you're old accounts to new and see if they find it. Also Disable Media functions via the viewer. If that solves it then its either someone linking you with a Ban-Link system in world, or TPV Viewers that are compromised.
  8. A single object or prim itself can't do any harm to a persons computer or account. However you have to take the following into the matter. 1.) Dialogue Spam if a person is tricked into clicking a Dialogue which opens a browser and installs a virus or keylogger. 2.) A object that changes Land Information if you have rights which links to external data-base and has a virus/keylogger that can be accidently installed on a users computer by a few methods. 3.) The viewer you are using with security issues such as a Third Party Viewer. 4.) A Object itself would be harmless but I have run into ob
  9. QuinnParker wrote: So I am starting this thread in hopes that we can make SL more secure. I have been told that it is nealry impossible to hack an SL account but guess what, I had a frind get hacked and the only thing she did before her account got hacked was buy an item from a store in world. Now she is fighting to get her account back and isn't sure she will get it back. So here it is, make an SL authenticator App for mobile devices. So many MMO games use these and have not been hacked when using such devices. I want to know how many people would use this because I for one know I would u
  10. 1. Fix the old billing system like it once was so people can add a USD Balance to their account instead of having to cash out to obtain USD balance Fix it on a $300 - 500$ limit. (Add Faster Cashing out for people who verify Real Life information or make (X) amount of transactions with no problem of course there has to be cash out limits.) 2. Stop screwing over the people who create our content with you're TOS. http://unitedcontentcreatorsofsl.wordpress.com/ There are many of them. 3. Add better account security it is pathetic that a person's account can get hacked at any time while it mayb
  11. To be quite honest my opinion on Second Life. Second Life is going down the hole, I remember every-time I would login to Second Life I would see 10+ users in every main-grid sand-box I would see Griefers spamming cubes, or people chatting/hanging out any time I would login to the adult grid after leaving Teen Grid now I don't see this anymore. I remember when I would see Role-Play Sims with over 30+ People, massive markets/malls, but this is gone years ago. I remember the Combat Sims that used to exist in Second Life but they are now Gone. Why is it gone? Griefers, Hackers, CopyBotters, A
  12. If LL wrote all the code it would be great because right now as it stands there really are not any highly good scripted RPG based Combat Systems in Second Life, things that could make a simulator feel like World OF Warcraft, or a system that detects where an avatar is hit by a bullet/arrow type of thing. Every system that I have found has been cheated/exploited 3 years ago I remember the Exploit where various meters had their source codes stolen along with GM,DCS, and other companies products in SL which I will not discuss here a few people have their hands on every exploit avalable in some s
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-22839359 Free Speech Maybe? But still he said he was going to commit acts of terrorism, its bad enough we have movies like "RAMPAGE" which is basically the same thing he talked about giving ideas to people about commiting acts of terrorism then ending it except the fact that in the movie the bad guy actually gets away with it. Could say the same thing about Explsoives in those movies/shows like 24, and SPEED, yes its just a movie for entertainment, but it gets people looking and just using the search engine and torrent searches you can come up with s
  14. Sephina Frostbite wrote: My whole 3 years of sl Ive been told over and over clear your cache now today I was told never clear your cache... um what??? Whats your thoughts? Depends if you have a really big hard drive, and only hang out on a few sims/areas then you don't really need to clear often it really depends how much time you spend in SL how much asset data you load into your cache if you load over 5 Gigs of data yeah you might want to clear it especially as time goes by maybe once a month or a week depending on what your need is.
  15. Dillon Levenque wrote: This has nothing whatever to do with SL or the Forum but I believe RL discussions are okay in this section. I just saw this story online http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-22839359 and found it interesting. Someone actually is going to jail for online trolling. I personally think it was quite justified. I wondered if a similar thing could happen in the US, given that our freedom of speach defenses are so stringent and I see that in fact what this person did is illegal here, too (here being California). There are specific condtions, but it can be illegal. h
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