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  1. XMister really does great work. I gave the info I needed for a script and he made it exactly as I requested. The price was really good and I couldnt believe how fast he made it for me. I really recommend hiring him if you need a script :matte-motes-smile:
  2. Try reading before you reply ... you have no idea what you are talking about!!
  3. 3.) Linden Lab should actually update the "Not As Advertised" option and make it so the person filing to report has to tell Linden Lab exactly why the product isn't advertised. exactly
  4. My item is a full perm mesh Bed that I made in Blender LOL... so no LL was not doing their job by removing my item.
  5. Just a message regarding "FLAGGED ITEMS" Those in charge of checking marketplace items you might want to check if the person who flagged the item as "Not as Advertised" ACTUALLY purchased the item before removing it from the merchants MP Store. How the hell can they know its not as advertised when they havent bought it... this just allows pathetic bullies in SL to continue. I am surprised how fast that gets taken care of ...yet all the copyright material, stolen material and fake material are able to remain on the MP.... not to mention those inworld who contantly bully other designers because they have nothing better to do with their time them try and destroy their business due to complete and utter jealously. How come a flagged "NOT AS ADVERTISED" gets taken care of so fast... yet a report inword regarding copyright, bullying and slander get zero response???
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