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  1. So I am starting this thread in hopes that we can make SL more secure. I have been told that it is nealry impossible to hack an SL account but guess what, I had a frind get hacked and the only thing she did before her account got hacked was buy an item from a store in world. Now she is fighting to get her account back and isn't sure she will get it back. So here it is, make an SL authenticator App for mobile devices. So many MMO games use these and have not been hacked when using such devices. I want to know how many people would use this because I for one know I would use this to protect my account.
  2. So I know it sounds like extra work and all but with a random code generator you code much more readily prevent peopls accounts from being hacked. With out that specific code they would never be able to get past it. Most other MMO games have one and hackers haven't been able to get past it yet. It could be a SL authenticator, made to an App for your mobile devic e or into a keychain, but it would be unique to the person who owns it by a serial number attached to an account. Like I said it sounds like a lot of work but to help prevent hackers this would make many people who play SL very happy.
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