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  1. Hai Guyz, I am looking for a trans/copy tattoo that reads "Snuffy's Girl". Possibly a tramp stamp or where it would be easy to write text. reply to this thread or IM me in-world with a quote.
  2. Thanks for everyone's input. I probably won't be migrating to Sansar anytime soon. I am jsut surprised that I haven't been aware of it for so long. I kinda want to get into it, but it seems the learnign curve is steep and that it would be expensive.
  3. Hai Guyz. So I met a "Lucy Linden" at a newby hub yesterday, she had a link in her profile. I downloaded Sansar, and was annoyed that I couldn't cam around like I could in SL. Also, when I tried shopping for men's clothes, A single top was 1USD. Anyone else on Sansar?
  4. Hai Guyz, Just now, I was cleaning out my inventory, and decided to wear what I thought was a coupon. Suddenly, I lost 3,000L to a deleted account <Moderator Redacted>. Is there a way to recover the money?
  5. Except He hasn't responded to any of the notecards or offline IMs I've sent him. Thanks for checking though.
  6. I think resetting the scripts is what broke it in the first place. Basically, I can't allow other people to play the scenes. I deleted the box a long time ago in order to cut down on inventory size. I would be happy if the creator so much as slipped me a notecard instructing me how to set it back to normal.
  7. Creator hides his groups, and I spent a good amount of time stalking him. I am pretty sure he is gone from SL since he hasn't made anything new for a couple years.
  8. Hai Guyz, A long time ago I bought this thing. It has given me many hours of joy. I show it off to all my friends. However, I broke it about a month ago, and I haven't heard back from the creator despite repeated contacts. I am almost tempted to buy another one. However, before I plop down 2k Lindens, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't a better product out there. Any suggestions from anyone?
  9. Hai Guyz., I am thinking of buying a new sim to rent to other avatars. However, I can only afford one. I haven't thought of whether or not to offer blank land, or to furnish it, or to simply rez skyboxes. I am also assuming that I'd need some sort of rental system as well. I also know about one semester's worth of marketing. I couldn't offer the elaborate system that bigger landlords such as Anshe Chung has in place, but hope maybe a small-time landlord who is able to offer personal assistance(instead of a support system) might be appealing. Is it possible for someone who owns a single sim to compete with larger landlords in the current market?
  10. Wait, so it 1500 the net loss of regions, or is it the number of sims abandoned within a year?
  11. They accused me of poaching the prospective auctionees. I denied it. The owner says that I hit up on his alt, which I didn't. My only guess is that someone I've pissed off made some stuff up in retaliation. I just want my money back at this point.
  12. Hai Guyz, I made several bids at an auction house, about 5,000L worth. I was there today checking on my bids, only to receive an IM accusing me of "poaching"(offering money to drop out of the auction). I asked the owner to refund me, but he has never responded. Do I have any recourse?
  13. Hai Guyz, So I just had a bad experience bidding on a slave. I bid 400L on a slave, a relatively small amount. I never heard back from either the auction house or the slave whom I bid on. Therefore I had assumed that I had lost the auction. However, when I checked to transaction history, I realized that I never got back my bid. When questioned, the person who runs the auction house claimed that I had indeed won, and therefore would not get a refund. Therefore, my question is as follows: What are the obligations of an auction house in regards to the bidder, what protections does LL offee to those who bid at auction houses?
  14. Well, Fortunately it was a lingerie store large enough to have several employees. None of the employees or owner would tell me why I was banned, so I was eventually let back into the group.
  15. Hai Guyz, A long time ago I used to have this hud where I could rez this 12-in-1 vehicle. It could be an airplane, an airship, A motorcycle, A dune buggy. It was free as well. Sadly, My old avatar got eaten, and I have yet to see it any more. Does such a thing still lexist?
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