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  1. Thank you, Celestiall, I'll try that as soon as possible, I looked at the page for filing a ticket but the preset options didn't seem to cater for items that had disappeared, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.
  2. Yes, you're absolutely right about the little check box, but I think you misinterpreted my original question. Which was :- 'Iwant to know what recourse, other than legal action, I can take for the return of my no copy items which were deleted or taken when the landlord repossessed the land I was renting.' The items disappeared as a consequence of the landlord repossessing the land, I have no quibble about my rent being 3 days late, or his right to return said items, what I want to know is how I get them back. As I mentioned previously, I'm perfectly happy to pay the money owed, I've paid rent well in advance before. What I am not happy about is those items disappearing and having to accept the loss of 10k L, which equates to quite a few GBP. I am not prepared to sit here and accept that it's a gltich and they're gone for good, I certainly wouldn't accept that in real life. Why should virtual items that I paid for, be any different?
  3. Please can you let me know the easiest and fastest way to transfer the money owed?
  4. The point was... those virtual goods had value and they were the property of the young man who lost them, the company tried to argue that as they were virtual, they remained the property of Runescape. The court determined otherwise. My point being that the goods lost belong to me and removal of those goods without my consent may be deemed as theft. I think this is very pertinent given that people invest a great deal of hard earned money into virtual goods, don't you?
  5. Thank you very much for replying here, where I can actually receive and read the message. I'm not going to get into a long debate with you about the i'm's and how much notice i received. You were offline when i sent the original im and I have yet to read your advice on clearing cache etc. I am unable to reply or read these messages, unless I am actually logged in to SL. I am more than happy to pay the rent owed as I did on the last occasion, also pay in advance as I did before. However the items are definitely not in my inventory, I have checked my purchase history and the value is 10k L. As the entity who hit that return button, who else would be responsible? As I have received some helpful replies from this thread, I will now raise a ticket with Linden Labs and see if i can get the items returned that way.
  6. I just want to clarify that I did not deed any of the items to a group. They belonged to me solely. They have not been returned to my inventory. Regarding the Dutch Supreme Court ruling, the company concerned was a UK based company and the goods were virtual and removed from the control of the player without his consent i.e theft. The EU subsequently went on to consider the rights of consumers with regard to existing legislation and subsequently concluded that where the eula/T&C were vague or not providing sufficient protection to the consumer, then EU directives might overrule those T&C. China, South Korea and residents of several other countries have also sought to challenge unfair eulas.
  7. It seems fairly simple to me, the landlord repossessed the land at short notice, causing me to lose items of some value which were no copy and have not reappeared in my inventory. As I said before, I'm perfectly happy, willing and able to pay the 3 days rent owed, but this action seemed extreme and unwarranted to me. I would like my items returned or their value reimbursed.
  8. The landlord repossessed the land knowing I had no copy items on there, knowing that they would most likely disappear into the ether. They did not email me about the repossession, I don't log in regularly, perhaps once a week, a simple reminder that rent would expire on such and such a date would have done.
  9. Well, it is quite simple to send an email to me. I'm perfectly happy, willing and able to pay any rent owing. Please don't tar me with the same brush as those people who renege on debts and disappear. My ''sense of entitlement' as you so succinctly put it, comes from expecting the same recourse to justice, fairness and return of goods as I would in real life. If that's being self entitled then I certainly am, thank you very much. I understand this problem has been present for a long time and yet nothing has been done about it? Either LL really don't care or people are keeping quiet about it. Maybe it's about time they tweaked something so that items did actually return to the person who purchased them in the first place.
  10. Thank you I really appreciate your advice here, I'll try the sandbox method and then contact the creator.
  11. I will check my inventory very carefully, but I'm saddened that this sort of behaviour doesn't raise more outrage in the SL community, you're happy to spend hard earned real money and see it all disappear at the whim of an unscrupulous landlord? It's that sort of attitude which is allowing developers to get away with these over restrictive and blatantly despotic eula's in the first place. Yes, I know, I read it before I signed too. It's really about time some of these were scrutinised more publicly by consumer associations and highlighted for their unfairness.
  12. Whilst I appreciate that the landowner merely repossessed the land, they would also have been aware of the nature of the items on that land that did not belong to them. I did not say that they were kept, I said that the landlord knowingly caused the loss of those items. Therefore they are liable for the return of either the items or their value. In real life, if you rent a property, the landlord is not entitled to ownership of items you place in that property, or at least only up to the value of rent unpaid. The European Union is saying that the same rights apply to virtual goods as they do to real goods. I spent real money on those items, I have a right to the same consumer protection in a virtual world as I would in real life.
  13. I want to know what recourse, other than legal action, I can take for the return of my no copy items which were deleted or taken when the landlord repossessed the land I was renting. I am a resident of the EU, I am well aware that they have recently expressed support for consumers and customers with regard to the ownership of virtual goods and the rights of the customers. This is 10k L worth of items I am seeking to have reimbursed or returned. For your additional information: On the 31st of January 2012, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands found that items in the online game RuneScape had been stolen from a player. This is a ground-breaking case as it is the highest national court in the West to rule that taking virtual objects in this way is theft under national criminal law. This ruling may have broad implications for the online games industry. The court ruled that: Virtual items have value in virtual of the effort and time invested in obtaining themThe value in Virtual items is recognised by those that play the game (including the defendents who went to the trouble to take them)The Virtual items were under the exclusive control of the player – who was relieved of this control
  14. Thank you for your extremely knowledgeable response! I can understand the excitement that SL must have generated in certain quarters when it first launched, I can see the potential of a location such as this for many purposes. I'm a specialist teacher of children with medical needs, Second Life could be used in so many ways to help these kids I work with, in helping autistic/aspiesovercome their social awkwardness through managed situational role play, providing safe 'comfortable' places for counselling or chatting, classrooms where several immobile children can be taught together, as a step for those with acute school anxiety on the way to actually bringing them back into a real classroom...a million ways. I've also looked at the virtual reality courses offered by Bristol University, but in reality I'm reluctant to sign up for those because the poor performance is a big worry. To try and complete a masters degree on a platform that isn't maintained as well as it might be just feels a bit risky. So while I can be tongue in cheek about the 'game' aspect, I would be very wary of implementing any 'professional' ideas for education... plus there is the cost element which also seems extremely disproportionate to the returns available. I really do hope that a similar world space is developed, but is there a conflict? If it's not a space for gaming then what sort of customers are going to be attracted to it? Will there be enough of them? If it's a space specifically designed for businesses and organisations, will it also be suitable for casual users, creators and have the many wonderful, imaginative and beautiful sims we see in SL at the moment.
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