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  1. I would like to thank everyone for their post and opinions, my last word is to all business owners new or old please be nicer. You do have to teach or give advice to anyone, just be nicer, thanks
  2. Not correct, I have been in SL since 2008, I would not post this for one business owner. It was muliple business owners that I came in contact with over the years. I posted this to make business owners aware that some of them are rude and need to be nicer. Thanks for your post:)
  3. Hello Amethyst , I do not mean to gernalize. Sorry for that, but most business owners that have been in SL for years that I have come in contact with have been rude. I do agree with the advice and time frame of business owners, I just want to make the SL business owners that have been here for years to be nicer. Thanks for your post
  4. Hi Karen, I do agree with the noobs that are less experienced as I was when I first joined SL and you. Everyone starts off as a noobie. I just feel old business owners need to be nicer not to the noobies that act poorly which is true but to the ones that come in looking to start a business. Thanks for your post Karen
  5. So i've been in SL since 2008. I've had a couple of businesses and each time have been greeted kindly by the residents but the business owners, the older ones have been extremly rude. Which does not make since to me. They should be the ones giving advice, being friendly not rude! Old business owners in SL please be nicer that same person you were rude to could be your next customer.
  6. Hello, I need someone that can write my business name on the glass door of my office building, mus have a professional look. Also 2-3 regular signs, please message me if you can do this, I would need to see some examples. And how much you will charge. thank you
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