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  1. My avatar is an African-American, and I am a white male in real life. I use Second Life on a daily basis.
  2. I know of someone who has been having the same kind of problem as of lately. She was not only unable to walk when logged on, but after a few seconds it automatically logged her off. What is going on? Is it possible she has an outfit she is wearing that was causing problems?
  3. My question is, do the feet have toes? I certainly hope they don't have bunions. This sounds like an interesting mesh body. I am also wondering if I can actually make the mesh body half invisible?
  4. Does anybody know if there are any Bento bare feet that allow wiggling of toes, and if so, where could I find an inexpensive set?
  5. I think, with the latest wave of spambots invading SL, I think it's time for the folks at Linden Labs to consider implementing a one-time fee for any new avatar. Already existing members would not be subject to such fees. What do you think of this idea? Either way, I hope something is done about this spambot problem once and for all. If it goes on forever, I am afraid of what may end up happening to SL someday. If spambots get banned, they will come back. Repeatedly. I hope there is something that can be done about this problem once and for all.
  6. Are the spambots the main reason why the folks at Linden Labs are undergoing unscheduled login maintenance as I post this?
  7. I am using Version 2.76 of Blender, and when I am doing the Prepare the Avatar phase, when I am prompted to press F9, nothing is happening. What do I do?
  8. Is it possible to upload mesh.objects (.dae's) to SL with textures already applied, or do textures and mesh objects have to be uploaded separately?
  9. I am learning how to create polygon hair for my Second Life avatar, but I am having trouble with a certain task. If you scroll to about 0:18 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAsslleGjJY I would like to ask, how do I do that part with the cylinders? I tried it, and it brought all the sides inward to resemble a cone when it should be like in that part of the video. When I tried the task, I did have my cylinder straight and centered vertically. I did tilt the cylinder previously, but when I used the border select tool, it selected parts I don't want to use. What should I do (keyboard shortcuts and/or what path would I have to take) in order to make the cylinder as is shown at about 0;18 in the video?
  10. I am trying to create a script that will allow me to walk on the surface of Linden water. I got a couple of questions: 1. The position that I stand, is that the X, Y or Z position? 2. How would I have to start the script? Like, say, if I were to wear the object on my feet and activate it right away, but if I were to set the standing position (X, Y or Z) to only allow my feet to not go below a certain position, what would I do?
  11. I remember learning one time that a mesh shirt and maybe skirt can be created using Edit Mode on an imported Second Life avatar. Could somebody please post a link to a tutorial on how to create a mesh shirt in Second Life? Also, I did learn that the imported Second Life avatar comes with a skirt too. Can the skirt be made shorter, stretched, and maybe reshaped or warped in Blender?
  12. Since the Second Life avatar is imported with a skirt as well, is there any way I could create a rigged mesh skirt from the Second Life avatar imported into Blender?
  13. Well, maybe Hair Lab is not compatible with Second Life. So much for that idea. But I did read about the idea of creating polygon hair, and I think that may seem more promising. Or I could use bezier curves and make the strands bigger and modify and shape them. And when finished segments of the hair, add a hair texture. Any non-video tutorials on how to create polygon hair or hair using bezier curves? Video tutorials are hard for me to understand, as sometimes they are so fast, and I think tutorials in text format on a website would be more understandable for me. I intend to learn to create mesh items, and I do admit, it's hard at first (and I had just gotten started), but I think after several weeks, I should get the hang of it. Plus I am in no rush to get the task completed.
  14. It does seem to make sense that not only having Sesame Street characters in SL violates the terms of conditions associated with Sesame Workshop, the intellectual property owners, but also a sim that copies Sesame Street. I remember there used to be a sim that replicated Bedrock, the fictional hometown of the Flintstones. Needless to say, that's gone. I have seen avatars that are dressed like Cookie Monster, Elmo, etc. over the years I have been in Second Life. Did they get banned from Second Life? And the word "retarded" should never be used to describe Sesame Street characters. People use that word towards people or characters because they just hate them so much, they don't want to see them again. If you want to use the "R" word to describe characters, I think The Little Rascals may fit the description. I wonder if Sesame Workshop owns a sim in SL?
  15. Are there any tutorials on how to create hairs on a 3D avatar's head in Blender using the Hair Lab add-on? If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to the rightful one.
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