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  1. i apolizige...i said it would be most helpfull if someoe could provide with any usefull info to help..just so we could do know what we can do...
  2. Evening everyone, im here on behalf of my partner who has been terrorized for as long as i can remenber for certain people aka hackers...yes and i mean plurar that have been using and abusin her account over the years and she already tried everything we know...change pass...change email...IP block...callin autorities...callin SL suport system..and nothin have seem to help to stop nor even delay the outcome of this stressfull situation...and the worse is that its afecting her RL when she perfeclty know who this person is...but unforntly she hasnt been able to reach that person...nd today she had the dyin need of makin a new account hope it will stop but im afraid it wont be of good use...cuz if this person is able to go troo everythin and everysingle time manages to snuff out her acc once more...we´v tried everythin i can´t dnt as muchs as i wanted besides suportin her and helpin her everyway i can...but it rly is becomin to much for us specially her cuz this person doesnt know the meanin of "stop" his main objective is to humiliate and use her acc to his heart contente since he never had what he wanted...he tried another rout...anyho...pls if by anychance anyone is able to help out any info at all..pls it would be most helpfull just to even we know what we can possibly do Thank You for your time....
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