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  1. Spaghetti programming, except way more complicated and likely so broken at this point that starting over from scratch would be a much better idea than trying to sort that mess.
  2. That was YOUR point, my point was that some of these issues have been an issue for a very long time and no amount of cloud uplifting can fix them. Yes, it did, the particular issue YOU are experiencing may be new, to you, but search has had numerous issues for years on end. Try looking outside of your own scope for five minutes and you might learn something. Notice that not once did I blame you, your system, your whatever, for the problems. I just happen to know that a lot of them have nothing to do with the cloud and loading onto the cloud couldn't possibly fix them at their core. That's not made clear by your original "the list of land names", which is why I asked for clarification. You'll also note I didn't say it wasn't affected by the uplift, just that it SHOULDN'T be. Where, in anything that I said, did I disagree with you that LL drops the ball on things? You never actually read what anyone has to say to you, you just seem to assume you knew where they were going with it just so you can argue. Again, reading comprehension is important. I never once said the uplift isn't responsibly "for anything". But you literally blame the cloud uplift for every damn problem you have, or think you have, and in some cases, it's just not possible for the cloud uplift to have been the culprit, it's just not. If you were under the impression that the uplift was going to solve most, or all, of the existing problems, you were mislead. Some of the problems, like I said, can't be solved by moving to the cloud. Yes, it was offered as an improvement for SOME things, but certainly not all, and I have never seen it advertised as that. But you don't seem to like to read those things, because they're too technical for you. I get that, you don't like that geeky, programmer sort of side of things, and you don't have to. But dismissing it all because you don't understand, don't want to understand, or simply don't like, is foolish. That's what I said, or did you not read that part too? Been broke for very long time and the cause definitely has more to do with programming than it does the uplift. No, I don't think they're currently capable of fixing it, and the uplift to the cloud certainly would have NO effect on this hot mess. You're partially correct, uplift IS/WAS supposed to help with some things, but it's not a fix all solution for every problem. It can't assist with problems that have nothing to do with the way it functions. The group issues have been around for ages, longer than some reading this have probably even been in sl. Uplifting to the cloud can only assist with issues like this by simplifying and combining other processes thereby leaving more resources dedicated to this problem. Uplifting to the cloud can't fix bad programming, no matter how streamlined the data flow is made, bad data (bad programming) is going to remain so until someone fixes it. You can't put muddy water through a hose and expect it to come out crystal clear on the other end. This sort of issue is akin to that. Or if you'd prefer, automating a packaging process that would normally be done by hand can't be an improvement if the products being sent through for packaging are broken. It's the same concept really. If it doesn't work, at its core, before being uplifted to the cloud, the data stream is going to be just as messed up when it gets there. Not everything goes through the cloud either, at least not in the sense I think you believe the cloud functions anyway, but that's way too much boring programming mumbo jumbo. I don't know who convinced you that moving to the cloud would solve all of, or even most of, sl's problems, but you probably shouldn't trust that person, because they lied. It can only fix so much on its end, LL is still completely responsible for making sure things, basic things, work first
  3. This has been an issue since before the cloud uplift. I think it may have been made a wee bit worse with the uplift, but it's difficult to decipher exactly how, as it really SHOULDN'T happen the way it has. It has nothing at all to do with anyone's individual device, it really couldn't, to be honest. Although I don't personally have issues with search, certainly not the way I have seen others say, I do recognize that it's a big problem for many and it has been for a while. This has been an issue for at least six years, on a grand scale, and a minimal scale for years even before that. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with the cloud uplift and anyone, including LL, that suggests it does, is a moron. This amounts to piss poor programming on LL's part, plain and simple. It's been an issue for so damn long that many can't remember when it wasn't. I don't think LL will ever fix this problem, I'm not convinced they know how. This might have some cloud uplift effect mixed in, or it could simply be LL playing with the damn gears of the MP again. Every time they fiddle with the damn thing, they break something, so I wouldn't chalk this up entirely to the cloud. I wouldn't personally actually link the issue with the uplift at a;l as it's been a problem numerous times over the years. That said, I really don't experience as long of a wait as some people do, for which I am grateful. I always receive items in under 5 minutes, and I know that's probably, almost definitely, not a majority of experiences today. This problem could easily be fixed by firing everyone that works on the MP, all of them except basic support, and hiring people that know what the hell an ecommerce/marketplace site is, how to program one, how to run one, and how to listen to people when they tell you what's wrong with it. LL won't listen though, they'd rather placate people that can't even program an algorithm for flags properly, lol. Which list are you referring to? Do you mean access list/ban list, nearby radar, people? Although I don't think any of them SHOULD be affected by the cloud, it's entirely possible if someone fudged something up on the backend. It's not a reasonable cause (because of how it functions, which is boring programming crap), but certainly not impossible. This is definitely a cloud uplift issue. Although some may say it's your machine, connection, yadda yadda yadda, this is actually more reasonably caused by the uplift and the various issues it has been having. Not everyone will experience it that doesn't make it any less of a problem. While similar issues may have existed periodically in the past, or may indeed be caused by the user end in limited cases, in this case, it's more likely to be an uplift problem. This isn't a cloud issue, either, and there are multiple map related issues. They can't even define the actual problems, or offer an ETA and they have been saying the same thing about this issue since November. The map problems have been around longer than the cloud uplift and usually coincide with something being fudged up on the backend of something else. This is most definitely NOT a user issue, nor is it anything any user can do a damn thing about. LL still refuses to say when they intend to fix the problems, which they originally blamed on the uplift (but that makes no damn sense and the uplift can't be blamed for all problems, despite what some, including some at LL, may think).
  4. The people that believe $50L-$100L (or even less) are "lowball" tips, are likely people that have more disposable money at the ready. Please don't just listen to those people, at least some don't have the slightest idea what it is like to NOT have that money at the ready whenever they need/want it to be and that's likely from where their opinion is seeded (even if the conversion to rl currency is actually quite small, it doesn't matter). Most people will appreciate anything at all, whether that is $1L or $1,000L. I cannot imagine myself being upset by someone not having tip money, or tipping a smaller amount. I never have been, I never would be. For me, personally, that seems an absurd response to something like that, to be honest. I don't expect others to agree with my stance, as evidenced by this and other similar threads, but, eh, I'm going with my stance on this one, lol. I think more people think along the lines that I do inworld than you might find here on the forums, actually. You'll see it at many a venue where $10-$100L tips are VERY common and quite appreciated by the recipients. We're a pretty small minority of sl users on the forums after all. I have done rl work where tipping was a very large portion of my actual income (because I happen to live in the US where tipping is more commonplace than many other countries in the world, right, wrong, or indifferent, that's reality), it does not compare to such work here in sl, at all. So equating the same costs to a similar rl scenario doesn't work as a comparison either.
  5. This, or, well, something like this anyway, although this would be fantastic. It really wouldn't kil LL to put a bit more effort into marketing and creating a bigger buzz around and within sl. In fact, it would benefit us all if they put a bit more effort into it. I know they have a marketing team, but there really isn't any nicer way of saying whatever marketing team LL has always had (which I suspect has changed hands quite a bit, or at least been altered, so not all can really be held responsible for this) has screwed the pooch on nearly all fronts. One thing LL could do, which is pretty common practice, to help create a buzz is to help sl itself be more interactive as far as things like contests, community involvement, etc.. that doesn't revolve around SL b-day "celebrations", charity events, naming or photo contests, the realms(which let's face it certainly aren't in their prime anymore), "limited time" events, and user group meetings that really only appeal to an existing audience and even then, in very limited capacity. These kinds of things aren't nearly as engaging for a lot of people as LL and those who love these things would think. I'm not denouncing all of those things or in any way saying they are bad, they ALL have their place and ALL can be and are enjoyed by people, but they definitely could be expanded upon with a small amount of effort. Take a look at the forums and just how frequently we get asked "what else is there to do in sl", "what do you enjoy doing", and things like that. Fun hidden gems, interactive games that result in some kind of "win", for lack of better terminology on my part, that can be measured as useful/entertaining/something worth achieving by more than a very small group (in the grand scheme) of people could be very beneficial for the whole grid. Things that have prizes, again for lack of better terminology on my part, nearly always do better for marketing than most of the things LL does. Offering things that would be useful to a wider group of residents like premium accounts, a name change (like the name contest did), a plot of land (which we know LL has in over abundance, when you look at abandoned land), even $L prizes, would appeal to far more people. Marketing schemes like this not only help keep current audiences engaged, but they encourage new audiences too, even if only temporarily. Sometimes just drawing people in for something that might be temporary (like contest) is enough to keep them engaged with a product long enough to find appeal elsewhere within it too. It also wouldn't kill LL to make some of the other little gems around a bit more known and not such hidden secrets (so, not easter eggs, but fun all the same). The linden bears are a great example of that, as most people have no damn clue what they are (or that they even exist), and more people might like to have them. I've found a lot of people that do myself just by mentioning them, or when I had them out on my land, people would as about them lol. It would be cool to see MORE of them, including old ones that we can't seem to find anymore or from old LL employees. Sure they don't appeal to everyone and some folks wouldn't want them cluttering up their inventory or home, but they can be fun to try and search out and this one would be hella easy for LL to expand on and create some buzz around, then make into an amazing little hunt. The forums, even the blog, really aren't the best place for LL to create buzz for anything, we're such a small pond here. It's a good way to test the training wheels out on new marketing schemes, that is, using old methods and making them better. Start small LL, work your way up to bigger and better. BUT, this has all been suggested for at least as long as I've been here and LL has yet to listen. I don't hold out a whole lot of hope that they ever will, although that one lil smidgen of hope always remains, I suppose, lol.
  6. Lmao, gain cloud coverage, that never gets old. This isn't the weather channel, that's not how this works, that's not how ANY of this works. But, to answer someone else... Is the object you're getting unknown creator on created entirely by you, or by you and one or more other creators? This is far more common in items that have multiple creators, almost exclusively, if I remember correctly (and it's always been this way). It's also more common for products that were created in full or part, years ago, versus more recently, too. Also comments about things being necro'd aren't stupid or illogical, a quick search in any search engine will get you most of the answer you're looking for, so will checking the JIRA, usually, not sure in this case, I didn't bother looking.
  7. This is serious business man A pretty cute baby emoting
  8. If you are doing the action, the blocking, then it is you who will not "see" whatever it is you are blocking, that's the whole point. It's not a two-way action and even by definition alone, it wouldn't be. I also don't understand why it would matter to someone. If you are blocking someone, it's because YOU don't want to see them, not because THEY don't want to see you. If the latter were true, they would block you too and then it would be two separate actions completed by two entities. I'm not sure where the confusion comes into play, lol.
  9. I do really wish I had seen that kind of *****ty behavior sooner than I did. The only excuse I have is that I didn't personally see it myself, firsthand, until right before I decided that parting ways was the best option. I did try to explain just why others had such a problem with the person after seeing it firsthand, to no avail. It really wasn't worth the effort on my part. There is no reasoning with people that act like this, no matter how much someone might wish they could stop someone from being a crappy person. If someone can't see their behavior for what it is and has to constantly be told, it's not a friendship worth having. I expect better of the people around me (which I keep to a rather small number, I have way more acquaintances than I do friends). I also expect them to have the same expectations of me. Some people might be easier bought than I am, though.
  10. If the review involves a delivery, you can actually flag it. LL will remove reviews that talk about delivery failures. Or, at least, this is the advice LL has given here before when merchants had issues with customers leaving reviews based on failed deliveries.
  11. I have been reading these forums, even when not participating, for a very, very long time. I read nearly everything posted, and I have a pretty good memory. There are very few people that can actually say they always try to be nice. I'm not one of them nor would I ever say I am, even if I'm a nice person most of the time, lol. You two seem to have this kink involved with making everything a public spectacle, lol, that I don't think anyone here will ever understand. No one here has to, either, I'm not necessarily judging it. I mean, go for it if it tickles your pickles, you do you. You two play this game and then wonder why it ticks people off, or makes people pass judgement(s), though, and that I definitely don't understand. I'm not saying you're a bad person, you're not, you're human, we all have those quirks that others will never understand, we all have our moments, we all have times when someone simply doesn't like something we do, or say. It is what it is. Sure you can't control what he says or does, but I really don't understand why anyone would WANT to be friends with someone like that. It's a mystery, and if I'm being honest (I am) it probably gets you a decent amount of judgment (deserved or not, it happens) from people too, because you do very much associate with him, and in doing so, defend him. Just on the forums alone, he's been a jerkface of epic proportion to people (this is the nicer version of what I had here, and I'm certain he doesn't give one flying puck what I think, anyway, lol). I used to have a good friend (of many years) that behaved the same way, it took me way too long to realize it, or acknowledge it anyway, but once I did, I dropped them like a bad habit. Might've sucked at first, we had years together after all, but, eventually, I felt better for doing it. What I'm saying is, he probably doesn't treat (or think of) you as well as you think he does, regardless of how much fun the two of you might be having now. He's bound to leave a lasting impression not just on you, but for you, and it isn't likely to be a positive one. I can't imagine that adventure is going to remain fun once the dust settles. I think you can do way, way better. Then again, maybe I'm the weird one.
  12. I'll just share what I said in a different discussion somewhere else (specifically about impeachment itself), much easier than typing it all up again. It was a much less heated debate than this one, but, some of the same sentiments about impeachment were there too, including a lot of confusion. It's pretty long. I think a lot of people are somewhat confused on the effectiveness of an impeachment, along with the why how and when of it all. Hell even some of our politicians deciding on the matter don't seem to fully understand it. Sort of like that chapter they skimmed over, but didn't read, because they just knew it wouldn't be on the test and then bam, there she is. Many seem to be under the impression that an impeachment after leaving office is pointless, or, even worse yet, extra money being spent. It isn't actually extra money being spent, it won't cost more to bring forth an impeachment after he leaves office than it would for the very same people involved in such a process to do whatever job(s) they'd have been tasked with on those days anyway. That is to say, such things are already budgeted in, they're al getting paid regardless. So, the "wasted tax payer dollars" would be "wasted"(not really, and not my term) impeachment or no impeachment, on those days. This isn't a "we pay you by the hour" sort of deal here. This is a horse of a different color entirely, and the salaries and budget necessary are already present and paid for. As for why to continue after he leaves office, many seem to believe it would be a fruitless endeavor, or that people will lose interest in the mere idea. But that is a political choice not a constitutional directive, we need to follow the latter. This has never actually happened in the US before, we're setting precedents here, although we really shouldn't be, there shouldn't be a need for it. The constitution doesn't actually state WHEN an impeachment needs to take place, just tells us the why and how of it all. The reason it's not specifically spelled out (aside from, who the hell would predict such a catastrophe) is because someone can commit misconduct late in their terms, at which time setting a select time period for legal accountability would be an almost impossibility, given how our justice system functions (slow, and typically rather precise in nature, so lengthy). To not continue with impeachment, despite him being out of office would allow him to be immune from the one process that our constitution does have in place to specifically address an abuse of power to this magnitude. It allows us, the nation as an entity, to bar them from serving in ANY other federal office (not just president) or from receiving any federal pensions, benefits, and I do believe a few other things, while still enforcing accountability (which he threatens). So, yes, even AFTER he leaves office, going forward with an impeachment is extremely important. It would make even less sense to allow someone to step down, or in some way be removed (voted out) from the situation, simply to avoid a remedial mechanism built into the very constitution we are all bound by (especially him). To violate the constitution, the ruling law of our land, while holding a position such as his, is considered an abuse of power, regardless of the individual crime(s). Some also seem to be under the impression that once out of office he becomes a private citizen, and therefore not impeachable, but, he does not. He becomes a former president, which holds a different position than a private citizen. It also comes with, we'll simply call them benefits, not afforded to the rest of us. An impeachment would strip those away, as it should, as our constitution calls for this. He also has more to be accountable for, and an impeachment would ensure that accountability remains as intact as we can legally force (which, in all truth, is still limited, but better than nothing). Even out of office, he's a pretty big threat to this nation, with or without impeachment, regardless of how individual people feel about him or his actions the last four years, and to think otherwise, would be foolish. Even some of his most staunch (former and current) supporters feel this same way, especially now. It's not unreasonable to want the least amount of damage possible here and to put at least some preventative measures in place, just in case.
  13. I'm not quite sure why you're asking for help, but shooting down every single bit of help you get. DJing involves some (a lot of) footwork on your part, and knowledge of where to Do that footwork, the task(s) at had, and music in general, at least, to be any good it does. Why did you choose to go into DJing without any inkling of how to do it in the first place? What drove you to want to do it? If it's simply a means to make money, might I suggest finding another profession? If it's a love for music itself, or a desire to share that with others, it's not very apparent from any of your posts. It can be difficult to be a good DJ on a good day, but if you do what you love, you'll love what you do (as with most things). If the motivation is purely to make money, to be "different than everyone else" (for whatever reason(s)) or anything remotely like that, you're going to need a lot more experience with music, using search terms, finding that special niche, etc.. under your belt and shooting down the help people give you to get there is a really, really, bad start. It really isn't that difficult to find music, I don't understand why you're making it so. Hopefully your employer doesn't find this thread. I can imagine most good club owners would find red flags all throughout and opt to tell you that more training is necessary. I fear you're not going to get very far on your journey, but, safe travels all the same.
  14. Things I do in sl, so, therefore, things important to me in sl: build/create- I am far more old fashioned in my creation, I use prims and sculpts more than I use mesh. I can't make my own mesh externally, so the mesh I use is made by someone else, and bought full perm by me. I prefer prim and sculpt, in that order. Obviously, I use external programs for texture creation purposes. I would love sl to have an inworld mesh tool, I would use it if they had one, but that's never going to happen. explore-I love finding new places, visiting old places and generally wandering around. You can do a search inworld and find just about anything to do,. I do a lot of things I can't do in rl, like scuba diving, parachuting, flying, surfing, golfing, drive around...etc. Through truth be told, I can't drive worth crap in sl either, lmao, it's loads of fun. I don't personally use the web search, but rather the legacy one in my firestorm viewer ( I prefer it, no real reason other than it's always worked well enough for my purposes). Others' experiences with either may vary from mine. chat with friends-This one happens less than it once did, but it still does. Usually we're off doing something, more often than not, something we ought not to, we goof off a lot (no avs are harmed in our VERY harmless fun, we aren't griefers of any sort, not my idea of fun, really, unless we're griefing ourselves, but that doesn't count lol) That's the bulk of what I do in sl these days, and has been for a long time actually. I don't much care for clubs, I can't stand gesturbating and most are full of it, which I find annoying and downright irritating most of the time (weird peeve of mine, really). I also don't like lag. But I do like music, so I have a lot of urls from clubs. I'll tp to them, take their stream and listen to it on either my own land or in an external player on my pc. They still get air time, I get the good music, and I don't have to deal with irritants or lag of any sort...it's a win-win. (and yes I do sometimes tip them from afar as well, though rarely the club itself unless it's exceedingly impressive in some way). I'm not a shopper, although I do help people find things they're looking for quite a lot, I rather loathe shopping and find it boooooooring. But I also only change my clothes maybe once every year or two now, lol.
  15. try the "computer_username"(as addressed above) app data folder > roaming> second life > phoebe868_resident I don't think it's saved in local, but rather the roaming folder (I know it is firestorm, and when I just checked my own pc, it also is for Second Life, which is the Sl viewer, at least on my pc). I wouldn't have normally put them there, so this is the default location. IF the files are in neither local or roaming, then you either had them saved to a different location (which no one here would know, you could try a search on your system for your av name or even a friend's name you've talked with) OR they were deleted somehow, which is entirely possible.
  16. I was attempting not to be, but I understand the desire, greatly, lol. I am constantly running into music, new and old that I've never heard before. I use search terms and sometimes I just let things do what they want with the generator algorithms. I am often, nearly always, quite pleasantly surprised at what I find. I've even used the music threads that have been here on the forums to find gems that have always existed but I never knew existed. Music is such vast world, I can't imagine anyone having such a difficult time finding it with the myriad of tools we have to do so. There are literally millions upon millions probably upon trillions and, whatever the largest number there is...bits of music out there. One can't possibly only run into a such a small sampling that easily. In fact, I'd reckon it's actually quite a difficult task to only ever hear music you don't want to hear, lmao. It's not a task I've any sort of experience with. It leaves me befuddled, to be frank, well, maybe not frank, I'm not a guy, I can't be frank, even if I wanted to, I'm more of a george, I think. Okay, maybe I can be snarky too, l just sprinkle it in verbosely ' I typed, and re-read that whole response up in a variety of accents. I really need some better entertainment material, I've resorted to entertaining myself. I'm a riot.
  17. You're waiting for these services and websites to provide or recommend music and not actually doing the footwork to search it out. That's not really how most people find new/different music, and certainly not how any dj I know (sl, or rl, not dependent on the type of dj or style, either) actually finds music at all. If you want stuff that not everyone else plays, stuff you haven't heard or have only heard a little of, you need to actually do relevant searches. It's a bit of work at times, but once you start doing it, it's not that terribly dreadful. Have you looked, as in done actual searches on youtube (or any other service/website, for that matter, yt is just an example) for record labels, accounts that literally post new music daily (from varied genres, artists, bands, there are a TON of them), specific genres, specific artists (not necessarily bands, some have solo gigs too, though, those as well, they all likely have stuff you've never heard), release year, some other theme, etc... What search criteria are you actually using, aside from relying on algorithms to make suggestions for you? While those generating algorithms may work perfectly fine at times, or even all the time for some of us, it's clearly not what you're looking for. Why are you relying so heavily on them? That's not intended to sound snarky, I hope it doesn't, but you keep shooting down everything people suggest and I don't think you're going to get very far on this venture by relying on your current methods (well, you've sad as much, hence your question, lol). I think you need to change your search criteria and start using search functions in different ways, or at all, rather than just relying on services and websites to know what you want without them. That's probably why you're getting the results you are. If you search "happy piano music" on a website, listen to a few, and then go back the next day with a desire to instead listen to grunge, you can't be all that surprised when the initial recommendations you get are all "happy piano music" before you actually do a search for grunge.
  18. Just doing my civic duty. We must feed the travelers, for the thread is long and full of terrors.
  19. I'm just here to offer refreshments for the weary. And don't forget your plates, cutlery and napkins, all eco-friendly, plant them when you're done eating and replenish the earth (they probably aren't really, but I can make plates and napkins that are, and are seeded too)
  20. If it makes you feel better, I often wear mismatched socks (though not purposefully, I'm just really bad at pairing them up after I wash them, lmao). I often wear clothes inside out without realizing it. My very fluffy and warm winter hat doesn't match my, very much bought in the kids department, gloves. I still wear snowpants and play in the snow with my, not very little, kids. I still play in sprinklers. I still make sand castles. I still make mud pies. I still catch bugs and frogs and toads and caterpillars and...I still play with playdough and kiddie board games. I play go fish, hide n seek, tag, kickball and rough around the yard with not only my, again not little anymore, kids, but also my nieces, neighbor kids, whoever. I still wear clothes that probably look like they should belong on a child, style wise that is, or so I've been told. I both still buy toys for myself and receive toys as gifts(not THAT kind...well, maybe that kind too, but I digress, not what I'm talking about, lol). I love arcades, chuck e cheese, playgrounds, jumping rope, hopscotch, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, playing with blocks, make believe and pretend. And so very much more that no one in their right mind would likely associate with someone my age (granted, I'm not that old to be honest, but that's irrelevant here, which is my point lol) I both dress and act my age, which is, as old as I'd like to be that day. And I don't really care what anyone thinks about it. Very little that I do has anything at all to do with my age. The things that are related to my age are really only related to being an adult, not necessarily one of a specific age, I'm sure you catch my drift, lol.
  21. I shall tell you a story, a super long story, one only mildly related to one sentence in your post, but related all the same. In rl (and obviously, everywhere else too) I am mostly blind. I was born this way and we knew at birth eventually I'd lose it all. I have never had depth perception, either. That is to say, I have less than 15% vision left, and for most of my life have had less than 50% to begin with. When I was a kid, I'd do just about anything I wanted to do, much to my parents dismay at times. I ran into trees learning how to run, fell down stairs learning how to walk, walked into countless walls, walked off curbs, fell off my bike a ridiculous amount, fell off, walked into, dropped, spilled, etc... EVERYTHING. I had little fear of what anyone thought, probably mostly because I never thought about what other people thought. As I got a bit older, I developed this sense, like most, that I should care what others think, at least sometimes, mostly out of fear of how I'd feel when people did as people often do. As a teenager, that feeling got worse, I was more reluctant to do things because, people do what people often do. I cared more about what people thought. The same applied as a young adult, even worse so, because I was a young parent and holy hell the judgments (try whipping out a nipple on accident as an 18 year old in a crowded mall, no one realizing you hadn't put the baby up yet and weren't just giving a show). So, I can appreciate the fear of what others think, on many levels. Then, I started to go even more blind, and dreaded "what people think" more than I probably ever have before, because the issues I had were far more prevalent, or at least seemed so. Not only does one of my eyes actually look quite funny, but the lack of vision messes up all kinds of things people don't realize can be messed up, far more than some of the more obvious things. It can be dreadful to try and explain it too. I'm more blind than I've ever been in my entire life. I make far more mistakes than I have ever made in my entire life. I sometimes walk into things simply because I literally can't see them in front of me, even though some part of me damn well knows they are/were there. Sometimes (a lot) I walk crooked, but think I'm walking straight. You should see how I bowl, play pool, ride a skateboard, bike, lmao... I still step off curbs and stairs weird, I miss a lot. When I create, sl or rl, things are crooked and often out of place. Sometimes things are placed wrong, painted wrong, messy, don't match, whatever else have you. All of this applies both in sl, and in rl. I make typing mistakes all the time, because I type without looking since I can't actually see my keyboard anyway, and sometimes (always, except where it counts and forums don't count) I just don't want to effin use a damn tool to make sure my words are the way they should be. I used to care about such things, more to the point, I used to care what others would think, say, do, about such things. It hindered a LOT for me, for far, far too long. It created a me I didn't like, and caused all kinds of problems for me that took far too long to remedy. I missed out on a lot of things I once would've been able to do...if only. Now, I say eff it all, and if someone doesn't like it, they know what they can kiss. I don't really care. If I walk into a sign, laugh with me, give me a hand up if I need it, make sure I didn't knock myself out or need stitches, and move the hell along, lol. If I make fifteen million typos on my verbose novel length drivel, feel free to correct me, laugh at me, ***** at me, if it's what someone wants to do. If I create something and it looks wonky, don't buy it, or buy it, judge me, do whatever you want. Just don't expect me to always care, because I don't most of the time, not anymore, lol. It's much easier, much more comfortable for me, and far less difficult to get through life when I don't give a flying puck what anyone thinks. I don't really LIKE my mistakes, my goofups, my flat out fails, my oddities (physical and otherwise) anymore than anyone else does . I know what works for me and what doesn't better than anyone else, save my rl family who are used to me by now. They know when to stop me from doing something, or just let me, then laugh with me when I screw up yet again. I just don't have much use for caring about what others think of those things, because it has absolutely no bearing on whether or not I'll do it again. Odds are pretty damn good, I will, or worse. That's just who and how I am and there isn't a lick of anything I, or anyone else can do, to stop it. So others having an opinion about these things certainly won't make it any better or any worse. If I let others judgment of my mishaps stop me from doing things, I'd never do a damn thing again, because I mess EVERYTHING up at one point or another. I could LET it make things worse, but, I've been down that road before (when I cared more), and it's far too bumpy for this blind weirdo to travel safely It doesn't necessarily apply to being "too old" for something, but it does apply to not caring whether or not someone else thinks you're "too old" for something. If you think you're not, then you're not. If you're comfy with it, if you enjoy it, if you like it...run with it. That is, provided you're not harming anyone else with it, and of course in this instance, you're not.
  22. Personally, I prefer to use youtube and online radio stations, and then I go from there. In yt I can get recommendations based on things I've already listened to, which don't only include a singular artist, but also include record labels, accounts that offer up a myriad of different bands/artists, genres and things that, in some fashion relate to other things I've listened to. Not all of it is good, or to my liking, but it's the best way to find things, for me, especially new stuff or stuff I haven't heard. I don't use autoplay most of the time, but sometimes I do and I definitely don't end up listening to one long continuous bout of a singular band or artist. I'm not sure how you're running into that with autoplay on unless you're listening directly from an existing playlist or a specific band/artists' account in which case it would make much more sense. The algorithms do have randomizers built in, although there are similarities between videos played worked into the algorithms too. Yt is also chock full of playlists, all over the place, most of them are definitely not one long run of a singular band/artist either, unless you look specifically for that. I have quite a few saved myself, and tons I've made for myself for when I want a specific list/genre/mood/whatever playing. Internet radio stations often play both new and old, depending on what you're looking for, and there are literally millions of them at this point, all easily found with some quick searches. Wander around sl, and look at the music playing on sims, specifically those that use different radio station streams that you enjoy, not necessarily club specific (although you can get their information too if you'd like even empty clubs often have a stream going, oddly). Usually you can get the station name at some point from the broadcast, but if not you can get the URL (sound tab under about land), put it in whatever external player you use and it should pull/populate that information for you. Then you can go to that station's website, odds are good they have one, and probably have multiple stations/genres, as most do. That can give you a good starting point for finding music you will enjoy.
  23. Nearly every object I have ever created in sl would fall under this category. They all either duplicate or extremely closely resemble rl objects that have sentimental value for me. Some have more sentimental value than others, but they all hold some value. In fact, I can't really think of anything I've created in sl that wasn't inspired by, closely resembles, or even duplicates a rl item. There may be something, which is why I say nearly every object, but, I can't think of any at the moment. I have odd attachments to things, though and have my entire life. The first thing I made out of wood, as a 5 year old, I also have in sl, also made of "wood" (prims, not mesh or sculpt), and it's just as horrendous looking as its rl counterpart, but I love them equally. It's a car, with square wheels, well, square everything, I wasn't allowed to use a saw at 5.
  24. I don't like, so I don't often participate in, most political discussions, probably mostly so because I have a lot to say, and few like to hear it. It tends to get ugly, because, humans tend to do so at the very sight of anything they perceive to be a challenge. However, I do have some commentary on the actual topic, political beliefs aside. Choosing not to do business with an entity (in THIS particular context alone, this part's important), be it person, group or even organization, does not mean you, personally, are "shutting them out" or "silencing them". It does not remove their right to be heard or to exist. It does not violate their rights as given to them by whatever government oversees their proverbial existence. It does not prevent them from being heard, dealt or worked with other entities (that's an atrocious way to write it, my mind is wandering). No one entity is obligated to offer a platform, or relationship of any kind, with another entity. There are no universal laws of any land or man, perceived or otherwise, that state all entities must always be willing to interact with, accommodate or in any way have a relationship with all other entities. Personal politics and beliefs is where things get grey, very grey, and cloudy, and muddy and confused and disoriented... and I need not go on. People assume their personal interpretations of things, topics, opinions, events, whatever have you, are the very definition of those (stuff I already mentioned) and are the very reason for their existence. That is not me saying everyone believes they are always right, it is merely me offering up a basic function of how human beings think. In some cases, it very well may that they do know they are wrong, simply unwilling or not desiring to admit that. Thus, when personal politics and beliefs come into play we start hearing about censorship, rights being violated, entities being silenced, devalued stances and other such things. In some cases, it may well be true, has been, and probably will be well into the future after everyone reading this is long gone. In some cases, it couldn't possibly be further from the truth, though, too. Both are reasonable and potential outcomes, whether or not we as individuals like that. That is my long winded way of saying... if a business chooses not to do business with another business, because that other business has proven to be problematic for the original business, they should be able to do so. In fact, we have laws that state they can, because of problems that fall under this umbrella. One entity doesn't have any more "rights", perceived or otherwise, than another in this scenario. If I don't want to sell my wares to someone who has caused me and/or my business problems, I should be able to do so, based on that fact. While I wouldn't be able to do so based on many other things, both as governed by my own government (or that of the person that wants to buy my wares, of course) and my own ethics and morals, such as race, religion, orientation, disability, etc.. I should be able to say "you cause me problems, no thank you" and be done with it. I am not preventing that person from going elsewhere for wares, nor would I be preventing them from shouting their side of things from the rooftop somewhere else, simply by preventing them from doing so within my establishment. I don't have to give someone who causes me problems the ability to be in my establishment or buy my wares, if I don't want to. What I see people essentially saying is that a tech company, in this case, big ones, should not be able to say "you cause me problems, no thank you". I don't agree with this stance. Even if I did agree with why the entity caused problems in the first place, I can't, personally, side with that problem causing entity and not the tech company. It goes against everything I have been taught and learned since my own inception. No one is preventing parler from existing, or telling users they cannot use it, they are simply saying "no thank you" when a desired (albeit it one way) relationship exists, and I am, personally, okay with them saying this. What other entities do, or allow, has no bearing on my opinion of the matter. The fact that other entities may also pose some problems has no bearing on my opinion, either. This isn't a whataboutism sort of thing for me. I have a difficult time understanding why it is for others. "What about facebook", "what about Twitter", "what about.....". So? If apple and google decided they no longer wanted a relationship with those entities, or never wanted one in the first place even, I would stand by my belief that they should be able to do so, whether or not I agree with the final decision. Its not my property, it's not my business, it's not my decision. Yes, I do think the uplift is still a good idea, primarily because it's already been done and to undo it would, knowing LL's history of...well, I won't go there...wreak absolute havoc on sl and its residents. LL doesn't have a good track record in much of any area, right now, I wouldn't trust them to be able to put things back to where they were without mucking something up terribly. It's just not in their nature to be able to undo something, without breaking something else.
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